December 06, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos in Studio! PLUS: A #SaveAustraliaDay Update

Mark LathamRebel Host

Tonight on Mark Latham’s Outsiders: a special show talking to the free speech campaigner Milo Yiannopoulos about his Australia tour.

We’ll be discussing how the battle against identity politics, social engineering and cultural Marxism can be won.

PLUS: An update on

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commented 2017-12-13 16:06:06 -0500
Milo is 100% right about Islam and his “reading” of Emma, but an absolutist position is a no-brainer. It’s unrealistic and not very productive. Emma is the absolute best Islam has to offer, please allow her a right of reply on your show. Not true Islam or cultural Islam, the best we can hope for in the Western world is for more people like Emma to be given a platform and argue for a more benign Islam.
commented 2017-12-09 22:58:47 -0500
Great show today Mark. Milo is correct if his assessment of radical feminism and Islam in my opinion. The story that disturbs me is the push against Australia Day, however. Are there no patriotic leftists in Australia? Or are they all globalists who desire one world government? Justin Trudeau is one of these globalists who claim that Canada is post-national which obviously means there is no room for patriotism. This is a sickness that must be opposed and eradicated just as Milo recommends. Stay Australian.
commented 2017-12-07 21:30:03 -0500
I love Milo’s sharp mind and quick wit. He is also pretty darn fearless.
commented 2017-12-07 17:40:36 -0500
What is a ‘cultural’ Muslim anyway? What part of that culture is compatible with ours? Even their festivals are offensive, and premised on medieval and often barbaric rituals. What does that woman who calls herself Muslim, identify with in Islam? The food?

Mohammad’s abrogated verses, crucial information. She should read them, have them translated by an Imam or two and then have them translated by an Arab speaking ex Muslim or two and see what she ends up with.

Moderates, or buffet Muslims are preferable and may believe in reform, but none of us is going to live long enough to see reform of Islam. The other thing about the minority’Buffet’ moderates is that the majority fundamentalist Muslims get a free pass by many non Muslims out of ignorance. “well my neighbour is nice, so all Muslims must be okay”. That really doesn’t work for any group of people.
commented 2017-12-07 17:23:02 -0500
Is Dahuginkiss a good one or a bad one? I guess calling non Muslims ‘poor white trash’ is acceptable where he comes from.
commented 2017-12-07 17:19:29 -0500
Milo is right. Islam is not like other religions. I can’t argue with anything he has said about Islam. I don’t find that view a ‘extreme’ one. I find Islam extreme.
Another good point Milo makes is that most of the Muslims who come to the west are not the good ones. They either have caliphate on their minds or they truly want to be EX Muslim, and integrate, however most won’t renounce Islam when they come to the west.
commented 2017-12-06 19:59:24 -0500
- Best of luck on your campaign.

- Milo gives the leftists fits. You want to see the true face of leftist bigotry, just look to anyone who “leaves the plantation”.

- Have a great summer break.
commented 2017-12-06 15:01:10 -0500
While I admire Milo a great deal, his steadfast opinion on “moderate” Muslims can be argued this way:
I have in the past, and likely in the future, have not followed some of the 10 Commandments: Does that mean I cannot call myself a Christian?
If someone does not follow all the nasty tenets of the Quran, does that mean that person cannot call themselves a Muslim?
IMO, you are the religion you say you are: It will be on one’s death when that will ultimately be determined.
commented 2017-12-06 14:30:27 -0500
Have a fantastic summer break “Outsiders” & Merry Christmas!

Great posts Dan Mancuso.

Ridicule is an effective tool to use with authoritarian left!
commented 2017-12-06 12:20:31 -0500
The Fake News Liars (FNLs) only ever refer to non-lefties as ‘controversial’, like when they can’t ‘find’ something on them to use to demonize them with. Milo is ‘controversial’ in their minds because of cognitive dissonance…
As much as I may be offended by some of Milo’s mannerisms and attitudes in his presentation, the intelligence and integrity of WHAT he says usually shines through.
This sets up a conflict in me…and thus I find Milo ‘controversial’.
No matter what ever else one may think of Milo, he makes you think. If Milo doesn’t make you think, either you weren’t listening, or you may as well give up the idea that you’re a sentient being…
The truth is where you find it, because it’s the truth. That’ll be one of those moral absolutes the left has thrown away, or traded in for their moral relativism.
commented 2017-12-06 11:47:43 -0500
I can’t imagine what kind of foul, disgusting nightmare it must be to live inside your brain, you poor wretch. I feel great pity for you, possessed by demons like you are.
You may want to take your own advice, get a Bible and read it – The truth will set you free. Your hate and fear will be your demise, choose life…
commented 2017-12-06 11:05:57 -0500
Well I have and obviously you haven’t. But I am surprised at your blaspheming your idol.
commented 2017-12-06 09:50:45 -0500
Aman you disgusting pedophile prophet worshipper. You haven’t joined your exploding brethren yet I see. Dog.
commented 2017-12-06 07:13:08 -0500
Aman Dahuginkiss my ass!!!

Mohammed was a pedophile and a mass murderer, and a goat humper, and an all out liar. Nothing more!!!

I trust you find your 72 “Virgils” soon.