December 08, 2018

Media pillory small nations resisting UN Global Compact’s forced assimilation

David MenziesMission Specialist

As dignitaries assemble in Marrakesh to sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, it’s notable that many of the European countries that will NOT be signing on are those with small populations.

Countries like Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria, are justifiably worried about what mass-migration would do to the very fabric of their nations.

Those four countries all have populations of fewer than 10M, and in the case of Croatia less than 5M, so taking in hundreds of thousands of migrants from cultures that may not be simpatico with western values and principles, might not be the most prudent idea.

In fact, to open the floodgates to the 257.7 million migrants in the world seeking new homes could very well compromise any hope of self-determination.

And yet the mainstream media mock these small states for having the utter temerity to embrace self-determination. Open borders is the way to go, say the champagne socialists, so stop clinging to quaint notions of nationalism.

The attitude of the UN elites brings to mind the Star Trek episode when the Borg kidnap Captain Jean-Luc Picard so he can help advance their plans of assimilating the entire human race.

That’s the thing about the UN migrant compact, isn’t it? The UN, a non-elected and unaccountable collective of bureaucrats telling us resistance is futile, comes across as very Borg-like to me.

Yet, somehow, in 2018, the Left and their useful idiots in the mainstream media, are cheering on the Borg-like bad guys at the UN, while vilifying the good guys in the Federation.


If you agree Canada should not sign the UN Global Compact for Migration, please sign and share our petition at

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commented 2018-12-09 19:57:52 -0500
Great comparison with the global elites and the Borg although the global elites might be more sinister and inhuman
commented 2018-12-09 19:37:23 -0500
Carole : Ron Shea is absolutely correct….there ARE a great number of uninformed,apathetic,complacent,uninterested navel gazers in Canada.Add to that,a significant percentage of younger Canadians with…shall I say…" an unusual perspective" of how life in Canada should be.
I recently sold a farm tractor to such a person.In the course of our discussions,he supported the concept of “True Communism” and how we would all benefit from such a system,because we would ALL WORK TOGETHER…..
He did tell me,however,that he did not consider himself a “team player” and that he and his wife did vastly enjoy their numerous toys and perks that Canada (and the stock market) had provided for them……
Wow….a Materialistic Capitalistic Communist….and he did not even see the contradictions.When faced with that type of Twilight Zone mindset,I do not see how we will make it……
commented 2018-12-09 19:17:26 -0500
To be honest today as we sit on the precipice of losing our sovereignty with this Global Migration Compact I would vote to let Trump annex Saskatchewan and Alberta into the US. We then could be a large voting block to help Trump stay in power. We also would then have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves against the upcoming migrant invasion.
commented 2018-12-09 18:25:20 -0500
Then Ron, if Canadians are ready to go down without a word, it’s the end. I regret of not having voted in favour in our last Quebec separation referendum. I did not know the ROC was so sold out to the federal multiculturalism. What a shame this country is. I no longer recognize myself in it. When you think that a moron like Trudeau will put the final nail in the coffin, it’s incredible. Since I’m in the last bunch of baby boomers too, I guess it’s time to move to the US.
commented 2018-12-09 17:56:11 -0500
Carole, Max Bernier would be currently the only person who would be willing to have a robust discussion and/or debate on changing any current government policies to common sense ones.
Not sure if Canadians as a whole would rise up as I think there are far too many in the country who are complacent, uniformed, uninterested and apathetic. Many of the boomers who lived and worked here, retired and moved to the the U.S.A. And multiculturalism has diluted the Canadian patriot population on the whole since the 1960’s. I think with present happenings both here at home and abroad, that we are all witnessing the decline of Western civilization.
I think Trudeau will cheat to win in 2019, using media control and ballot counting control, in order to bring to fruition in Canada, the anti-Canadian, anti-democratic doctrines of the U.N.
commented 2018-12-09 17:11:12 -0500
It doesn’t matter if Scheer wins next year. The Conservatives are as globalists as the Liberals. We need power decisions in our hands, in the citizens’ hands. In Qc, we elected the CAQ who promised to lower immigration levels. Now, they are saying they will lower the economic migrants by 10,000, but never talk about illegal migrants, family reunification, work and students visas who get extended indefinitely, and on and on. And they say that we have a few thousands jobs not filled yet, as if welfarers from the 3rd world will fill those technical positions. Again, it’s a scam. Scheer never spoke against the UN and he will bend over to them like Trudeau. Will Canadians wait until they are in minority to rise up?
commented 2018-12-09 13:06:27 -0500
Carol I agree,but I think the only way we can start projecting and influencing people is to get in the streets,go to every rally you can and let’s keep the momentum going. I liked what I saw at the Edmonton rally yesterday as I was there,they are calling for another rally next Saturday as well.You can feel that people are starting to get agitated,there was even a few chants of revolt yesterday!!
commented 2018-12-09 12:39:36 -0500
The yellow vests in France are starting to talk about a referendum for citizens initiatives (Référendum d’initiative citoyenne) to add to their Constitution. With it, all the government’s laws, decisions, would have to be approved by referendum, if the citizens judge it necessary to vote on it. Because we don’t have a democracy anymore. Politicians like Trudeau can decide to spend however they want, giving millions to terrorists or billions to foreigners; he is now giving away our sovereignty with the UN compact, buys all the media, and will flood our country with millions of welfarers from the 3rd world, while we, the citizens, have to pay for it all and shut up otherwise he will criminalize anything we say against it. This is not democracy, but fascism. We have to take back control of our gov’t, our institutions, our money and our laws, and be able to fire any politician, mayor, city council, school board, anyone on the public dime, who doesn’t work for us. That’s what we need in the West and we need it urgently. I have not yet found a video in english on the subject, just in french by a few yellow vests including a former army general who spoke to the people on the streets in Paris. But think about it and make it the subject of future demonstrations to change our Constitution, our Human Rights if necessary. We need to take control of the widespread corruption by the elite who wants all the powers over us.
commented 2018-12-09 12:07:56 -0500
Police in Toronto area found body of 14 year old boy whose body showed major signs of trauma. (torture) CBC News Net. (1 hour ago)
20 year old Mark Mahabir (Muslim name?) has been arrested and they are looking for his 20 year old brother. Mark sure looks Middle Eastern. For Mark to have a brother the same age, it may be 1 father and at least 2 wives.
I am interpreting the news as our Govt Station seems to be hiding the truth.
commented 2018-12-09 11:16:09 -0500
Some people think if we ask Trump, he will save us by taking us over. Not a chance as 80% of Canadians are Politically ignorant and hate Trump.
This is why he is the first US President to not visit Canada in 1.5 years. That is unheard of in our History; dumb Canadians begged that lying Globalist Obama to visit here when Harper ran Canada like a Democracy.

