July 25, 2018

Ezra Levant: Canadian media hides Toronto shooter's links to Islamic terror

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the media's coverage of terrorist Faisal Hussain's shooting rampage in Toronto.

Cellphone footage from the shooting shows that Hussain was calm, cool, and capable of using a weapon like a trained assassin. 

He was quickly identified by law enforcement who claimed he was "known to police", but they decline to use his name.

It took nearly 24 hours for Faisal Hussain's name to be publicized and it happened at the same time a Muslim reporter at the CBC, Shanifa Nasser, published an unsigned letter purportedly from the terrorist’s family.

How did Hussain get a gun? Who trained him to use one with such proficiency? What does CSIS know about him?

The mainstream media isn't going to ask, they're too busy trying to get The Rebel to shut up and stop doing their job. 

Normally that monologue is behind a paywall for subscribers only, but I thought this one was important enough to make available to everyone for free.

If you’re not a subscriber already, you should be — given how the mainstream media are filtering and blocking this important story, you really owe it to yourself to get the other side of the story.

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commented 2018-08-01 19:58:46 -0400
Probably a form letter: insert name here.
commented 2018-07-26 17:12:02 -0400
Exactly, Edward. When you have been lied to over and over again why would you trust the MSM or the cops? It would be a replay of the boy who cried wolf.
commented 2018-07-26 11:08:53 -0400
Liza: I admit at times I speculate and might be wrong in some detail but what are we supposed to do when the media and government is all but silent and in my opinion at least some of the time is pushing their own narratives and in some instances like the Benghazi attack outright lying to the people. It’s important to keep an open mind but it’s also important not to let people bully you into silence. However are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if we can’t get to the real story.
commented 2018-07-26 00:52:50 -0400
Good point Edward, I would add that those government’s and the msm who serve them, manufacturing convenient narratives, are the ones who call everyone else “fake news” when they invented fake news and are the biggest perpetrators of fake news! People aren’t buying it anymore.
commented 2018-07-25 22:49:54 -0400
Any good investigator will entertain a variety of theories, chase down leads and not throw out information just because it doesn’t add up. Sometimes it takes a while for the connections to be made. Unfortunately when the ben Ghazi attack occurred we witnessed the White house give us a chilling example how the highest office in the land, who knew it was Al Qaeda attacking, flip the narrative and blame a video which insulted Islam, then go and set their P.R. people to go and sell it to the American public. So here we are not knowing what information sources with any degree of certainty are giving us the goods and not pushing their own government sterilised version or if they are as truly in the dark as anyone else speculating.
commented 2018-07-25 17:32:14 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,734 Attacks, 231,703 Killed, 311,643 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-07-25 15:12:06 -0400
Tammie thanks for the heads up. Its about time the infiltration into Canadian institutions was exposed. Things are going to get real messy real soon.
Enjoy your vacay Justin.
commented 2018-07-25 15:11:03 -0400
Well, thank heavens for small mercies. The Perp is dead, that is just one small step for Humankind and one giant jump for 76 makeover virgins in ally oop land.
I do not mean to belittle the seriousness of this crime by making feeble jokes. My heart goes out to their Families.

Business go’s on as usual….As Usual.
commented 2018-07-25 14:08:34 -0400
Waiting for Thomas Quiggan to upload his report.

“Stay tuned for an upcoming Quiggin Report Intelligence Report on the ”tweet-url hashtag" href=“https://twitter.com/search?q=%23TorontoShooting” rel=“nofollow” title=“#TorontoShooting”>#TorontoShooting #DanforthAttack. Some members of the media may want to pay attention to this. @CBCNews @CBC_news_seems to be engaged in a full attack on, and distortion of the facts."
commented 2018-07-25 13:57:40 -0400
Glenn, why the hell is Trump supporting this evacuation? I thought he had the white hat’s number when he stopped funding a few months back. Now we will be bringing in more radical Islam, that is all the white hats are. Damn these politicians. Netanyahu has a right to protect Israel, but leave Canada out of any moral posturing over migrants of a mess that isn’t OURS. With Trudeau, this sort of idiocy is expected, but why is Trump allowing himself to be bullied? He didn’t back the radicals, that was the Obama admin.started that crap. because their hate for Assad out weighs any common sense.

More radical political Islam, just what Canada just can’t seem to get enough of. We are under bloody attack and the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated government of Canada is bringing in more soldiers.
commented 2018-07-25 13:45:03 -0400
Janie Jones, exactly.
commented 2018-07-25 13:43:42 -0400
The Canadian media are still saying he was not known to police. Why are they lying?

Janie Jones, bingo!
commented 2018-07-25 13:30:36 -0400
This is factual, not racist:
13. You may lie and deceive to strengthen Islam (Qur’an 3:26, 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28)
Taqiyya (taqiya, taqiyah, taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community.
It’s taken a while, but now we have the mental health of this deceased individual being used – together with a professionally written excuse via a muslim journalist.
commented 2018-07-25 13:02:29 -0400
I’m really believing Trudeau is having a mental breakdown. His silence is unprecedented in leadership politics. Mental illness also runs in his family.
I’m sure he’s very stressed. I hope he’s getting the help he needs.
commented 2018-07-25 12:59:29 -0400
Everyone is wrong. It’s the liberal govt. They have so many muslims in their cabinet now they must show it has nothing to do with radical islam, because to do so would incriminate them all.
commented 2018-07-25 12:24:13 -0400
Desperately seeking and producing comforting lies.
commented 2018-07-25 12:01:24 -0400
The corrupt left wing lame stream media have been in the business of propaganda and cover up for years.
commented 2018-07-25 11:50:10 -0400
Our boy Trudeau is in hiding, or likely on another publicly funded vacation, while his ISIS murderers sharpen their knives and load their guns. I guess the fairy tale poetry lessons weren’t enough to heal their evil minds. Justin, the pompous ass, has blood on his hands, and so do his party of traitors, and the network of UN globalists, who have conspired to a depth of evil rarely witnessed in countries who obey law and order. We are fast becoming a 3rd world hole under the destructive influence of a full time narcissistic playboy, who has a brain the size of a pea. The left are working with Islam to destroy western democracies, and blood shed is the name of the game. Keep your guns locked and loaded!
commented 2018-07-25 11:32:46 -0400
off topic
Why has the government never suggest homeless, low income , or senors take over college dorm for the summer then be moved to hotels? Funding for illegals but not for our people.
commented 2018-07-25 11:25:50 -0400
Keep those comments disabled CBC. Reals Canadians (non illegal) may have something to tell you.
Source Rebel media some time ago called about an RPAL restricted hand gun licence and was told a fully veiled woman does not need a picture on their licence.
commented 2018-07-25 11:14:21 -0400
Using MSM logic whenever we see a humble, polite bearded man with a heavenly smile we should just run for our lives!
Besides it won’t be an exaggeration to claim that Trudeau’s Liberals and MSM already have blood on their hands…
commented 2018-07-25 11:10:58 -0400
Canadians are tired of the excuses. We are tired of the cover-ups. We are tired of the political elites acting to shield certain perpetrators from the light of truth. It is time for the politicians, the police and the main stream media to come clean and tell the people what is really going on. Canadians have a right to know the truth, regardless of the religion, the nation of origin, the political leanings of the terrorists who commit these atrocities. And it is time for the police and politicians to act, not deflect.