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Every week Justin Trudeau and his Liberals infringe on our freedom of speech a little bit more. From pressuring social media companies to censor conservatives, to slowly turning “Islamophobia” into a crime, to bringing back the section 13 censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, it just keeps getting worse.

So I nearly spat out my coffee when I learned that Chrystia Freeland, part of Trudeau’s cabinet, was co-hosting a media freedom conference this week in London, England, along with her UK counterpart, Jeremy Hunt.

What a laugh! Hunt is part of the UK government that is throwing a citizen journalist named Tommy Robinson into prison this very week, for the “crime” of reporting outside a rape trial. 

As you know, free speech has been a central issue for us at The Rebel. So when we heard about this conference, Sheila Gunn Reid and I applied to attend as accredited journalists.

Would we be allowed in? Both the Canadian and UK governments hate us — and Chrystia Freeland really hates us. Her office literally asked the United Nations to refuse to allow us to attend big UN conferences on global warming and immigration, just to punish us for having the wrong point of view.


To our surprise, Sheila and I were both accredited — they let us know at the last minute! So we’ll both be in the conference, starting TODAY, along with a cameraman. I think we might be the only independent media they let in — I see stories in the UK press about other reporters who were banned!

I don’t know what to expect — but I do know that the conference organizers promised a chance to ask Freeland some questions.

What do you think — do you think Freeland will actually let us ask her questions? And will she answer?

We’re about to find out! (We'll upload all of our videos from the conference to this page.) 


If you can, please chip in to help us with our travel costs. Unlike the CBC state broadcaster, we don’t get $1.5 billion/year from Justin Trudeau. We rely 100% on viewers like you. Whether it’s $10 or $100, it all helps — I estimate the travel costs of Sheila, me and our cameraman to be about $4,500. Please click here to help if you can!

Obviously, we will do our best to grill politicians about their censorship plans. But we’ll also report to you about what our competitors in the mainstream media itself say. I’m not going in with any preconceptions; but let me just say, it wouldn’t surprise me if many mainstream media actually wanted citizen journalist upstarts to be banned and censored!

If you can help cover our travel costs — please do. Just click here help us out. 


Ezra Levant tells young journalists: “‘Fake news’ is in the eye of the beholder”

July 12, 2019: To his surprise, on the second day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, Ezra was invited to be part of a panel of young journalists!

BREAKING: CBC, CTV stand up for Rebel Media's right to press freedom

July 11, 2019: We made some strange friends and allies at the Defend Media Freedom Conference after Chrystia Freeland's staffer announced that only The Rebel and Andrew Lawton would not be allowed to attend a scrum.

KICKED OUT: No Rebels allowed at closed-door Media Freedom event

July 11, 2019: As they attempted to cover a meeting at the Defend Media Freedom Conference, Andrew Lawton and Sheila Gunn Reid were quickly confronted by a staffer who told them that no media representatives were allowed at the event — imagine that!

Nobody works before 10 am: Day 2 at the Defend Media Freedom Conference

July 11, 2019: It's the morning of our second day at the Defend Media Freedom Conference, but where is everyone?

“Shame on you”: Ezra Levant challenges Pakistan's Foreign Minister over Twitter censorship

July 11, 2019: At a panel at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, Ezra challenged Pakistan's Foreign Minister on the issue of enforcing blasphemy laws.

Censored Pakistani journalist speaks out at Defend Media Freedom conference

July 11, 2019: Late last year, a number of users around the world received warnings from Twitter that their tweets were violating Pakistani law. Ezra was one of them.

Today during a panel at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, he challenged Pakistan's Foreign Minister about this censorship, presumably in the name of enforcing blasphemy laws.

Government regulated fake news is the future

July 11, 2019: On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra went over the highlights of the first day at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, and it's only confirmed his fears.

