February 23, 2018

Media defame #HijabHoax protesters as “conservative Chinese racists”

David MenziesMission Specialist


Canada’s Chinese community still want an apology from elected officials who quickly condemned the phantom Asian perpetrator of the disproven hijab-shredding and they want police to reopen the investigation.

Much about this fake hate crime doesn’t add up, but it seems they won’t get either despite protests bringing hundreds to Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill.

Adding insult to injury, mainstream media coverage of the protests has been at best biased and at worst falsified, painting these patriots as anti-immigration bigots!

Those who fled the tyranny of communism are being branded “conservative Chinese racists” by white left-wing losers who fly the hammer and sickle on Parliament Hill, yet these loons are the media darlings?

Huffington Post didn’t have anyone on the Hill that day, but still ran an inexplicable piece of pre-protest coverage by Vince Wong headlined, “The Chinese Canadian Community Can't Fight Racism With Islamophobia.”

Calling out a Muslim perpetrating a hoax by falsely smearing a member of another ethnic group is an example of Islamophobia?

Edelman Public Relations recently released its annual Trust Barometer which found the media is the least trusted institution in 22 out of 28 countries surveyed.

Looking at how hijab hoax protests have been covered by mainstream media who comfort the offenders while condemning the victims, one can see why.

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commented 2018-02-25 18:44:32 -0500
I still don’t buy what amounts to kids horseplaying as some sort of massive smear/hoax campaign by anybody.
commented 2018-02-24 16:30:44 -0500
Tammie. As I am not in Province, I cannot attend, although, dearly would love to in making my opinion known. Please update us on what happens.

As for the fiasco in India involving the Gov’t of Justin Castro, I firmly believe the current Lieberal Gov’t should indeed resign and another election held. What the Lieberals have perpetrated in India is beyond despicable! The Atwal controversy is nothing less than a “Trojan Horse” tactic against India! I firmly believe he arrived by way of the Gov’t plane since he has been there from the get – go. Otherwise, he likely would have been denied access to the country.
commented 2018-02-24 15:04:23 -0500
How can you say that you love Canada when you are giving us away and calling it multiculturalism? A PM who doesn’t respect the demographic of a country has no respect for its people. During pre Justin administrations immigrants were carefully selected and came in through the front door. They truly desired to be a part of the fabric of our society, many having fled from tyranny and oppression.

Respecting demographics means maintaining a balance between the foundational Canadians and those applying for entry from different cultures around the world.
Opening the door and yelling “come on in!” is not responsible governance, and there isn’t an immigrant who fought his way here and took his turn getting in the door, who wouldn’t agree with me.
Justin has no respect, for the people he is responsible for.
commented 2018-02-24 15:02:44 -0500
Justin Trudeau cannot fulfil his obligations to Canadians.

How can you run the country when you are never in Ottawa?
How can you keep us safe when you bring returning ISIS into our neighbourhoods and refuse to secure our borders?
How can you say you care about the middle class when you destroy their livelihoods?

He has reneged on his duties in almost every area.
Isn’t that enough to be able to facilitate a new election? I don’t think anyone voted for Trudeau’s nihilistic approach.
He won the leadership under false pretense.
False advertising.
commented 2018-02-24 12:42:34 -0500
war is coming to canada. There is NO WAY AROUND IT AND WE CAN ALL THANK TRUDEAU AND OURSELVES FOR ALLOWING THIS TO GO ON AND ON AND ON WITHOUT DOING A THING TO STOP IT OR HIM! Start preparing canadians because life is going to be mighty "inconvenient ’ for all of you who are too busy shopping to give a damn what has been happening here since mohammed took office!! NONE OF US WILL BE LEFT UNSCATHED!
commented 2018-02-24 11:39:07 -0500
Off Topic,

Iqra Khalid is giving a M-103 speech in Toronto this evening, anyone who wants to protest her can join others in this protest at 6pm 2029 Gerrard St East.

Also, there are City Hall protests scheduled for April 2 across Canada demanding government be dissolved and an election called.
commented 2018-02-23 23:32:38 -0500
Progressives are racist and bigoted , they want to oppress anyone who does not do as they demand.
commented 2018-02-23 22:18:12 -0500
John Moore is a Snappy Mouthed Downtown SOBSnob…
commented 2018-02-23 20:37:00 -0500
It just goes to show how difficult it will be to vote out Trudeau when you have the MSM doing all it can, including calling Chinese Canadians racist, in order to continue the alt-left narrative of Justin and his international cabal.
commented 2018-02-23 19:36:20 -0500
I cannot understand what in heavens name the MSM both here in Canada and in the USA hope to achieve with the constant lies and deception and twisting of the truths.
CNN a while ago stated that their negative and biased take on everything drove their ratings up, however if anyone has been paying attention lately, CNN is almost defunct and the rest are constantly getting their pee-pee’s severally slapped for all the fake news, lies and bullshite journalism.
Except here in Canada. We Canadians as usual are so passive that we let a despot run our country and say very little about the lies and rotten journalism of our news outlets.
commented 2018-02-23 18:42:31 -0500
war is coming to canada. There is NO WAY AROUND IT AND WE CAN ALL THANK TRUDEAU AND OURSELVES FOR ALLOWING THIS TO GO ON AND ON AND ON WITHOUT DOING A THING TO STOP IT OR HIM! Start preparing canadians because life is going to be mighty "inconvenient ’ for all of you who are too busy shopping to give a damn what has been happening here since mohammed took office!! NONE OF US WILL BE LEFT UNSCATHED!
commented 2018-02-23 17:51:52 -0500
Time to get rid of the Socialist slime that control our News Media. These are the same things that jacked Trudeau into power and are nothing more than Marxist propaganda outlets. To all you Red Stars and CBC’s, your time is numbered. Perhaps it is a good time to remember that the Chinese were eating with knives and forks, before they invented Chop Sticks and White men were still ripping off raw meat, with flint stones.
commented 2018-02-23 14:48:01 -0500
All Canadians will stand with minority communities against the subjugation perpetrated by our government, our main stream media and brainwashed fascist left wing nut jobs, funded and encouraged by foreign money funnelled and laundered through many bogus infected ‘charities’ and ‘non’ profit Canadian organizations. We will stand together against the lies and ‘quelling’.

The authorities owe it to the Chinese community first and to all Canadians, to re open this case and get to the very bottom of this Hijab hoax. We have a right to expect our names to be cleared every time they unfairly accuse us of attacks that never happened.
Tired of being used!
commented 2018-02-23 14:10:14 -0500
Our embarrassment in chief just pissed off 1.5 million voters. If some of the other far east “Asians” join them… Could be a couple million new Conservatives votes. Thanks Dumb Dumb…
commented 2018-02-23 13:37:22 -0500
Truth is verboten in Libtard land. This is but the very start of the vague interpretations that M-103 will be used for. Churchill was spot on when he stated that the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.
commented 2018-02-23 12:56:46 -0500
The message to all of Canada’s visible minority communities should be clear – you will be thrown under the bus as soon as some group that’s higher on the identity politics victim scale decides to target you & the mainstream media is not to be trusted. In other words, the left sees you as disposable.
commented 2018-02-23 12:45:15 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,779 Attacks, 226,306 Killed, 305,768 Injured that we know of.