September 06, 2017

Mark Latham's Outsiders: What's Gone Wrong with Australian Schools?

Mark LathamRebel Host

Exposed: a Sydney high school principal making excuses for radical Islamic terrorism. 

Plus we talk to a mother with horrific first-hand experience on the dangers of Safe Schools/gender fluidity programs in classrooms.

There’s ZEG’s cartoons, the Outsiders’ Outhouse and the Left Lunatic of the Week (another one arguing with statues).

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commented 2017-09-06 20:16:08 -0400
Great show, Mark. I hope your show is growing in Australia. Thanks for sticking with the Rebel!
commented 2017-09-06 10:57:51 -0400
The New World Order – Order out of Chaos. Bring Chaos and then Order (through One World Communist/Socialist Government. The reason everything is upside down. All part of the evil Agenda.
commented 2017-09-06 10:13:11 -0400
The regressive movement is so concerned about the lack of women in STEM occupations that instead of having a STEM curriculum focus, they have a perverted SJW curriculum focus. Same in Canada as in Australia.

I wonder if Hustler magazine is the textbook for BEd courses?