INSIDE the Media Freedom Conference: Fake news, fancy coffee and hundreds of staff

July 11, 2019: Since you, our viewers, have donated to send us to the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, Sheila Gunn Reid wanted to show you what the event space looks like beyond the security fencing.

Ezra Levant's “Free Tommy Robinson” graffiti CENSORED — at Media Freedom Conference in London!

July 10, 2019: Earlier today, Ezra Levant added the message "Free Tommy Robinson" to a mural-in-progress at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK. Wait until you see what happened throughout the day!

UN Special Rapporteur on Free Speech “concerned” about government “pressure” on internet companies

July 10, 2019: Ezra Levant asked UN Special Rapporteur on Free Speech David Kaye about government collusion with Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and YouTube, to censor Tommy Robinson and other commentators.

Chrystia Freeland hiding from The Rebel at press freedom event

July 10, 2019: Chrystia Freeland has made several appearances at the Defend Media Freedom Conference, but unless you had a pre-approved question or were Amal Clooney, there wasn't much chance at getting closer.

In this video, we see Freeland defend her Hide and Seek championship title by hiding behind a curtain when faced with the prospect of polite questions.

Ezra Levant: Left-wing billionaire Pierre Omidyar is funding Media Freedom Conference

July 10, 2019: On the first day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, Ezra challenged panellists Nishant Lalwani (Director of Investments, Independent Media for a company that is part of The Omidyar Group) and Maria Ressa (CEO of He questioned how unbiased this conference can be, given that the man behind it is billionaire media tycoon Pierre Omidyar, and they are on his payroll.

UN ambassador: Yes, there's no legal definition of “hate speech”

July 10, 2019: Here at the Defend Media Freedom Conference, Andrew Lawton and Sheila Gunn Reid both stood up to ask questions circling around the definition of “hate speech” in light of recent United Nations machinations against it.

Ambassador David Kaye let us know that there is no actual, international, legal definition of “hate speech.”

SEE Ezra Levant's #FreeTommyRobinson graffiti at Defend Media Freedom Conference, London, UK

July 10, 2019: On the first day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, we're invited to help paint a mural celebrating free speech. So Ezra painted a message on it — let's see how long it lasts!

Ezra Levant in London: Committee to Protect Journalists NOT keen to support Tommy Robinson

July 10, 2019: On the first day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, Ezra ran into Tom Gibson of the Committee to Protect Journalists and asked him if his organization was supporting Tommy Robinson, who was just found guilty of contempt of court, or as I call it, "committing journalism." 

No “Danish Mohammed” on Media Freedom's censored political cartoon display

July 10, 2019: The Rebel is at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London where the Canadian and UK governments are co-hosting an event allegedly dedicated to free speech and the safety of journalists worldwide.

Among the displays is a wall dedicated to censorship and political cartoons, but the absence of the infamous Danish Mohammed cartoon gives the display a different feeling.

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commented 2019-07-15 18:37:42 -0400
Why is Clooney at this conference anyway. Clooney and her Bollywood husband think that the elite stars know best. Just because you make movies and are grossly over paid to do so, does not give you the expertise or the right to speak at a conference on free speech.
commented 2019-07-14 01:12:12 -0400
Ezra — listening to you on the young journalists panel is quite an eye opener of what the education system has taught young people. You are a dying breed….young people are so willing to allow others to dictate to them what is fake/real, right/wrong, immoral/moral and what they can / can’t say or listen to. I wonder if in time people will look back on our era and think of us as racists and bigots simply because we thought we were entitled to say whatever we wanted. Or if the generation after this one will fight back to reclaim the freedoms currently being lost?
commented 2019-07-11 18:56:36 -0400
WTF is that POS Looney Clooney doing there? He’s like a Virus, you just can’t get rid of him.
commented 2019-07-11 01:26:39 -0400
Liza, thank you for those links. I would not have heard of Joy Villa any other way. She’s dead on brilliant, and I will now follow her..
commented 2019-07-11 00:48:35 -0400
Would someone please tell me how I can get rid of Meghan and Kate, and the Royal Family from my News Feed!!! They are wasting my time, as I have much more important things to think about, and deal with…
commented 2019-07-10 20:17:14 -0400
Good reporting from the Rebel Team!
commented 2019-07-10 19:56:55 -0400
European Union: Toward a European Superstate
“The EU is a Sham Democracy”
by Soeren Kern • July 8, 2019 at 5:00 am

