Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Rebel Staff



"No Muslim should honour the memory of those war criminals by wearing a poppy." - Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Born in: Canada (Family came from Iraq)

Lives in: London, Ontario

What he's preaching:

"Any Muslim that wears a poppy or recommends wearing a poppy either is unaware of the history of this Ummah, or they have simply chosen to support their slavers.

No Muslim should honour the memory of those war criminals by wearing a poppy, just as no one would honour a criminal that killed his or her mother and father.

This November 11th, remember the Muslims who died defending the Muslim lands from British and French occupation, and died trying to save the last Khilafah from destruction. Take some time to read up on what really took place in WW1."


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commented 2019-03-19 22:59:55 -0400
Imagine disrespecting our veterans and remembrance day how dare you you useless piece of garbage you don’t ever come in our country and disrespect those people who died giving us the country we have or head before idiot Trudeau may you rot in hell for disrespecting them men and women I wish the United States would have finished what they started but it’s never too late maybe if we begged trump for help
commented 2016-03-14 19:58:44 -0400
Many Syrian &Iraqi christian refugees have reported to the officials that they are positive seeing isis trained militants among them but no one cares including The German Chancellor mikel.Canadian P.M Justin us President obama they continue to bring in thousands go muslim refugees who will be a threat to our society (rape is so common on white women in the E.U nowadays)Among them will Fanatic and jihadii muslim mullas who are going preach hatred towards non-muslims and we will be not safe anymore .Why can’t thee politicians allow more non-muslims as refugees why only muslims the non-muslims were also affected by war intact they were the targets by the same muslims nionmuslims are more reliable ,hard working,patriotic but not these radical muslims Shame Mikel.obama& Justin for using our hard earned Tax money on these traitors and remember this country belongs to us too?