April 19, 2017

Tides paid “rent-a-chief” $75K to bash oilsands with Jane Fonda

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Chief Allan Adam and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) he leads near Fort McMurray, are raking in thousands of dollars in cash from the Tides Foundation to oppose Canadian oil and gas. 

Back in 2012 Chief Allan Adam and ACFN were granted $55,000 directly from Tides to a numbered company that Adam is a Director of and is managed by the band. Soon after, Adam appeared on stage with washed up, burned out folk singer Neil Young when he rolled into Toronto to bash Canadian oil and gas.

But that cash went fast, I suppose.

I was peering through the most recent Tides Foundation grants again to see which aboriginal leaders were selling out their people for cold hard cash and noticed a familiar name: Chief Allan Adam.

Watch my video to see these new grants to a company managed by ACFN - two separate grants, totalling $75,000 “for research, education, and organizing on dirty fuels and pipelines”.

Guess which rent-a-chief was bashing the oilsands with Jane Fonda when she rolled into Fort McMurray? Allan Adam. That's what $75,000 buys.

But even worse, no one in the media bothered to dig into Adam when he made his outlandish and debunked claims about cancer and desolation in Fort Mac as he sat beside Jane Fonda.

I on the other hand, found his motive on the grants page of the Tides Foundation.

And that's because there is a passive racism from the mainstream media.

The media sees Adam as a noble man, a man of the land simply because he’s aboriginal. They can't bring themselves to believe aboriginal people can be just as motivated by money as every other human being.

Everyone has a price. Allan Adam’s is $75,000 bucks.

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commented 2017-04-20 11:33:54 -0400
Space moose…..if the shoe fits. Call it what you like. It’s a fact.
commented 2017-04-20 11:27:01 -0400
Anything to distract Canadians from the 750,000 barrels a day imported into eastern Canada.
Billions spent on it per year. WTF OPEC oil good Alberta oil bad.
commented 2017-04-20 11:07:03 -0400
If Rent-a-Chief is derogatory then we should change it to Lease-a- Chief . Adams is obviously on the payroll for the long haul.
commented 2017-04-20 08:42:05 -0400
Chief did you start on POT when you were 10 like Young did????
commented 2017-04-20 02:55:44 -0400
Rent a chief? I learn derogatory terms every time I visit the rebel.
commented 2017-04-19 22:02:01 -0400
So, a has been hippie from the sixties and Hanoi Jane are sticking their noses in this. I can hear trudope gushing with pride. WAKE UP CANADA The leftards are ruining our country!
commented 2017-04-19 21:05:59 -0400
The cheapest thing to buy in Canada is Native outrage.
commented 2017-04-19 20:55:32 -0400
Allan Adams’ only research is to find who will buy his hypocrisy and lies for $$$$
commented 2017-04-19 20:39:02 -0400
David White, you’re welcome. Please keep us posted.
Enjoy your holiday!
commented 2017-04-19 20:23:17 -0400
Thanks T P-Z for that web site. When I get home from holiday next week I am going to pursue.
commented 2017-04-19 20:23:17 -0400
Thanks T P-Z for that web site. When I get home from holiday next week I am going to pursue.
commented 2017-04-19 20:06:31 -0400
David White & Billy Howard,
You raise excellent points and succinctly explain the scheme our government is using; please consider writing to the Commissioner – I have copied and pasted a description from the website, see below:

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson is an independent Officer of the House of Commons responsible for helping appointed and elected officials prevent and avoid conflicts between their public duties and private interests. With the support of her Office, the Commissioner applies the Conflict of Interest Act for public office holders and the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons.

The mission of the Office is to administer the conflict of interest rules for Members of the House of Commons and public office holders in order to maintain and enhance the trust and confidence of the Canadian public in the conduct of these elected and appointed officials.

Meet the Commissioner

Mary Dawson was appointed Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner on July 9, 2007, following a long and distinguished career with the Government of Canada. She oversaw a wide variety of legal issues from within the Department of Justice, retiring in 2005 as Associate Deputy Minister.

