May 01, 2019

DEBUNKED: Antifa, media lies about Rebel reporter harassing female “journalist” at Sarsour event

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Normally I tend not to address every made up fake news malicious plot against us here at the Rebel.

I would never be able to do actual news and commentary if I dedicated my life to undoing every rumor and lie about my work and my colleagues. And frankly, I think that's what a lot of these lies are designed to do: to pull us away from our work.

But sometimes the hoax and lies get so big — and especially in this instance, when the mainstream media not only becomes, first, an unwitting part of pushing the hoax but then complicit in perpetuating the same hoax despite being shown video evidence to the contrary.

Well, that’s when I've got to put a marker down and do a little debunking.

Let me tell you what started this mess:

My Rebel colleague Keean Bexte was in Winnipeg to cover what turned out to be a "hate crime" hoax in Winnipeg. Coincidentally, while he was there, noted anti-Semite and women's March organizer Linda Sarsour also coming to town to talk.

Keean went down to the protest organized by the Jewish community against Linda Sarsour, to hear and report their concerns.

Before Keean ever got on the ground in Winnipeg, Antifa were already promising to assault him.

Then, at the event itself, left wing Antifa activist and sometime journalist Emily Leedham tweeted:

"Keean Bexte from the Rebel media and other local men cornering me while asking inflammatory questions to get an emotional response. This is how the Rebel media works."

And the mainstream media was immediately outraged at Keean, including Laurie Brown of the CBC, David Akin of Global News and, especially, David Pugliese, who works for the Ottawa Citizen.

Leedham’s Twitter video of Keean now has somewhere around 200,000 views on Twitter — that's how fast the story spread amongst those who just desperately wanted to believe it to be true.

But her video showed just a snippet of a broader incident that required more context.

(Stop me if you've heard this one before...)

WATCH my report as I show you full, unedited video of this incident.

I'll provide more background, too, like the many weird tweets about Keean that Emily Leedham posted in the days and weeks leading up to Keean's arrival in Winnipeg — going back as far as last September.

And, no surprise, we also learn from Leedham herself that the whole "confrontation" with Keean outside the Linda Sarsour event had been planned in advance.

The evidence is clear, and even a local leftist and eyewitness agreed:

Keean was not the bully but rather the bullied.

The media pushed the hoax.

By refusing to acknowledge the role they played in spreading this lie and then by not admitting their mistake, the mainstream media are actually training the radical left, like Antifa, to continue to target us.

Almost every Rebel reporter has been assaulted on the job, and the assaults are enabled by actions of the mainstream media who can't see past their hate for us, to call what happened to us what it really is:

Violence and intimidation.

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commented 2019-05-02 22:51:02 -0400
Let’s hope more unhinged leftists pull stunts. Normal people think what that woman did was rude. If these lunatics want to pull more childish antics, bring it on. I just feel sorry for Keean and others who have to put up with jerks like the lunatic leftists.
commented 2019-05-02 13:54:40 -0400
This so-called journalist, Miss Needhim, and the rest of the so-called journalists at the FNMP (Fake News Media Party), have no moral qualms about making up stuff, and spreading the lies, about real journalists like Keean – whom they hate and fear!

I wonder how Miss Liedagain would feel if THEREBEL or some other legitimate news outfit started spreading the rumour that she has a bad case of the dose! She’d have to be OK with it…or she’d be a hypocrite…
commented 2019-05-02 13:21:54 -0400
Why is this bitch allowed to enter canada? OTHER COUNTRIES- (well, canukistan isn’t a country anymore but rather a post national sewer- via mohammad trudeau’s actions), have banned her as they should!
I’m sick of wussy a**ed, canuks who sit back and do NOTHING to stop this insanity!
You know, I have been worried since this bastard took power that his agenda is going to ultimately kill/eradicate we canadians within the next decade HOWEVER THE WAY i’M FEELING ABOUT CANUKS AND THEIR SELF CENTERED, APATHETIC, COWARDICE, i’M ABOUT READY TO FIGHT AGAINST YOU ALL MYSELF!
commented 2019-05-02 07:30:24 -0400
“Then, at the event itself, left wing Antifa activist and sometime journalist Emily Leedham tweeted:

“Keean Bexte from the Rebel media and other local men cornering me while asking inflammatory questions to get an emotional response. This is how the Rebel media works.”

