January 08, 2019

(WATCH) Mastrangelo to Rep. Tlaib: “You can't impeach a president because you're offended”

Rebel Staff

Breitbart reporter Alana Mastrangelo has a message for the newly-elected Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: You can't impeach a President because you're offended.

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commented 2019-01-08 18:07:14 -0500
If I had the power to invoke such a thing….I would have every woman in the Democrat Party caucus (including Maxine Waters) sat in a shallow hole and buried to the waist Sharia style…and instead of being pelted with stones….be pelted with fresh tree ripened…. juice dripping out of them at the slightest squeeze…. Georgia peaches….giving a whole new and contemporary meaning to the term “impeach”….I don’t know if the results would be fatal…but to a political ego it would be deeply humiliating.
commented 2019-01-08 14:39:52 -0500
The only thing that filthy book would be used for is if I ran out of ass wipe!! Shut the hell up you Islamic rats!!!
commented 2019-01-08 14:32:44 -0500
Right on
commented 2019-01-08 12:16:34 -0500
Non integrated ungrateful jihady immigrants. WTF is that shit doing in NA?
commented 2019-01-08 11:53:04 -0500
Yvon is 100% correct, in time many more Americans will see her swearing on the Quran, and won’t be too happy.
In the meantime , I hope the dog is ignored.
commented 2019-01-08 11:32:50 -0500
Swearing on the qu’ran is seen as acceptable, really is disturbing to those who know what that means. It doesn’t mean serving the ideology of American citizens.