December 12, 2015

What the Media Party DOESN'T say about Patrick Brown reveals a lot (about them)

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Guys, the media in Ontario has a big problem.

There's a provincial by-election brewing, the Auditor-General released another one of those 700+ page reports nobody reads, and all they can talk about is how nobody can seem to figure out who Patrick Brown is.

The crack team of journalists tasked with uncovering the goings-on at Queen's Park have hit a wall when it comes to getting the goods on P-Bizzle despite him being a city councillor, CPC MP, and having been on the job as PCPO Opposition Leader for six months.

Provincial news reporters at Canadian newspapers are certainly not B-teamers ported over from another bureau (how dare you suggest such a thing!), so if they want to focus on Patrick Brown's lack of definition instead of whatever group of scandals the Ontario Liberals are currently laughing off, they must have a reason. As it happens, they have two reasons, and neither of them are very good.

But because I'm the type of guy who likes to provide explanations for behaviours that would, in some ways, be better off left unexplained, I'm about to tell you what they are.

The first reason is that the media are the kind of people who accept that global warming is a credible cause for terrorism- namely, filthy cowards.

Because they don't wish to give offence to the wrong people, that's the explanation they run with- a reason that nobody could possibly really believe is true, yet they agree is true anyway.

So what does that have to do with this "Who Is Patrick Brown" nonsense? Well, in both cases you can infer what the media would like to say from what the media isn't saying.

And what aren't they saying that they would like to say? They would like to say that Patrick Brown is a nobody, unworthy of consideration for the lofty office of Premier of Ontario.

But doing that would prove guys like me and the rest of the Rebel staff right about the Media Party looking down at conservatives, and about how they are willing to make excuses for ethically challenged individuals like Kathleen Wynne because she is a progressive and cosmopolitan lady beloved by downtown Toronto dignitaries and teacher's unions, and Patrick Brown comes from up in cottage country and has the smell of Harper about him. Why else would they be so hung up on his profile?

Now, I'm really trying to cut down on criticizing the home team- people don't want to retweet articles that criticize the home team, you see- but the other reason for these non-stories is that if Patrick Brown and his team want to play it safe, then this is the sort of coverage they can expect.

I don't know what kind of deranged thought pattern makes the PCPO expect fair treatment after over a decade of the media rushing to cover their screw-ups and ignoring what they did right while giving the Liberals the opposite treatment, but I'm guessing that it's kind of similar to the media going with the global-warming-causes-terrorism lie.

The PCPO needs to get it through their collective heads that they are never going to get a fair hearing. Not now, not after a few years of Brown as leader, not during the writ period, and not if Patrick Brown manages to stay Premier of the Province for as long as Harper was PM.

Heyyyy, wait a you think the fact that the media ignores conservatives who try to play it safe has anything to do with why guys like Trump have no trouble getting their message out?

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commented 2015-12-14 18:21:04 -0500
Michale Mann…Hahahaha…jealous of what? You’re average home price of $1M, going up about 12% a year, because schmucks like you think it’s the center of the universe? I’m happy to not be living there and hope to move further away should the chance arise. You’ll love it when the housing market collapses with all those underwater mortgages, whilst the interest rates go up because of Trudeau’s exploding deficits, not unlike what occurred under Trudeau the Elder. The fact you think people think Toronto is Canada just shows how ill-informed you are. If you ever leave your bubble, you’ll see people from other countries tend to enjoy what Canada is truly known for worldwide—its nature. Do you think Europeans want to leave their historic cities with it’s celebrated architectural achievements to go and look at your concrete and steel deformities? Hahaha…
commented 2015-12-14 15:02:45 -0500
MICHAEL MANN commented 1 day ago

Toronto doesn’t want what the conservatives are selling and that will never change. We are a bit more sophisticated and progressive compared to the yee haws of the west.

You have a big opinion of Toronto which is great at running debts (as well as Ontario). When the global economic collapse occurs, enjoy the ride. Toronto is set up for long last riots – no way to get into the city and no way to get out.

Have fun asshole!!!
commented 2015-12-14 14:17:29 -0500
DJ Oats,

You are just jealous that Toronto IS Canada to the rest of the world. We are where everyone wants to go and we represent Canada across the board.
commented 2015-12-14 12:47:13 -0500
Michael Mann – “Toronto doesn’t want what the conservatives are selling and that will never change. We are a bit more sophisticated and progressive compared to the yee haws of the west.”

And Torontonians wonder why nobody likes Toronto; a city full of useless metrosexuals who think Barrie is “up north,” and never actually avail themselves of anything north of the Muskoka’s yet self-aggrandize themselves as “sophisticated.” All you “westerners” note: even Ontarians don’t like Torontonians. Mann is too stupid to realize only Toronto votes Liberal, and frankly the rest of us would be happy if they put a wall around these retards, except for the fact that we have to feed these low-brow dipshits who think food comes from thin air, fuel comes from wind mills and that they have the biggest carbon footprint in the country yet screech the loudest against the carbon bogeyman. I live just outside of this “sophisticated” garbage dump and I’ve never seen a bigger collection of ill-educated narcissists and I’ve been all over this great country, coast-to-coast, from the 49th parallel to north of 60. “Progressive” in this case means regressive. I’d love to dump folks like these in the middle of the bush and see how long they last. Any normal “unsophisticated” individual wouldn’t have a problem, but most of the milquetoasts who make up Toronto would probably die, letting nature offer it’s wondrous example of natural selection; which is to say, “Toronto” is hardly an example of the fittest.
commented 2015-12-13 22:33:56 -0500
What the PCs need to do is concentrate on being an effective opposition and doing the job the MSM has abandoned – investigate and research to get the goods on Wynn malfeasance
commented 2015-12-13 19:25:55 -0500
Jill and John Ward,

