April 12, 2015

Duffy-obsessed media ignores multi-million dollar NDP, Liberal scandals

Brian LilleyArchive

The scandals involving Mike Duffy and other senators aren't the only ones swirling around Parliament Hill, but you'd barely know it if you relied on the mainstream media for your news.

For one thing, the Liberals and the NDP are trying to destroy each other.

As we reported previously, the NDP's been ordered to pay back almost $4 million in allegedly misspent tax dollars. \

But they're refusing to do that, because according to them, the Liberals have broken the rules, too.

The sums involved far exceed the amount at issue in the Mike Duffy trial, but you'll notice that none of this is getting the same media coverage -- except here at TheRebel.media.

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commented 2015-04-13 11:12:30 -0400
After Hugo Chavez won his first election, he started sending his thugs around to silence any opposition to him or his policies. Local media outlets and journalists opposed to him were silenced in any number of ways .Threats , coercion , blackmail and soon they just broke into offices and facilties and destroyed them. At least it was overt and could not be hidden from the view of the opposing public, but what could they do?

But the “media” situation is far more insidious here in Canada. We are deluged on a daily basis with leftist propaganda., trashing everything conservative and promoting the socialist cause. It runs the gamit , from the subtle and nuanced to obvious and deliberate. The sniker , the sneer , the addition of " indignant " or “accusatory” tones by the news readers whenever addressing a PM Harper or conservative issue. The present media is filled with leftists who carry the water for the Liberals and to a lesser extent the NDP. It is a pathetic sutuation that is tipping the scales and threatening true democratic representation.
commented 2015-04-13 10:17:38 -0400
Robert Fife reminds me of a sneaky ferret, nose to the ground, as well as in places the sun does not shine. Craig Oliver huffs and puffs, but only blows wind out of one place. If these are some of the media’s finest investigative journalists, our country is sunk when it comes to hearing unbiased reporting!
commented 2015-04-13 00:51:01 -0400
Craig Oliver looks like his head is about to explode when he mentions Harper he can’t hide his hatred, but then he mentions the name Trudeau and his eyes glaze over and he acts like a school girl in love (I think he pee’s his pants a little), Bobby Fife is an idiot that thinks he is there to educate Canadians on the virtues of the left and affirm the evil of the right and how misguided they are.
commented 2015-04-12 18:55:12 -0400
So what else are the Liberals doing while this has our attention?
Liberal means sneaky in my view. They certainly hate Harper
and vilify him in every way and on any day.
How dare Harper not kowtow to them the natural leaders of Canada.
Money and politics go hand in hand with the gift of money a bribe to see what the “donor” wants is what the donor gets.
What needs to be done to change that?
Maybe the senate should be on trial? Have we already begun that with Duffy?
Money isn’t the only bribe but it does have a cash count somewhere.
What is happening with C 51? Got any other anti terrorist or treasonist bill coming? Good. I will support them all.
But lets get passed Duffy for now. Senate corruption must end first.
commented 2015-04-12 18:52:23 -0400
Love Bill Elder’s idea. Make it so!!!
commented 2015-04-12 18:17:28 -0400
Exactly !!! The thing I don’t understand. How do they (MSM) and liberals ignore the elephant in the room and focus on the peanut shells someone should sweep up
commented 2015-04-12 17:12:46 -0400
Donald Craig, Craig Oliver is not only a bitter old man, he’s also an idiot! I’ve previously sighted the “Murphy Brown” incident where he claimed that fathers were unnecessary, simply to attack then Vice President, Dan Quale. I’ve totally ignored everything he’s said since. And, Bill Elder, I think you’re really on to something.
commented 2015-04-12 15:53:57 -0400
Brian – I appreciate the rants about the morbid MSM bias in Kanadar but it really is wasted on the enlightened – what needs to be done is , when in an Ottawa press scrum, two or three microphones need to be pointed at the MSM challenging them on their biased interest or disinterests – push it in their face and do it at a time when if they edit it they lose the clip. guerrilla Media scrums that catch MSM bias/hypocrisy/lying at the source!
commented 2015-04-12 14:18:44 -0400
craig oliver is a bitter old man, i believe that he blames pm harper for his going blind…could it really be harper’s fault?
commented 2015-04-12 14:18:00 -0400
Kelvin, in regards to CTV’s Question Period . . .

Bob Fife certainly does like collecting his far left wing panel . . . how very balanced.

Craig assumed that Harper knew that Duffy was all the time misclaiming these expenses, as if Harper keeps tab on everyone in his party and whom he appoints and what they do.

Nobody liked it when John stated that none of what Duffy did can be laid back on Harper. They all whined about that statement, literally whined. The only read “ties” back to the Conservatives and Harper is what the MSM claims is a connection. That leftie group over-talked John on several occasions, who was the only reasonable voice there.

Gloria Galloway blames Harper for the misclaims of the Senators, implying that Harper should have changed the rules for claiming expenses so that the senators could not have had the chance to misclaim. She sited the position that Harper campaigned upon to change the senate. That was not only an unfair accusation, but not even close to being reasonable.

Overall, except for John, the entire panel attacked Harper unfairly, for things he could not possibly control and things he could not possibly have fixed in the Senate that allowed the senators to take advantage of the misclaimed expenses.

This is exactly as I have been claiming about the MSM, they are just using the Duffy trial to attack Harper. They lie about the connections between Harper and the senate and between Harper and Duffy and between Harper and Nigel Wright. And they lie about when Harper knew about the $90K cheque.

The MSM will do any dirty thing they can the smear Harper. It makes me sick to my stomach that those creep can get away with their filthy lies and slanderous remarks.
commented 2015-04-12 13:47:11 -0400
Peter, did you watch ctv’s question period? If you did you can probably provide a better synopsis than I can. It was quite telling whe Craig Oliver said that him and Duffy never got along. They seemed to leave the trial and go after a character assignation instead. I think its time old Craig retired………. Really
commented 2015-04-12 13:26:24 -0400
MSM carrying water for Stoner trudeau again. CTV, CBC, Torstar, Globe and Mail – they are all left socialist nazi rags that suck hole. Nothing new here. But it is fun calling CTV, CBC, Torstar, Globe and Mail a bunch of nazi pigs. F U CTV, CBC, Torstar, Globe and Mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2015-04-12 13:09:27 -0400
" i have no idea whats going on in the duffy trial because i don’t watch CBC or CTV news"

Even if you did, you still wouldn’t know. They only use the Duffy trial to launch their attacks on Harper.
commented 2015-04-12 12:36:29 -0400
You really have to love when you hear about this married couple (the NDP and the Liberals) fight. It just goes to show you if their money interests are in jeopardy, they’ll go and turn on each other instead of playing nice. Maybe justice isn’t dead. A shame that MSM isn’t giving this the attention that the Duffy scandal got. Proves once again that MSM is in their corner.
commented 2015-04-12 10:56:55 -0400
as long as the two parties destroy each other i think thats great. except we have to change the narrative and get it off the duffy trial. i must say though i have no idea whats going on in the duffy trial because i don’t watch CBC or CTV news. been doing new media instead. like the rebel. should do well now that Gavin Mcinnis is on the Rebel. he can attract alot of people.
commented 2015-04-12 10:30:05 -0400
Makes sense, two wrongs make a right.
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