August 27, 2015

Maybe #BlackLivesDontMatter -- at least not to protesters and media

Brian LilleyArchive

All lives matter. That should be obvious, but apparently, it's not.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement began as a way to draw attention to racially motivated police brutality.

Unfortunately, the power of this slogan has been lost, by these same community activists' refusal to protest something  far more widespread: the epidemic of black-on-black crime.

I've got the FBI statistics to show that black-on-black violence is far more common than shootings involving white police officers and black victims.

Yet the media and many activists play down this reality to push their own selfish, cynical political agenda.

After yesterday's horrific shooting in Virginia, many people rushed to politicize, and racialize, the killings. Why can't we embrace the idea that "all lives matter" instead?

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commented 2015-08-29 01:19:22 -0400
It sure is funny how progressives think they can label anyone racist and it somehow is legitimate when they do. They are sure in a tizzy trying to label Donald Trump as such meanwhile reality proves Trump right and the progressives are going nuts because it is not working anymore
commented 2015-08-28 14:20:20 -0400
Black culture in America has devolved from a self -sustaining progressive community centered around the Baptist faith – to a post modernist amoral rudderless culture addicted to drugs, violence and state welfare entitlement. The degeneration when the family structure broke down and single parent families/absentee fathers became the norm and the welfare state encouraged this. Soon there were generations of unemployed/unemployable/under employed welfare client families – benefits increased as the single parent family expanded – more kids more cash – the street culture of petty crime and drugs raised these kids and this culture was encouraged by the welfare state and Post modern Black leaders.

The perennial underclass problem with inner city Blacks has the same root cause as 1st nations dependency culture – it can only be healed from within those communities and only by regaining the self-worth to become independent of welfare systems and productive as a community.
commented 2015-08-28 11:59:08 -0400
I have a question … that no one ever asks. What is the net benefit of having a large black minority population in the USA? They used to produce good music. For the most part they used to be at least polite to others. Some of them worked a variety of jobs, usually lower end, but then so do a lot of white people. Anymore, they are, at least their youths are like savages walking the streets of big cities looking for violent outcomes. Or they are whining and protesting the life just isn’t fair. Boo hoo.

The further into the ‘rights’ arena we go with not only black people but all the thin skinned aggrieved twits who seem to be having trouble handling their own lives.

I suggest that the negro element in the USA is a drag on society and economy. It will get worse at multicultural insanity proceeds with it’s partner, political correctness.

Some black lives matter, but most do not. They, themselves prove that daily.
commented 2015-08-28 07:07:24 -0400
WARREN C. WADE, as expressed by black mom Peggy Hubaard in her powerful video attacking the #BlackLivesMatter movement, there is only one race, the human race, unless one adopts evolutionary thinking.
commented 2015-08-28 06:57:07 -0400
Ron, great vid. Establishes all I believe. Despite what Hillary says all religions need to change, a nation can only be strong under one religion. And there is only one true religion. Everything else is an assembly
commented 2015-08-27 22:37:44 -0400
Why fear Muslims? They’ve been defeated consistently throughout history. They push too much and pay the price, repeat…
The good news is we can eliminate the politically correct and sympathizers with the Muslim Terrorists :)
commented 2015-08-27 21:42:27 -0400
Ron Voss – Thank you for sharing Dale Warren’s video on Islam. Everyone should watch it.
What were the muslims doing during their conquests? Killing Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. , destroying temples and burning libraries. What are they doing today ? Killing Christians, Jews, and any non-believer and destroying churches and destroying ancient artifacts. Same thing. Islam is not a religion of peace and if not feared we should at least know what we up against.
commented 2015-08-27 21:41:53 -0400
Ridiculous. Life matters. So does Race. When one Race thinks it’s better than the other, we have a problem. Our culture is too dishonest to deal with the issues we face today. So Life is ended needlessly every day…

