June 28, 2017

Why left-wing violence is on the rise (PLUS David Leyonhjelm, Bernard Gaynor & more)

Mark LathamRebel Host

Tonight, I take on the dreadful rise of left-wing political violence, then talk to Senator David Leyonhjelm about big tax cuts for millions of Australian households, and Bernard Gaynor about the corrosive impact of political correctness on the Australian Defence Force. 

There’s ZEG’s cartoons, the new Outsiders’ Outhouse segment (where you can have your say), an amazing “Left Lunatic of the Week,” and much more!

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commented 2017-06-29 02:55:28 -0400
I would love to see the affirmative action in the military backfire in the worst possible way.
commented 2017-06-28 21:52:01 -0400
Mark Latham is a great addition to the Rebel. Plus I learned an important Australian phrase “thunder box”. It’s all good and I fully intend to follow his show weekly to learn more important phrases.
commented 2017-06-28 11:22:48 -0400
Not sure why this report is posted twice.