CTV and CBC news Nets run anti-Trump stories 24/7. CTV even runs Fake News (Lies) on him.
commented 2018-12-09 11:07:37 -0500
FYI – 5 of the richest Muslim nations have not taken in one single Muslim migrant or illegal alien.

What does that say?
commented 2018-12-09 11:02:45 -0500
MARK CHADWICK commented 18 mins ago.
All you pro migrants please call the CRA and tell them……….

In my opinion, Trudeau is, at the beck of the UN, flooding Canada with brain dead savages. The UN dose not like people who are capable of intelligent thought, they prefer worker bees and cut throats who will be slaves to their masters.

Canadians have a choice!…….. Fight back or die.
commented 2018-12-09 10:27:27 -0500
All you pro migrants please call the CRA and tell them you are willing to have your taxes doubled to pay for all the free loaders coming to Canada . All you pro climate change nuts as well . As for the pro immigration people please show me in this pack where it says how to finance the free flow of migrants that will have more rights than us . Trudeau doesn’t give a shit about Canadians and has stated it many time and also said immigrants deserved Canada more than people born here . I guess that doesn’t include him . He is a spoiled trust fund prick with a lot of nerve . But after he sign this will use it to justify keeping all the illegals from deportation no matter what issues are found . He will silence anyone he wants and that should scare the hell out of everyone . I for one am not proud of anything this traitor says we should be proud of because you can feel the hand in your pocket every time . Never costs him a dime ever .
commented 2018-12-09 09:08:28 -0500
It is easy to attack leaders like Macron and Trudeau, but that does not negate the source of their evil. They are merely a front, power wise low to mid-level management. Average person goes on a rampage, damage is done, the financiers, the influencers, the controllers behind the scenes remain safe at comfortable estates and wait out the uprisings. Welcome to the new boss, same as the old one thanks to the system that runs them.
commented 2018-12-09 07:45:44 -0500
The resistance to taxes on carbon dioxide and to forced mass migration is spreading across Europe and has taken root in Alberta. Macron has been forced to back down on his usurious carbon tax on fuel. The far left fascists may control the media and the universities but the people know the reality of an intolerable situation when they see it. Our hapless Dear Leader has dug himself in on these issues and they are losers. Resistance is not futile.
commented 2018-12-09 01:31:25 -0500
The Nazis have finally won WW2. 70 millions of us, the people, died for freedom and it was a total scam. All those years since, they worked on their treaties one after another, they created the UN, the EU, everything planned to bring us to a totalitarian state. And finally, they have removed their masks and are now forcing us against our will into submission. So I am telling them to go fuck themselves. I will not pay for this and I will not be their slave.
commented 2018-12-09 01:11:39 -0500
Thanks Jan..

