September 05, 2016

Mayor Robertson’s selective science: Yes to Insite, NO to pipelines?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Vancouver Mayor and Tides affiliated eco-activist, Gregor Robertson, is calling for fewer restrictions on taxpayer funded, supervised intravenous drug injection sites in his city.

He and BC’s top health officials want the Federal Liberals to repeal any legislation that may create hurdles to setting up safe injection sites in the wake of a spate of overdose deaths in BC.

Robertson co-signed a letter to Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott that attacked the Respect For Communities Act, passed by the Conservatives to block these legal shooting galleries from popping up in communities across the country.

The letter said the act:

“.. was a deliberate attempt by the Conservative government to create barriers that block people from accessing life-saving harm-reduction services and medical care….The Act is in no way based on health science and should be repealed by your government as soon as possible”

All of a sudden Robertson cares about risk mitigation?

Robertson is calling for fewer restrictions on safe injection sites and his reason is science? But he's the same guy who wants more restrictions on pipelines while disregarding science.

According to the Vancouver Police Department Crime Incident Statistics report, property crime increased in 2016 by 24% over the same period in 2015. The Coroners Service of British Columbia says illicit drug overdose deaths have increased from 200 in 2007 to a projected 800 in 2016.

Progressives care about risk mitigation except if the risk you're mitigating is an oil spill by using a pipeline instead of a train car.

The Mayor of Vancouver has failed at decreasing crime rates and stopping drug deaths. Instead, he thinks pipelines are the greatest threat to his city.

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commented 2016-09-06 16:14:16 -0400
Andrew do you have any experience with addicts? If you did , you would know this may help a few but it will hurt more of them. There are many programs, why will this one suddenly be a great success?
commented 2016-09-06 16:13:09 -0400
Andrew yeah , ask people if they would bother. Most wont for things like property crime , it is a waste of time, the cops do nothing. Please show me any proof i am wrong.
commented 2016-09-06 11:49:57 -0400
More drug sites kills off stupid Canadians even faster – keep up the good work Robertson.
commented 2016-09-06 11:38:47 -0400
Lets work with Tehran to set up an injection site there. Andrew Stephenson could be in charge and take Jay, Sean, and Ron Chritensen to run the show. Some Canadian goodwill shipped abroad, the Ayatollah awaits you with open arms I’m sure.

ANDREW: Why DO you hang around the Rebel with we troglodytes? You could be a poster boy for the cbc, instead of soiling the Rebel site with your crappy blather.

As for Gregor the Green Slime, sorry excuse for a mayor. The financial plight of Vancouver should emerge before paid off goofy leaves office. And I TOTALLY agree with a couple of our posters who stated, “shut off the taps for a few days”. Can any one even IMAGINE the response from the hypocritical left?

commented 2016-09-06 11:10:20 -0400
@andrew Stevenson;
Are you part of the Penson/Kelly/Smith/Social License/Welfare/Raving HomoLeft Alliance?
I have lots of in-laws living in the areas of discussion, you better believe crime has gone up!
People are not reporting break and enters, auto smash and grabs etc., because their insurances will go up.
If you don’t think that the insurance industry doesn’t look at crime stats to raise their rates, then you are brain dead.
The leftwing controlled police also manipulate the stats in their favor to justify their overpayments and salaries.
Drugs are a huge problem in BC because BC is a major port of entry from the far east.
All the communities around these so called " safe injection sites " turn into no go zones for the law abiding taxpayer at large.
These safe sites also fuel the drug trade!

Get a clue dumbass!
commented 2016-09-06 10:00:17 -0400
Looks like G.Soros is still telling this nut what to do.
commented 2016-09-06 09:17:49 -0400
Drugs is a huge industry in Vancouver. That and video games and dirty Chinese money. The Sodom on English Bay will soon know what wrath is.
commented 2016-09-06 09:07:27 -0400
“Drew Wakariuk commented 7 hours ago
Andrew people stopped reporting property crime a while before that, does not mean it went down. "

