August 22, 2016

May praises Green Party’s grassroots while overruling their anti-Semitism

Brian LilleyArchive

Grassroots Green Party members upset their leader Elizabeth May when they voted to endorse policy on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions at their party convention earlier this month. 

Amid speculation about her future with the party, May has come out and said she’s not leaving the Green Party but will instead sick around and help “modify” how policy is formed and adopted.

On the one hand May says she is drawn to the Green Party because the leader is not the boss, but on the other, the Greens will hold a special meeting to essentially overrule the grassroots on this offensive BDS policy that reveals who they are.

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commented 2016-08-24 02:45:58 -0400
John S sorry but we do not go to war on whims idiot. And sorry Al is not far right because you falsely think the left is the center. That is complete garbage. Your commy crap is sickening and i would never vote for it. War will see its way to us , you cannot stay immune from it.
commented 2016-08-23 16:52:38 -0400
Sandra Mercer commented – “Wearing a cross? Is that allowed in our PC environment?”

Surprised some muzzie has not filed a complaint with an HRC being offended by the symbol of a christian religion! Oh wait. It’s coming.
commented 2016-08-23 14:36:26 -0400
The way I read this is that Justin turned her down for a cabinet post so she’s sticking with the best deal she can get on the gravy train at the public trough…booze is getting expensive.

“Bimbo’? Was that a spell check error?
I thought a prerequisite for bimbo-hood was physical attractiveness?
You sure you didn’t mean; dingo, or dumbo, or jumbo, or mumbo, or pinko, or zippo, or zero?
commented 2016-08-23 12:56:17 -0400
Interventionism by its definition means advocating and wanting war, and that is usually associated with a party philosophy and party tenet. Terms are good to know about, but the Green party is mostly non-interventionist to interventionist lite because they have to play along to get along. The Green party tactics have been amateurish at best because the way to be bold but have a good future and grow is to advocate by wanting things but not being so blatant. If I were the Greens, which I do not support them, I would have taken the route of wanting less war but using terms like we oppose the settlements and we want a two-state solution. That would have been more sufficient. I would, if I were the Greens, also advocated for less war by speaking out against the current US-led wars and even Gitmo. That is how to truly be on an incrementalist path. As a non-interventionist, I think that would be the better approach. It is all about tactics and approaches rather than bringing up these resolutions which does nothing good for a party. I think the proper route is keeping politicians to account especially when they send people to war because it is other people’s children and war should only be a last resort thing. Sadly, Rebel wants it to be a first resort thing.
commented 2016-08-23 12:50:58 -0400
If by left wing you include slightly centre-right in there along with centrists and centre to centre-left parties. That is the problem Al Peterson with being far-right that you are on the same place as Attila the Hun and view everyone to the left of you as left wing. Sounds a bit black and white don’t you think?!
commented 2016-08-23 10:20:43 -0400
So, John, how is having umpteen left wing parties increasing our options? Only a lefty could see it that way.
commented 2016-08-23 04:00:33 -0400
John S the Rebel is doing no such thing. You are just a whiner. Everyone is free to vote for the green party. Reporting their hate filled support is the news. And the BDS is interventionist you friggin halfwit.
commented 2016-08-23 03:34:35 -0400
John Siciliano… So good to see you are “back in the saddle again”… What you are evidently missing – MISSING! – re your comments about The Rebel, is that “less options” is the game being played by the majority of the mainstream Canadian news media NOT The Rebel crew… The “dumbing down of politics” is the daily leftie Berlin Wall created by the media to contrary opinion; again NOT the The Rebel… And God knows where you read into Brian Lilley’s comments, or anybody else’s here, that the intent is “to have more war”…. “War” has been declared on the Western World by radical Islamic terrorists… It’s called “Jihad”,,, By the way, welcome back to Earth from wherever you spent your holidays…
commented 2016-08-22 22:52:47 -0400
Does this announcement represent May’s best or her final solution.
commented 2016-08-22 22:29:10 -0400
The question is why do Brian Lilley and the other Rebel Crew want to reduce options even further, and that is a form of oligarchy because with less options people will only make the system more and more of a two party system. And with a weak Green party and NDP party the Liberals will rule forever. If that what you want, then by all means!

Frankly, Lilley’s position along with Rebel’s position is to have more war, only one point of view on each issue, and no countering arguments. It is what I call the dumbing down of politics and the reduction of issues that get discussed in politics.

Drew, a regular traveler on here, talks about the fact that I criticize the Conservatives and I am against voices and opinions, but reducing opinions and trying to have oligarchy is a form of wanting no voices and no new voices and telling people to go back to their slave pens and to not speak up against war and interventionism and the status quo!!
commented 2016-08-22 22:24:39 -0400
From one of the contributors of the greatest hoax being perpetrated on the world since a 7th century paedophile invented a death cult.
Is this now the ethos of the eco-whackos; never allow your principles to compromise your pocketbook?
commented 2016-08-22 19:42:59 -0400
Glenn – in Green party populism “grass roots” has a different meaning puff puff wink wink say no more!!!
commented 2016-08-22 19:21:14 -0400
If the green party were “grass roots” it would have more voter support. It is a combination of academic astro-turf and government funded hydroponics.

Guys like our eloquent rough neck are the real grass roots and if he took his shaggy locks to the same gay hairdresser as prime minister Zoolander he would be even more attractive to “the women’s vote”.
commented 2016-08-22 19:01:42 -0400
Sandra Mercer commented – “Wearing a cross? Is that allowed in our PC environment?”

It’s a roach clip, don’t get your hopes up about Lizzy’s spirituality.
commented 2016-08-22 19:01:38 -0400
This bimbo and everyone who supports her are all unhinged.
commented 2016-08-22 18:25:55 -0400
Dizzy May is setting the stage for her floor crossing event! Junior has bought and paid for her. I guess he’ll get what he pays for because loose lips sink ships!
commented 2016-08-22 18:23:29 -0400
Just cannot get her to let go of that tax payer funded gravy train.
commented 2016-08-22 18:17:28 -0400
I don’t believe anything that this loon says! She’s a liar of the first order, which is the number one trait found in all communists, and psychopaths. Along with envy and jealousy, and the constant need to be the center of attention! Wearing a cross, is just part of her costume.
commented 2016-08-22 18:10:39 -0400
Wearing a cross? Is that allowed in our PC environment? Plus if voting is changed by JT’s dictatorship The Greens may get 4-5 seats. Won’t that be fun for our country considering the party has decided that anti-Israel is the way to go. If Lizzie May was principled she would have resigned.
commented 2016-08-22 18:08:48 -0400
Hatred of first-world democracy is a defining characteristic of Leftism, so it makes no sense that May would support the only first-world democracy in the Middle East, much less fight her own party over the issue.
commented 2016-08-22 18:07:18 -0400
Well, Brian it is a typic display of compromise of persoan principle in politics and politicianns who accommodate errant/narrow ideologies.

In th wider optics of power politics it really doesn’t matter what the greens think about Isreal or Jews. It’s like worrying about what 2 fleas on a dog think about where the dog is walking.