On Trumps speech..okay Trump…throw us a bone..put a couple of the bastards in jail…
commented 2018-12-09 00:27:27 -0500
President Trump for Canada….

Please consider this idea…Mr. President Trump.
commented 2018-12-09 00:17:30 -0500
Is Scheer or Bernier going to bring Canadian’s united? Is it already to late ?

The globalists have been working on this for decades..and no..this is not a conspiracy theory….

It’s in ink…
commented 2018-12-09 00:00:38 -0500
I’m with Keith Barnes on this one..This is a major point it time..Canada is clearly not capable to keep it’s Sovereignty with a Trudeau goofball administration…Trudeau is incompetent of keeping Canada united as a Sovereign Nation..

Do Canadian’s want to become an Islamic State?…or become a United State of America?
commented 2018-12-08 22:40:43 -0500
Bernier was a no show in Ottawa, after he said he would deliver a speech, along with Tom Quiggen (who did show). I hope it wasn’t because of Le Meute. We cannot modify our associations because the left unfairly brand people or groups. I was very disappointed to hear Bernier was cancelling at the last minute.
commented 2018-12-08 22:39:52 -0500
The media is going to say that there was a Le Meute presence at the Ottawa rally, and therefore – insert bad name here. Could someone please explain this to me? I keep going to their site to see what the problem is and I see none.
You may have to use translate option.

This is an excerpt from their ‘About’ page.
" The Pack is composed of patriots who want to keep the assets that have made their country and their nation a reference at the world level, such as their culture (Canadian and Quebec) and their way of life. The Pack believes in immigration, which is part of the DNA of our country, and the integration of immigrants to help them become full-fledged Canadian and Quebec citizens. The Pack does not believe in Canadian multiculturalism as proposed by Justin Trudeau, since it believes it is a deconstruction of the host society that inevitably leads to social chaos."

Sounds pretty good to me.
commented 2018-12-08 22:18:21 -0500
If you remember, ST: The Next Generation kept going on about a singular Earth government. We, unfortunately, are getting that from the UN, where difference of opinion is frowned upon and distribution of wealth is the goal.

Plan 21?
commented 2018-12-08 21:03:24 -0500
If only globalist Uber Cuck twins Macron and Trudeau could face the guillotine together sooner than later the Western world would be a better place
commented 2018-12-08 19:44:14 -0500
I received info saying that The People’s Party Canada has 60,000 names against the Global Compact on Migration. Quebec only had 9,000; PPC needs a lieutenant there, too Important.
Que. dislikes the open borders that they have, so 20,000 names would be more like it. If this is old news, sorry, I’ve been away.
commented 2018-12-08 18:54:38 -0500
I attended the Global compact rally in Edmonton today,good turn out,lots of yellow vests and angry people,another rally is planned for next Saturday in Edmonton again. Must keep the momentum rolling,let the awakening begin!!
commented 2018-12-08 18:46:48 -0500
The war with the ‘enemy within’ that will soon be upon us, will be bloody. We must try and take out as many of the enemy as we can before we fall to the blade, as we surely will.

President Trump, please invade Canada before we are swamped with hordes of people from third world countries who will, after experiencing a Canadian winter head south to warmer climes. I am sure that all existing (real) Canadians will be happy to become American citizens in a country that has a real leader who thinks of his people first………..