Do you have any evidence of this, or is it merely a convenient excuse to dismiss statistics that disagree with your presupposed conclusions? Has reporting of crime actually decreased?
commented 2016-09-06 06:27:29 -0400
@sean Pension/Scott Smith,
Talk about tools in the box!
Why don’t you stop making excuses for stupid, weak people?
Liberalism promotes weakness and dependency, that way Major Fagor and PM Fag Boy can control the masses, and stay in power. If the alternative is always appeasement, nothing will change, and things will only get worse.
Drug addiction is a personal choice, no one is forced into addiction with the exception of the sex slave industry.
Drug addiction cost the taxpayer billions across Canada every year. What about getting these people clean, and working again?
As someone who has had to start over again, I find your logics to be greatly lacking. Get your SJW heads out of your asses and become part of the solution, not appeasement of the drug trade.
Better yet, why don’t you petition that raving mayor fagor to do something about the huge drug trade in his city?
Nah, that would be descrimination right?
commented 2016-09-06 04:06:58 -0400
And by the way, Mayor Moonbeam’s dreamy solutions to drug addiction have now spilled over as well to the streets of Victoria on Vancouver Island…. “Thanks” Mayor Moonbeam…
commented 2016-09-06 04:03:34 -0400
SCOTT SMITH… I must admit that you have managed in just one posting to capture the mind of the drug addict’s “enabler” and “excuser” in one fell swoop… So the poor druggies, having chosen to abide in the most expensive real estate city in Canada, must be looked upon not as drug addicts but as a public health problem… And putting more “clean” needles in their arms is going to help?… Where is even one mention of condemning their lifestyle; one mention of placing the blame on themselves for their lifestyle choice; one mention of the fact that nobody popped a needle in their arm against their will?… Sobriety in any form begins with accepting the fact that you yourself chose to “tip the bottle” in the first place… Enabling them only makes you an accomplice to a social experiment that got off the tracks, and detached from reality, decades ago… To use he old environmentalist ditty of the 1970s:- “If you are not part of the solution; you are part of the problem…”
commented 2016-09-06 02:25:58 -0400
Injection sites are just a way for left wing progressives to feel better about themselves.
commented 2016-09-06 02:24:52 -0400
Scott Smith you know nothing of addiction, there is tons of help available. And enabling is not the answer. Addiction is a choice pure and simple. I lost a few friends to crack and maybe one to the needle, i never got addicted because i never did the crap in the first place. PRETTY SIMPLE!
commented 2016-09-06 02:22:37 -0400
Andrew O.D.s have risen , you know damn well they have.
commented 2016-09-06 02:22:14 -0400
Andrew people stopped reporting property crime a while before that, does not mean it went down.
I never reported my truck getting broken into when i lived downtown, it happened twice, it is pointless to report it. The police only know what is reported to them. That is cherry picking.
commented 2016-09-06 01:24:23 -0400
“Drew Wakariuk commented 6 hours ago
Andrew that is BS and you know it, and OD’s have risen steadily since it opened.”

It’s actually the VPD’s statistics. Ezra had to cherry-pick dates to make it work. You’re more than welcome to go and dig up the numbers from 2003 or earlier, and today, and report back what you find.

“Keith and Helen Harvey commented 3 hours ago
Andrew and Sean seem supportive of injection sites. They must be users. That explains a lot. "

Also, they must have small penises and unibrows. Also they’re liberals that drink lattes.

