September 05, 2017

Media divides Americans, while Hurricane Harvey brings them together

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

As Texans try to stabilize after the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, the mainstream media is using the event to continue their campaign against the president and his family. 

News items about Trump’s lack of empathy and Melania Trump’s high heels are endless. Trump Family Derangement Syndrome continues as the media promote a narrative of division.

But reality paints a different picture that destroys their narrative.

In reality, everyday heroes from all walks of life emerged to help their fellow humans during a time of crisis.

It’s disheartening that it takes a disaster to underscore that human compassion exists, but the response to events in Texas shows how united Americans are.

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commented 2017-09-06 01:04:50 -0400
Mongrel well put, they do not give a damn about anyone except their own ideology.
Keith and Helen got that right, their time is coming and they will not even see where it is coming from as they are to focused on demonizing decent people.
commented 2017-09-05 21:59:10 -0400
Mainstream Media, the same kind of Mentality that would play the Fiddle as Rome Burns. The only thing they’re good at is Stirring Up Hatred and Inciting Riots. They are Traitors and Criminals, they need to be Charged and Punished for their Acts of Subversion and the Instigating of Violence that results in innocent people being hurt and property damage.
commented 2017-09-05 20:19:47 -0400
There seems to be some exhaust in Holly’s voice. I hope to see her on the main rebel channel more.
commented 2017-09-05 19:19:26 -0400
Msm mocks, real people do everything they can to help strangers.
The headlines are as deranged as the people who write them!
commented 2017-09-05 16:58:35 -0400
Ms. Nicholas asks,

“By the way do you think a nazi, a real racist would try to save the people they hate?”

One just has to observe that the MSM has done nothing for and continues to denigrate the people,who are suffering that they hate. Question answered.