March 05, 2019

Scottish newspaper invents fake “outrage” against Count Dankula to get him banned from other media

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The BBC has bowed to pressure from journalists and removed YouTuber Count Dankula from a panel show. And this matters.

Count Dankula, whose real name is Mark Meechan, has been treated disgustingly by the press – wrongly smeared as a Nazi, an extremist, and everything else you can think of. He’s guilty of making a joke, and now, he’s considered unworthy of even making a living.

Why is it that journalists can get away with being the judge, jury, and executioner? Who are they to decide that the public don’t want to see him on the television? This should concern all of us.

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commented 2019-03-05 19:13:17 -0500
94 days with no sign of a hammer falling.
commented 2019-03-05 16:13:40 -0500
In the first place, Count Dankula as a JOKE, wanted to make the pug less appealing to his girlfriend. In anyone’s books, teaching it a Nazi salute would just about fully accomplish that goal. He was NOT SERIOUS. It was a JOKE. If anything, he was suggesting that anything Nazi was UNATTRACTIVE. The media is into overkill now. They’re kicking a dead horse. What’s next? Make it illegal to laugh or smile? (Well, maybe that’s already been done with the way Nick Sandman’s so-called “smirk” was reported on.). Exactly how stupid is the media these days? There’s a reason I quit watching MSM.
commented 2019-03-05 13:33:42 -0500
Journalists these days are nothing more than NWO Marxist Scum, or believe the Socialist indoctrination that they received while at school. There are some exceptions, as some of Ezra’s guest have proven. Those in the UK are the worst, ‘Red’ Sky News being a good example though Red Sky are just a bunch of amateurs, little more that a joke, there are still people who are dumb enough to believe them…..

Wakey Wakey Western World you are being conned by Islamic excrement.