April 11, 2019

Media finds new scandal to vilify Trump in tell-all book alleging President cheats at golf

David MenziesMission Specialist

Sports Illustrated scribe Rick Reilly has written a book claiming that President Donald Trump has cheated at golf!

Naturally, this non-news or un-news or potentially even fake news, is making headlines the world over because the narrative is anti-Trump.

Apparently this cheating is serious, though. In an interview Reilly had with CNN’s John Berman, he said Trump even cheated against Tiger Woods. You know, the guy who CHEATED on his WIFE some 10 years ago.

But back to Reilly’s tell-all tale - is it fair to say we’ve reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome?

How boring would a 244-page expose about Trump allegedly cheating on the links be, even to a rabid Trump-hater? Who would buy this?

Now that the darn Mueller report has deep-sixed the whole Russian collusion thingy, I guess the left-wing media has to find other scandals to vilify the president.

One can only imagine what the mainstream media will do for an encore!

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commented 2019-04-12 00:42:54 -0400
James Hall…..I’m on Pacific Time, so I can watch a Trump speech at 7:30 am when it is 10:30 am Eastern time. At 8 am I watch CTV News Channel and laugh as they completely lie at what Trump really said. One big lie was when Trump said that he would deport Mexican Rapists and Murderers on his first day in office. CTV reported that he said that he would deport 11 million Mexicans on his 1st day.

CTV is even worse than CBC for FAKE NEWS. They seem to share Fake News with CNN. They are called CNN North.
commented 2019-04-12 00:06:06 -0400
The fake news is relentless in their globalist smear campaign against Trump, what a ridiculous joke they are