December 16, 2015

McCallum’s liberal logic: Don't ask refugees about religion -- but their sexual orientation is fair game

Brian LilleyArchive

The Trudeau government in Ottawa continues to say they are seeking to help the most vulnerable people trying to flee Syria's civil war and the horrors of groups like ISIS.

Yet under questioning, neither Immigration Minister John McCallum nor his officials, could say how many of the 946 Syrian refugees Canada has accepted since November 4th are from religious or ethnic minorities.

Why is this important? Because it is these groups, the Christians, the Yazidis, the Alawite Muslims and others that are most at risk of being killed, tortured or sold into slavery - including sexual slavery.

Why can't the government tell us the stats on this very basic question? They claim they don't keep track of this and refuse to say that religious minorities are a priority. They do however say that gay men are a priority.

Listen as I ask John McCallum to explain how he can help the most vulnerable if he doesn't track these stats and how he thinks it is wrong to ask your religion or ethnicity of a refugee, but okay to ask about sexual orientation.


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commented 2015-12-16 17:13:27 -0500
Bringing in those muslims is certainly a concern now, but what we should really be concerned about is what affect are they and their descendants going to have on our country in 20 years. Look at Europe and the conclaves of muslims and their sharia controlled areas. They are little countries within a country where federal laws do not apply to them or are recognized by them. This is a real reason to fear. It will be our children and grand children who will have to live under the possibility of sharia. Google Belgium, Norway, Sweden and see what the results of multiculturalism has done. Look at what Germany is doing to itself. With the rise of the skinheads in Germany there is going to be big trouble.
commented 2015-12-16 17:11:51 -0500
He has always sounded like he is three sheets to the wind, that is just is voice. There is more than enough to question about him on policy. No need to go after his voice.
commented 2015-12-16 16:59:24 -0500
Minister Philpott to the rescue! I just love the way she shoved McCallum aside and clarified all the points he was so very confused about.
commented 2015-12-16 16:42:00 -0500
Guy, they’re faggots – faggots vote Liberal!
commented 2015-12-16 16:38:53 -0500
Did McCallum just fall off his bar stool and show up at this press conference?
commented 2015-12-16 16:36:15 -0500
McCallum’s halting and repetitative responses are in themselves worrying; is he yet competent? He constantly refers to the UN as guiding his/their decisisions as to whom to accept. Is this decision to defer an aspect of Agenda 21? Just asking.
commented 2015-12-16 16:30:30 -0500
Since when are 18 – 35 year old Muslim males the most vulnerable? McCallum is drunk again.
commented 2015-12-16 16:28:26 -0500
Why does this Ass-Clown always look and sound like he’s three sheets to the wind?