February 23, 2015

Oslo synagogue hand-holding was a hoax -- but Islamic threats against the West are real

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over the weekend, an Islamic terrorist group issued threats against the Mall of America and our very own West Edmonton Mall.

It’s no wonder the world was so preoccupied with a different, much happier story.

That's the one about the 1300 Muslims who encircled an Oslo synagogue to support their Jewish neighbours.

The sad news is, that story isn’t true:

Despite the hype, only about 20 local Muslims actually showed up. The rest of the people you see in all those photos are ethnic Norwegians.

Even worse: The event organizer is a Jew-hating, homophobic 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

Instead of clinging to phony feel-good photo ops, we need to focus our attention on those people who want to kill us, overseas or here at home.

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