January 10, 2019

UK: PM May suffers second Commons defeat in 24 hours

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Theresa May has suffered another Commons defeat, following a vote that decided the government will no longer be given 21 days to come up with a “plan B” if May’s deal is voted down on Tuesday. May lost the vote by 11, meaning she will now only have three working Parliamentary days to come up with an alternative with a deadline of Monday 21st January.

Seventeen members of her own party voted against her – including former ministers Sam Gyimah, Jo Johnson, and Justine Greening.

This was the second humiliating defeat in the Commons, after MPs yesterday voted to limit ministers’ ability to increase taxes in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Of course, it was Nicky Morgan (backbench Conservative MP) and co behind the disruption – the Tory rebels keen to see Brexit thwarted at any cost.

These two Commons defeats mean things aren’t boding well for her meaningful vote on Tuesday. If she has anything new to show ministers, she better get a move on. So far, 17 of her own MPs are voting against her. I struggle to see how anything can change in just five more days.

Speaking of which, the five-day-long debate on the meaningful vote has begun once again. Speaker John Bercow was thrust into controversy yesterday, too, following his decision to allow a rebel amendment in the Commons which gave MPs greater control over Brexit policy direction. Bercow claimed that while a decision like this had never been made before, he didn’t believe it was reason not to allow it. Convention, he said, simply stops Parliament progressing.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn is ramping up for a general election – though he might be forced to change direction. Believe it or not, Labour’s manifesto pledge is to see Brexit through. At least, that’s what they say. What they mean is that they would go to the EU, ask for a better deal, not get a better deal, but just take it anyway and claim victory. That could all change though, if Corbyn’s party have their own way.

Corbyn’s spokesman has today admitted that all manifesto commitments for the Labour Party, in the event of a fresh election, would be decided by the usual “internal party democracy.” That spells bad news to secret remainer Corbyn, whose party is as rabidly pro-EU as the Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately for him, working class, traditional Labour voters are not. I suspect a pro-EU stance could mean Corbyn’s fall from grace – and an opportunity for Theresa May to position herself as the Brexit Prime Minister.

She’d have to get on board with a World Trade Brexit, though.

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commented 2019-01-11 18:43:55 -0500
Ron this is a copy of another comment I made re Theresa May…..

Big business propaganda by Remainers and NWO Marxist. Dirty tricks are all they have. No doubt enacted on orders from Theresa May who only has one chance to redeem herself. If you want to be popular PM May, then call an election for April the fourth 2019, shutting down the Government for March, allowing the 29 of March to pass by, so releasing the UK from the EU. Let everyone know that You and the People, really are British.

How many people died fighting for Britain during two World Wars. Now you want to give the bastard away! LOOK IN THE MIRROR THERESA, tell us what You see……Bet it ain’t the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
commented 2019-01-11 18:25:52 -0500
Ron, The union thing is directly from Sky News.
commented 2019-01-11 18:23:01 -0500
RON JOSEPH commented 17 hours ago.
Keith said,…………………………….

Ron there is a vote in Parliament regarding Mays Brexit deal next Monday for May’s deal. As for the Unions, this is in regards to the possibility on there being another referendum.
commented 2019-01-11 01:35:11 -0500
The only good thing about living in Canada is we’re not living in England.
commented 2019-01-11 00:52:08 -0500
Keith said, " May has contacted all the labour Union Leaders, asking them to get their members to vote for her Brexit (in name only) deal…Slime begets Slime."
Keith, are you a little ahead of yourself, as no election or referendum has been called?
commented 2019-01-10 20:08:37 -0500
Time for the Soccer Hooligans to march this weekend, and knock some sense into the UK’s Failing Democracy.
commented 2019-01-10 19:05:43 -0500
May has contacted all the labour Union Leaders, asking them to get their members to vote for her Brexit (in name only) deal…Slime begets Slime.