June 07, 2018

McConnell, midterms & beyond; “Deadpool 2” review & more (Guest: Derek Hunter)

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

I discuss the cunning of Mitch McConnell, chat with the hilarious Derek Hunter, and review 2018's family film of the year, Deadpool 2!

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commented 2018-06-10 19:44:55 -0400
Derek Hunter is right. Keep em angry and confused and people won’t think rationally and be capable of calling out the bullcrap. The left think we are all idiots, but people are starting to get it. Rational thought is the enemy of the left.

Our Poobah often scolds our conservatives for spreading fear and division and for ‘scaring’ Canadians (by exposing the truth). He gets away with more when we are successfully kept in the dark and from the atrocities and nooses he is trying to put around our docile necks.
commented 2018-06-10 19:44:32 -0400
Kurt, I was just on your twitter feed. What is a ‘peepers merkin’ I asked myself? So I mistakenly googled merkEn (Urban dictionary) instead of merkin. They are both fake hair related, but for different parts of the body. Both could apply. You did mean merkin didn’t you?

60m60 minutes ago
Canadians: Your poobah wears a peepers merkin.