Does the Rebel give out prizes for most comedic internet insults? They really should. Might increase readership. if I WAS a user, I’d probably be doing that, instead of hanging around here pissing off the resident troglodytes.
commented 2016-09-06 00:50:50 -0400
Scott Smith, no worries about the middle class. Trudeau is looking out for us. He said so during the election campaign. Can’t you feel the sunshine from his sunni ways?
commented 2016-09-05 23:22:15 -0400
Backed by Tides Canada/G.Soros. He had his ears trimmed so he could get them further up his butt… Asshat.
commented 2016-09-05 23:16:39 -0400
Consider the fact that recreational drug use is illegal.
The people who support this “lifestyle” (Insite) should be charged as accessories to a crime, possession of an illegal substance and/or drug dealers.
If one of their “patients/clients” dies from an overdose they should be charged with murder.
The double standards in Canada are truly outrageous.
commented 2016-09-05 23:07:45 -0400
As far as high cost of real estate, Toronto and surrounding area aren’t cheap either. And with the new buyer tax in BC they have already indicated that Toronto is expected to become the new BC with even higher cost for property. And keep in mind there are a lot of people that work low pay employment and support families that do not have any addictions. Those that frequent the services of an injection site. What do they do all the rest of the day ? Do they all volunteer at different locations to help the community, do they work jobs, do they go to school, what ? Because if they’re just hanging waiting for their next fix and we all are paying out of tax money for them to continue their drug habit. I, and a lot of others have a problem with building an ever increasing number of drug dependents. And as long as they are feeding their veins they are not overcoming any addictions. And they form very little of the middle class, because traditionally the middle class are hard working and strong contributors to our society. These human pin cushions are but parasites on an already out of control tax burden. And drug use is not a law and order problem, are you kidding me. The drug business is huge, I guess we should let people like El Chapo open up drug superstores, and allow good wholesome competition between the drug cartels. Maybe that way there won’t be so many brutal murders and drug overdose deaths. And as well less petty crime like shop lifting and break and enters. Why do people get addicted ? With all the information we have, with the stories of those that have gotten clean, with the loss of their friends from overdose, we still have a growing body of addicts. It comes down to plain Human Stupidity. If you’re not addicted ask yourself why ?
commented 2016-09-05 22:23:34 -0400
@sandra Malinder Unfortunately there is not “an army” of social workers waiting to help the addicts. Even though I am a conservative, your attitude is reprehensible. I know it never occurs to you why people get addicted in the first place; I’m sure you always had a low skill job to fall back on. What you don’t seem to realize is that BC’s Lower Mainland is so expensive to live in, and nowhere else to go, that people lose hope. When you have no hope of buying a home on a $50000 salary. But I digress. People like you need to stop looking at drug addiction as a law and order problem and look at it as a public health problem. Keeping the addicts pushed underground will not solve a thing. Having a little compassion and trying to help people overcome their addictions without fear of jail or shaming is certainly more positive than your outlook. The middle class is being wiped out in this country and no one says a word. The gap between have and have not is widening by the day. But just keep your head buried in the sand, it’s all good in your world.
commented 2016-09-05 21:54:24 -0400
Andrew and Sean seem supportive of injection sites. They must be users. That explains a lot.
commented 2016-09-05 20:15:23 -0400
We need more insite across Canada; there is a crying need for safe injection sites everywhere.
commented 2016-09-05 20:08:53 -0400
I think all politicians need to be audited annually, to see how much they are being paid to govern against the people’s best interests. Then they need to be stripped of their positions, and sent to jail.
commented 2016-09-05 19:48:15 -0400
Pipelines will help sustain human development. The devout leftist is in opposition to the sustaining of human development. When mankind creates infrastructure to maintain our human development, the leftist see humanity as a scourge upon the planet that must be turned back. They lack a greater idea beyond the fishbowl in which they live.
commented 2016-09-05 19:44:50 -0400
72 Trillion dollars a year is made in revenues off oil and the idiots in this country would rather see a million out of work . What has happened to our country in less than a decade. Really is criminal. India , China,USA, Russia and a few others are drilling , fracking and liquidizing natural gas making billions every year and keeping people working. We turn our backs and say were saving the world. What a crock.
commented 2016-09-05 19:27:21 -0400
The European progressives must be too progressive for our progressives here in Canada. For in Europe they found that if you find jobs and a place to live for addicts, they have a higher success rate to kick their habits. So in our country we cut jobs and make the people more dependent……… How progressive of us.
commented 2016-09-05 19:20:24 -0400
Oh yeah and here’s a thought. If there wasn’t an army of social workers waiting with their arms outstretched to confer a never ending supply of sympathy and attention to the addicts, there may be fewer people deliberately getting addicted in the first place. No one ever says they didn’t know heroin & crack were addictive.
If there were some low skill jobs for young people, maybe fewer would be sitting around with enough leisure time to get addicted.
commented 2016-09-05 19:18:01 -0400
I have life experience with addicts, they do not care about feel good liberal programs. Nor will it help them.