July 10, 2017

Meet “Australia’s most controversial senator,” and more

Mark LathamRebel Host

Tonight Pauline Hanson, Australia’s most controversial senator, joins me for a wide-ranging interview. 

Plus I welcome the collapse of Australia’s left-wing “diversity agenda.”

Then stay tuned for TZEG’s cartoons, the Outsiders’ Outhouse (where you have your say) and the Left Lunatic of the Week (another doozie!)

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commented 2017-07-12 12:39:34 -0400
- Leftists always scream racism at everything – it’s part of their indoctrination. The thing is, they’re the biggest out there. They see everything as it relates to race, sex, etc.

- The solution to most problems is less government, not more. Can’t speak the language of the country? You get no services. Give them the amount of time that someone immersed in a new culture would need to learn the language & after that, if they can’t speak the language, they’re cut off of everything.
commented 2017-07-11 06:20:08 -0400
cut immigration to 70k per year, keep using coal fired power til we build gas plants and scale up the hydro system, make it mandatory for english to be spoken by all, axe the HRC – all of em, axe that Parkinson moron who ‘works’ for Mal, merge the abc and sbs and at least halve their combined funding, get a new owner in to take a tv station over, divvy up the print media so no one owns more than 25% and axe all the disgraceful gender crap they are pushing in our schools…leave the children alone its bad enough growing up and trying to thwart the leftist garbage shoved down your throat – let em grow up …
commented 2017-07-10 22:11:04 -0400
Love these commentaries