Every Race is Racist, admit it, address it, and then begin educating the next generation to eliminate it.
commented 2015-08-27 20:58:47 -0400
Richard – Are you Muslim?
commented 2015-08-27 20:14:43 -0400
Sorry you misunderstand the meaning of " I am Charlie Hebdo" it’s about standing up for free speech not making fun of people . The way you say that you are not Charlie Hebdo represents you as a sell out and I’m sure you are not.
commented 2015-08-27 19:31:02 -0400
RICHARD BRINKMANSHIP, “Everything that I’ve looked into tells me that Islam is a religion of peace…”. Very interesting! With that comment Richard has revealed himself to be a full-fledged ‘progressive’! One has to wonder about “everything” he “looked into” that tells him that “Islam is a religion of peace”! The Qu’aran? The life of Muhammad, Islam’s “perfect” man, who provides a model for Muslims to follow? Listening to Mulcair, Trudeau and Obama? Or, how about the 1400-year history of Islam, the so-called religion of peace?:
Thanks to DALE WARREN for providing this video link.
commented 2015-08-27 18:51:17 -0400
KELVIN GRABOWSKY I am not Charlie Hebdo because making fun of other people’s race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability is just not the Canadian thing to do…
Everything that I’ve looked into tells me that Islam is a religion of peace…
commented 2015-08-27 17:23:24 -0400
Brian, another aspect of #BlackLivesDontMatter relates to the activities of Planned Parenthood which traces its philosophy back to its founder, racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, “The Negro Project” and Margaret Sanger":
This 2-hour documentary, “Maafa 21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America” more extensively talks about the origin of Planned Parenthood and its goal in the eradication of the black population of the earth. This video shows Planned Parenthood’s true agenda in “Population Control”:
commented 2015-08-27 17:18:10 -0400
Richard, you seem like a nice guy, that said I don’t understand why you are islamiphobic. At some point as a journalist you are going to confront these butchers in a storyline. Does this mean that you won’t report the truth for fear of reprisal? Be Charlie hebdo, don’t fear be courageous. We got your back if you report the truth…….. Thanks
commented 2015-08-27 16:54:45 -0400
Excellent well researched news story BRIAN LILLEY – I watched this to the end!
This is exactly why Ezra Levant needs consider adding an Editor Chief to the staff of The Rebel Media to keep the important stories as top stories on the front page – If I come back an hour later and find this story got buried because of a non newsworthy story my left leaning heart will be heartbroken.
Black lives and ALL lives do matter!

I am not Charlie Hebdo
commented 2015-08-27 16:36:31 -0400
The only reason that this story is being reported more than just locally is because the shootings took place on live TV and that the victims were media personalities. Usually crimes perpetrated by blacks are buried on the back pages and don’t get more than local exposure.
commented 2015-08-27 16:22:20 -0400
A crazy idea would neve fly with people as racists as Barry Obama around.
commented 2015-08-27 15:15:33 -0400
Jason sorry about that I should have read the (is racist) my bad
commented 2015-08-27 15:05:51 -0400
Jason all lives do matter… And I am the farthest thing from a liberal.
commented 2015-08-27 14:29:19 -0400
Only a liberal would claim “all lives matter” is racist.
commented 2015-08-27 13:42:55 -0400
Here is the issue, folks.

Black on black murders are either a) domestic or b) business related.

White police murders of black innocents is (ostensibly) state racial oppression. The established elite oppressing the poor black barely-freed slaves.


The black American gang, Islam Nation, is busy with corporate take-overs of other black American gangs. Lots of scary and violent Mexican gangs. And the Islamic jihadi North American organizations. Not to mention some of the white gangs we all know and love. But what they all have in common is their criminality. No wonder that sometimes the mostly but not entirely white establishment cops develop PTSD symptoms of hyper vigilance and exaggerated startle and shoot the odd innocent that acts like a gangster and runs/drives away.

I agree with Brian. All lives matter. And that is why our rule of law is so important. There is no place whatsoever and no rationale at all for violent acts of vigilantism.
commented 2015-08-27 13:33:59 -0400
George Soros finances these protests – common knowledge in the US.

And this is where #blacklivesmatter and pants up, don’t loot, oops, #handsupdon’tloot. Staged events by socialist billionaires drives all this continuing violence.

MSM doesn’t cover stuff that opposes George Soros (Obama’s buddy). Soros also financed #occupywallstreet.

Nice sh*tshow we live in now – if one of these blacks shot George Soros dead, the world would be a much better place.
commented 2015-08-27 13:11:55 -0400
Brian its because black on black or black on white crime doesn’t fit the media agenda. Its only white on black crime that makes media salivate and if the victim is also gay thats icing on the cake.