September 27, 2017

Media Party denounces “vigilantes” running “Watching Karla Homolka” Facebook page

David MenziesMission Specialist

Did you ever think you’d see a day when people would go to bat for a convicted serial killer? 

Consider the case of Karla Homolka who joined ex-husband Paul Bernardo in the rape, murder and torture of at least three minors, including her own 15-year-old sister.

Homolka deserves to be behind bars forever but a “deal with the devil” scored her a 12-year sentence for manslaughter instead sparing her from being locked up forever.

Karla’s been free since 2005 and now has three kids. She currently resides in Chateauguay, Quebec, where it was recently revealed that she was serving as a volunteer at a local school!

But the catalyst that’s making some in the mainstream media and the political world go to bat for Killer Karla is a Facebook page called "Watching Karla Homolka."

Watch as I explain what all the fuss is about, which will surely have some wondering whether these outraged pundits have children of their own.

Was it champagne socialist NDP leader Thomas Mulcair who a few months ago implied that we need to forgive Killer Karla? That pronouncement speaks volumes and perhaps helps explain why Mulcair will soon be his party’s ex-leader.

We’re lectured by political and media elites that the Homolka situation is due to a flawed criminal justice system and while it isn’t perfect, it’s the only one we have so we just therefore respect and abide by it.

But we also have a system in our social media world that allows people to monitor Homolka and take photos of her in public.

I applaud all those virtual-world vigilantes on Facebook.

They’re making Karla’s life miserable via all legal means possible.

Label it revenge if you must because when it comes to Canada’s schoolgirl-killer who literally got away with murder, revenge works for me.

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commented 2017-09-28 21:51:21 -0400
I don’t envy the police or those involved with the legal system when they feel little option but to make deals with the devil but that being said it is sometimes necessary to get co-operation from one person in order to secure a conviction of another. In other words sometimes if you don’t deal you might end up with nothing and allow the killer or killers to continue killing. But if the court starts making deals which they have no intention of honoring or deals that allow prison justice to accomplish what they couldn’t word will quickly spread and such deals will be come ineffective. I don’t blame neighbours or victims for wanting to keep tabs on these criminals when they are released but it is really best left for professionals as they have a better understanding as to what is and isn’t allowed by the law and will hopefully avoid making mistakes such as targeting the wrong person or involving people other than the person in question. There are laws that citizens are subject to and even laws that a private investigator are subject to. In other words you can’t just follow anyone you want as that is stalking and a private investigator cannot tail a subject in places like playgrounds or schools or places that children might be gathering.

I also remember some loud mouth jerk on here who seemed to lack the capacity to differentiate between someone who had been in a porn movie with someone who was a pedophile or rapist. God help us if our legal system ever ends up in the hands of those who either lack the competence to make important distinctions or are just too damn mentally lazy and full of their own bias to care.
commented 2017-09-28 16:41:50 -0400
Paid her debt to society, yeah right.
commented 2017-09-28 16:40:45 -0400
How do you pay your debt to society for raping and murdering your sister and her two friends? A facebook page is a lot less than she deserves. There should be a similar page for our terrorist star Omar khadr. These murderers should be hounded for the rest of their lives so they know we will never forget what they did and that our judicial system failed us yet again. If those with no moral compass want to protect these murderers from the public’s disgust, they should put them where they belong, safe and sound in prison. Prison is too good for these animal scum.
commented 2017-09-28 10:05:09 -0400
Homolka, Bernardo and Olsen, three perfect candidates for capital punishment!
One down, two to go…
I should include in that capital punishment clique, the POS responsible for that Homolka monster being set free.
Who is the POS responsible anyway, I’ve never heard of a Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. Crown…
commented 2017-09-27 22:33:14 -0400
Seems most of the citizens of this country would like to reinstate capital punishment.

It’s a shame our idiot politicians aren’t listening.
commented 2017-09-27 17:55:59 -0400
That picture of her still sends chills up my spine!
commented 2017-09-27 17:17:23 -0400
Murders and rapist should get the death penalty.
commented 2017-09-27 16:11:19 -0400
Well said everyone. anyone who wants to forgive this evil c*nt is as depraved as she is.
commented 2017-09-27 15:48:13 -0400
I have no pity for Homolka, no forgiveness either. I am not concerned about her being followed. The establishment want to prop her up and embrace evil, I will have no part of it!
commented 2017-09-27 15:20:32 -0400
Holmoka needs to convert to islam and wear hijab. Then Baby Doc will give her $10.5 M and apologize to her for her incarceration. Probably even include a special clause in the censorship legislation, that will result from M103, that social media can no longer be used to shame Homolka.
commented 2017-09-27 15:03:11 -0400
Yep… She gets to carry-on and raise a family while denying those she murdered the same right. Those young women that she and Paul murdered those beautiful young and innocent girls would’ve been raising families today much to the delight of the grandparents.. Canada needs to be reclaimed and our justice system overhauled into something that resembles “justice”
commented 2017-09-27 14:43:58 -0400
Just one glance at those cold-dead eyes of hers is enough to give me nightmares. Evil to the core she is, and should never have one moment’s peace. Every minute of every day she needs to be reminded of what she did to her victims, and what she could have done but did not do to help them.

With the heat of a million suns do I despise this demon. Makes me sick that she lives here in Quebec.
commented 2017-09-27 14:23:54 -0400
She’s been able to have a life, and her victims didn’t get that chance. She can run but she can’t hide.
commented 2017-09-27 14:18:15 -0400
And they called Joan Crawford “Mommy Dearest”. Can you imagine how her children will react when they find out what an evil sorceress she is. Not was , but is. You can’t wipe out evil like she possesses.
commented 2017-09-27 14:06:05 -0400
The question was asked at the beginning of this article if anybody would go to bat for a killer and it seems to me there were some moron on this site remarking how a killer/ murderer that he knew turned out to be such a productive and great member of society and went on with his life while his victims grieved over their loss for the rest of their’s… but this particular murderer is different … she not only murdered but assisted in the rape and torture of her little sister and her friend while videotaping the whole affair for posterity and truly deserves to be punished accordingly for it… Any murderer that takes a life should forfeit their own and I’m not talking lives taken in self-defence.!! She not only murdered but assisted in the rape and torture of her little sister and her friend and truly deserves to be punished accordingly for it… Any murderer who takes a life should forfeit their own and I’m not talking about lives taken in self-defence as it should not be a crime to protect your family your property or your own life!!!

What about the rights of the victims that have lost their husband, fathers, mothers, sisters daughters, brothers and their futures what about them .??!! What do these families get or deserve well the murderer gets to live out their life as a “productive member of society”
“Capital punishment is not a deterrent… It is justice”