Facebook Twitter Addthis Send Print
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, nominated to be the next President of the European Commission, has called for the creation of a European superstate. “My aim is the United States of Europe…” she said in an interview with Der Spiegel. She has also called for the creation of a European Army.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, nominated to be the next President of the European Council, has said that Eastern European countries opposed to burden-sharing on migration should lose some of their EU rights. He is also a strong proponent of the Iran nuclear deal.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, nominated to replace Federica Mogherini as High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is a well-known supporter of the mullahs in Iran. Borrell has also said that he hopes Britain will leave the EU because it is an impediment to the creation of a European superstate.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, nominated to be the next President of the European Central Bank, has supported U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s trade war with China. “President Trump has a point on intellectual property. It is correct that nobody should be stealing intellectual property to move ahead…. On these points clearly the game has to change, the rules have to be respected.”

“The best cure for Europhilia is always to observe the EU’s big beasts at their unguarded worst… unencumbered by any attachment to democracy, accountability or even basic morality… [W]e witnessed rare footage of the secretive process that propels so many retreads and second-rate apparatchiks into positions of immense power in Brussels and Frankfurt, utterly disregarding public opinion…. Everything that is wrong with the EU was shamelessly on display.” — Allister Heath, The Telegraph.
commented 2019-07-10 18:14:00 -0400
Well said, Clem.. Trump is right about May.. And that pompous ass Darroch..
commented 2019-07-10 17:55:31 -0400
It’s hotting up as the UK establishment gets found out and it gets in a corner. They will let the dogs out as they did when smashing the miners. British Labour Party are no different from the Tories and Lib Dems and Greens. Brexit is a good example of how they don’t give shit about what the UK working class think or vote for. Tommy Robinson is just an articulate white working-class victim who rose too far above the parapet with the Pakistani Muslim paedophilia case. The councils and police need a diversion and distraction from their criminal behaviour. And PM May wants calm while she does that meg billion pounds arms deal with the House of Saud. Bet they send T.R. to a Muslim dominated jail to have his throat cut as a sacrifice to Allah and that medieval paedophile warlord Md. Arise ye starving from your slumbers is apt here. I am 75 nearly and never seen anything like this and been a political observer all my life.
commented 2019-07-10 16:04:52 -0400
Well said, Richard…
commented 2019-07-10 15:42:37 -0400
What a complete and total farce this conference is. Thank gawd you guys are there!
commented 2019-07-10 15:21:46 -0400
GREAT job Ezra and team , exposing the hypocrites who are not standing up for freedom of speech and dont give a fig about Tommy its seems to me to be all a lot patting each other on the back and saying how good they are , whilst ignoring what the uk government is about to do to Tommy again . Keep up the great work ….Mike M
commented 2019-07-10 15:11:30 -0400
As an ex policeman and trained under the Westminster system, it makes me feel sick in the stomach to see the corruption of the British justice system and the corruption of the government. What it really means is that any government, including our own, can make up laws and force judges to get a conviction. The fear of retaliation from the muslims is driving this bullet train.. The 2000 odd underage girls who were brutalised, some even murdered mean absolutely nothing to this corrupt government and Tommy, the only one standing up to defend them an embarrassment and better off incarcerated or dead. His book, ‘Enemy of the State’ tells it all. I consider Teresa May one if not the most corrupt politician in the world today. She complains about Putin who may have killed a couple of dissidents but won’t acknowledge the girls who have suffered under her watch. When the police and justice system is under the control of the government, the country is doomed.