Help The Rebel crowdfund our trip to Marrakech!

Whether or not we’re officially accredited, we’re sending our journalists to the UN global warming convention in Marrakech, Morocco. Even if we have to holler our questions to the climate VIPs through the closed windows of their chauffeured limousines, we will.

Unlike the CBC, we don’t get $1.5 billion dollars a year from taxpayers, so we have to fund trips like this ourselves. So we make sure to buy the cheapest airline tickets we can, and stay at hotels a few levels less luxurious than the global warming delegates — and the global warming media — stay at.

One thing we won’t scrimp on is security, though — especially in a place like Morocco. So we need a driver/handler to make sure we get to and from the conference site each day safely.

And, unfortunately, we have legal expenses now too, as the UN tries their best to keep us out.

Please lend us a hand, and help crowd fund our trip to the UN global warming conference. I promise you that even if we’re on the outside of the barbed wire fence, we’ll still give you more honest and information news coverage than the global warming media the UN hand-picks to let inside.

You can also mail a cheque to support our trip. Make sure to add "Marrakech" to the memo line and send to:

The Rebel
PO Box 73536, Wychwood PO
Toronto, ON M6C 4A7