And the mainstream media was immediately outraged at Keean, including Laurie Brown of the CBC, David Akin of Global News and, especially, David Pugliese, who works for the Ottawa Citizen."
Stupid libtard journos haven’t learned one single thing since they were all “click bait” for the fake news Covington catholic kids.
Left leaning journalists are among the stupidest people out there. They are also responsible for violence and deaths worldwide for enticing hate thru misinformation – they’re not clever enough to plan disinformation.
Let journalism die.
commented 2019-05-02 00:39:32 -0400
Another brainless fool loose on the street. The left really do have low IQ’s … lol
commented 2019-05-01 23:54:10 -0400
Rebel should pursue the charges noted below. These rednecks won’t stop until you stop them! Better still, when the msm is forced to report the charges, it instantly puts you in a good light and them in a bad light. And it gets even better. It’s the best promotion no money can buy. A great way to attract new viewers.
commented 2019-05-01 23:31:27 -0400
Agree Tina Sleigh.
commented 2019-05-01 22:52:45 -0400
Leftists and their media are once again desperately seeking comforting lies.
commented 2019-05-01 22:49:53 -0400
I think a restraining order against this girl is in order. If the gender roles were reversed in this situation it would be absolutely clear this is harassment.
commented 2019-05-01 20:09:39 -0400
Da dumb lefty broad just had the hots for Keean, he should have jumped in and made her all righteous….Then again she may have just wanted her picture on the Rebel.
commented 2019-05-01 19:16:12 -0400
There’s a reason why she’s following him around playing music.

The purpose is to try and trigger a copyright strike on Youtube to get your videos
and eventually your channel shut down.

The idea came about when several Youtubers complained they channels were hit with strikes for music that was playing in the background while they were recording outdoors.
commented 2019-05-01 18:56:42 -0400
That was my first thought ‘love sick/sick love’; she’s stalking Keean. No doubt, there is a psychological problem with this woman who functions on hate derived agendas.
Did she have encounters with Keean before this event? How did she know so much about him?
Get a restraining order on her to keep her distance.
I would not trust this psycho-girl one bit.
She is not only trying to target Keean professionally, she may be trying to inspire physical harm to him.
commented 2019-05-01 18:34:29 -0400
So I see the professional agitator known as Emily Leedham has put her social media on private only. Typical loser leftist, start a fight, can’t win the fight, play the victim, then hide (Think AOC in USA)
commented 2019-05-01 18:02:45 -0400
I didn’t think it looked bad in the first place. She wasn’t cornered, could have left at any time and didn’t have to come up to him in the first place. I don’t know what the other guys were doing there, but their hands were in their pockets, and didn’t look threatening to me. She is making herself look weak and pathetic with her ‘oh poor little me, cornered’ bs. She wasn’t doing journalism, she was harassing. She was the harasser.

I may agree with her right to criticise Israel, but she is wrong about Palestine and she is wrong about Linda Sarsour, who is a hate monger and racist. Sarsour is using that dumb brunette. I wonder what any of them know about the cafe hoax. There are still some dots that need connecting.
Nice try no prize, Emily Leedham.
commented 2019-05-01 17:19:38 -0400
The MSM can’t tell the real truth, so they have to make it up, by setting others up. Leedham thought she was so smart but Keean was already on to her from the get go. I’m so glad they recorded that lying piece of work in action.
commented 2019-05-01 17:17:56 -0400
Keep up the good work Keean. I think she like,s you.