April 24, 2019

Changing the media landscape with a community focused Jewish project (Guest: Marty Gold)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I'm pro-Israel in the same way that I'm pro-Singapore, pro-Brexit and pro-renegotiating Alberta's deal in Confederation.

As in: I'm pro-democracy, pro-capitalism and pro-self-determination for citizens.

The same anti-Israel bias that taints the coverage of the state of Israel also colors how the mainstream media covers Jewish issues here at home. One only needs to look at the contrast between how the media treats hate crimes and general bigotry against the Jewish community versus how the same evils are handled when directed at Muslims and their places of worship.

Making that bias worse is the lack of people fighting it. There is a pro-Israel, Jewish focused news deficit out here west of the Toronto center of the universe.

No one really sounded the alarm bells when the anti-Semitic leader of the women's march, Linda Sarsour, spoke in Vancouver earlier this spring. The problem — outside of the media treating her like just another feminist activist — was that those of us who would have railed against her didn’t even know she was coming. There was almost no coverage.

But my guest tonight is looking to change all that. He's got a petition and has been waging a pressure campaign on Winnipeg's mayor to denounce a social justice speaking engagement of Sarsour in that city later this month. And it worked. Mayor Brian Bowman now has some harsh words for the controversial speaker with his office issuing a statement sayin:g

“Mayor Bowman does not feel it is appropriate to provide this individual a public platform to further propagate anti-Semitic views and hate” and “She (Sarsour) has continually attacked the foundation of the state of Israel's right to exist."

Marty Gold is a Veteran Winnipeg-based broadcaster and journalist and he wants to change the media landscape as the editor of a new Jewish community focused project called TheJ.ca.

If our interview is any indication, his new publication will shirk political correctness and ruffle a few feathers in pursuit of the truth.

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commented 2019-04-28 09:35:43 -0400
Why won’t the rebel talk about the crimes of the bronfman family Clare plead guilty in the NXIVM SEX SLAVERY TRIAL ????
Sara represents snc and bombardier for gadafi. Steve is the chief fundraiser for the liberal party!!!!
commented 2019-04-25 22:09:20 -0400
I’m convinced that practically all anti-Semite attacks are done by leftist lunatics who want to make it look like neo Nazis are increasing their attacks. Those people want power and will do whatever it takes to get it. Let’s hope people get woke about this nonsense and that Linda Sarsaur won’t find anywhere to speak.
commented 2019-04-25 12:20:44 -0400
Interesting guest. So much to comment on. I am confused as heck about the bakery story, it sounds like there are more corners and connections to investigate. I am glad Islamists like Linda Sarsour will be taken to task when they come into our country. We all need to know when she is here and where she is spewing her hatred. It is important, before things go any further, to start acting to make sure that Jews in Canada are not being ‘steamrolled’ by the anti Jewish sentiment being pushed onto us by the Islamists that Canada is now embracing. The PM, Opposition leader, and some Premiers, are pandering as if completely ignorant of the ramifications of sidling up to Islamist leaders, and it should be more than a little concerning to Canadians. I used to be a Netanyahu groupie, I am not crazy about him anymore since the Syria thing, or their Saudi ‘alliance’, but I absolutely support Israels right to their homeland and right to protect their borders.

Multiculturalism, extreme multiculturalism has confused Canadians and lazy, weak minded, career obsessed officials are leading us all off a cliff.

I would like to see Marty Gold on the show more often.
commented 2019-04-25 12:11:33 -0400
pro-renegotiating Alberta’s deal in Confederation.

You lost me right there. That’s about as big of a waste time as Calgary and Canada Action bringing the mayor of Victoria to look at the Oil Sands, to say, look how good we are can we please develop are resources and be allowed to earn a living so everyone doesn’t starve to death. You’ve already lost if that’s you’re approach, because it’s not about the environment. Now, Trudeau is about to take over our Institute Oil Sands, just as soon as Kenny scraps Nortley’s emissions cap on the Oil Sands. Institute Oil sands is 80% of our Oil Sands, and development of natural resources is a hundred percent the jurisdiction of the provinces, just as the generation of electricity is. Ottawa is operating as an unconstitutional lawless government in attacking the energy industry, and won’t be happy until the destroy it, and Alberta as well.
commented 2019-04-24 22:47:11 -0400
Christians & Jews are the most persecuted but that is not seen in the News’
commented 2019-04-24 22:22:25 -0400
- Sarsour has no business being in Canada let alone speaking here. Political correctness is the path to ruin.