August 20, 2019

Hong Kong riot laws “old fashioned;” can be fixed with English common law

Avi YeminiGuest Contributor

Martin Lee explains the demands of the Hong Kong protesters, and talks about how the legal status of a “riot” has not been updated since the 1960s.

Lee, 81, is a politician and barrister known as Hong Kong's “Father of Democracy.” 

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commented 2019-08-20 18:09:03 -0400
JAN G. commented 25 mins ago.
N. American universities are brainwashing kids…….

I agree with you Jan but I suspect that a lot of the people interviewed are in fact some of the 300,000 Canadian Citizens who have returned to HK feeling a lot safer because of their citizenship.
commented 2019-08-20 17:39:23 -0400
N. American universities are brainwashing kids with left-wing politics. These HKers are proving that to really know and understand politics, you need to understand the evils of communism.
Notice how each person interviewed is knowledgeable, articulate and can speak about communism in a realistic and understandable manner. They live within it, they are surrounded by it, they know all about it.
Not like these hysterical N. American kids that are purchased by Soros and the democratic party and are strung out on unrealistic notions of left wing socialist politics.