Link to website
commented 2017-04-19 19:32:21 -0400
As BILLY points out below, WE PAY FOR OUR OWN DEMISE. I’ve said it all along and here is more proof. It is easy enough to follow as Billy Howard has set the table. If they ever did a true audit and investigation of Turds foundation, it would be of no surprise to me if say $5 million of the $55 million of the Canadian tax payer monies given to the AKF was funneled back to Mr. Corruption, Trudope the Younger.
commented 2017-04-19 19:09:48 -0400
A quick web search shows these facts:
1. Gifts from the Gov’t of Canada (taxpayers) to the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)
2. AKF donates and works with the same civil society organizations as does Open Society Foundations – OSF (George Soros)
3. OSF financially supports the Tides Foundation
It doesn’t take an accounting genius to see that Canadian taxpayer money is being funneled through to Tides Foundation to rig elections in favour of the Trudeau/NDP globalist, climate change narrative.
And we all know Trudeau has close relations with both Aga Khan and George Soros.
commented 2017-04-19 18:00:54 -0400
One disagreement with this report is calling Young a washed-up singer. To be washed up one had to be a person of talent to start. Young was just a second guitar and back-up singer for Crosbie groups, nothing more. His so-called reknown was the Can-Con rules which shoved his drivel down the throats of Canadians in the 70’s…luckily we had a gag reflex.

Drew, sorry for copying the theme of your post with my last post. I really have to start reading posts before posting.
commented 2017-04-19 17:54:32 -0400
beads and glass replaced by cash they have come a long way….would love to see his bank statement will show mine if he shows his…never will happen!
commented 2017-04-19 17:53:53 -0400
Adams is a very cheap prostitute compared to Suzuki, but still a prostitute.
commented 2017-04-19 17:31:12 -0400
Sad how many people of all colors and ideology will whore themselves out.
commented 2017-04-19 16:34:32 -0400
Great report Sheila Gunn Reid, please keep digging.
commented 2017-04-19 15:58:29 -0400
Please don’t leave Tom Steyer out of the mix. That son of a bitch made a fortune off of Alberta’s oil sands and now is one of our biggest enemies. Remember the monster Hillary fundraiser he held at his mansion with Obama and the usual Hollywood elite ill-informed assholes. Clooney and all the usualls were there. I’m so glad that fucking crooked murderous bitch lost the election.

Decrepit old Saint Susuki deserves a spot on the list as well. Eco-whore extraordinaire.

I cannot believe aboriginals who saw the light, formed companies, employ hundreds of people, and those that are just hard workers gainfully employed by the big corporate companies, are not on the rampage with dull rusty knives on a castration campaign. Our Rebel posters who are of native decent must be just seething, and I sure as hell wouldn’t blame them.
commented 2017-04-19 15:35:31 -0400
The CBC. will have A Adam and ST. Peter on the national to nite Neil Young will bring the pot.
commented 2017-04-19 15:19:20 -0400
Crooked money grubbing scam artist, bribes paid direct to his BS company that no doubt pays no taxes as well. He should be in prison. So should a great many of them. The liberals just handed the control back to the indian mafia.
commented 2017-04-19 15:06:57 -0400
commented 2017-04-19 15:00:46 -0400
WOW! Money sure talks!
Thanks Sheila, great digging, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
commented 2017-04-19 14:46:04 -0400
ALLEN , we are watching you , the LUGENPRESSE is watching you , and won’t report what SHEILA reports , a lot of the LUGENPRESSE have to drink themselves to sleep
commented 2017-04-19 14:44:54 -0400
The anti-KM Trans Mountain band in North Vancouver is also on the take from Soros front groups… the vast majority of bands on the route are in favour of the pipeline, but the North Vancouver band (not on the route), is the ‘go to’ mouthpiece for the opposition narrative.