Don’t be overdramatic or anything.
commented 2015-12-13 19:20:36 -0500
They pay the unions and our media to sway the elections by drowning out all opposition and propping up the libs. It’s called brainwashing and seems to work well as the human brain is now on the endangered list in this so called country.
Canada is done! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if next election we only get to choose amongst liberals to vote for. Gone is democracy, freedom and choice now that the “chosen” party runs the country. After all they are the “natural leaders” according to little Mohammad and the only party which has the right – especially the Quebec liberals, to rule Canada. AFter all, they OWN Canada er, I mean Canukistan.
commented 2015-12-13 16:18:28 -0500
Patrick Brown has made no policy statements on how to solve any of the problems in Ontario. He asks questions that will never be answered because the Premier knows they are all bought by the same corporate executives.
He plays it safe because he knows that Govt isn’t won, they are defeated and as long as he plays it safe voters will naturally turn to his party to get Wynne out and guess what they are no better!
The solution is to elect a party not bought by corporations or union executives, but one that represents the population of Ontario that has to suffer through these political games.
Why do they say Brown supports recall when he wasn’t in the house to vote, he supports Wynnes climate but not the cap and trade, he catered to camapign life but turned his back after elected, he pushed for a by election in Simcoe North but left the people in Oshawa unrepresented with no push, he left Barrie unrepresented while he ran for leader. Brown is an opportunist that is a left leaning Tory. He chastised Elliot for her beliefs and now he is now operating on her platforms.
Brown will be what he has to be to all people and unable to represent any. We need leadership and a voice in the house. He will not call for recall, investigations, a vote of non confidence of Wynne, and make them recorded votes so the public knows where everyone stands.
Oshawa will be the opportunity to put New Reform in to ask the questions and let the government know the public is fed up with career politicians just doing what they want. People want truth, and they want results and thats not going to come from Brown. We need to do what the Saskatchewan party did and move past this corruption of Ontario Governments
commented 2015-12-13 14:47:37 -0500
Donald Trump will never be President, so what difference does it make?
commented 2015-12-13 13:14:14 -0500
Come on, Michael Mann. You know attitudes like that only encourage the Donald Trumps of the world.
commented 2015-12-13 10:07:26 -0500
Simple. When the left comes out with bullshit lies Mr. Brown has to say “that’s a lie and here is the actual truth….” . The sooner he does this and makes a habit of it the less he will be ignored by the media. But he has to be relentless. Just sayin….
commented 2015-12-13 09:49:06 -0500
Toronto – a sanctuary hell hole for the permanent victims of life, who are so mentally challenged they need to keep stealing from the taxpayers to fund their nanny state. No drive to pull their own weight, or to improve their lots in life, it’s just constant whining and complaining about being a victim, and needing to punish those who they want to label as the cause, so that they can keep the money flowing for free, for those who have never, and will never earn it. Toronto is a real brain drain, and that is the way the leftwing politicians want it, so that they can keep stealing rights, to further their victimhood, and keep the people down, so that they can continue to bleed the public, and tell us all how to behave.
commented 2015-12-13 09:48:34 -0500
MICHAEL MANN well when the bankers are in charge YOU WILL HAVE NO OPTIONS, you see your broke, you make california look like they are responsible with taxpayers money, even greece looks better than you, at least they acknowledge there is a problem, You think all the money is free do you, you are in a race to the bottom and almost there. Just keep on with the insults and talking points its all you got, Look forward to saying TOLD YOU SO AND NO YOU GET NO MONEY FROM THE ROC TO LOOK AFTER YOUR LITTLE PROGRESSIVE DREAMLAND. There is an entire country outside of toronto and guess what most of them could care less about toronto, So keep blowing money , be interesting to see the gov workers when the loan defaults start happening,Do you even comprehend the interest on 500,000,000,000 dollars if the rate goes up a few points, Your entire tax system will collapse everything will go to interest payments, you will never ever get out of debt, and yet wynne just keeps on spending and spending,Good luck your going to need it. Public sector pensions will be the first to go, anyone who would trust the ont liberals to look after there money is totally out to lunch.
commented 2015-12-13 02:48:29 -0500

Toronto doesn’t want what the conservatives are selling and that will never change. We are a bit more sophisticated and progressive compared to the yee haws of the west.
commented 2015-12-12 22:46:05 -0500
I think it should be apparent that the PC party made a big mistake in picking Brown as their leader. He is a bigger dud than Hudak. The guy is invisible. Why isn’t he on the attack against Wynne?

The only issue which Brown has been visible on is this stupid sex-ed curriculum debate and I am very certain that the reason he has jumped on this issue is to win over the Muslim community since they are the only ones who care about this issue save for a few bible-thumping crackpots like Charles McVety. Brown took a page out of the playbook of Jason Kenney (another “confirmed bachelor”) who spent his free time visiting mosques and temples trying to woo the South Asian votes. A lot of good that did the “conservatives”. They lost EVERY riding with significant Muslim/S-Asian populations.

Why hasn’t Brown challenged Wynne on the cost of settling Syrian refugees? Most of the costs will fall to the provinces. Where is Wynne going to find the BILLIONS it will cost to house and provide medical care for the 10,000’s of Syrians headed our way? Why hasn’t Brown been vocal on the subject of vetting Syrian refugees? Or more correctly the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to vet these refugees? He should not repeat the mistakes of the federal Conservatives. There is nothing to be gained by pandering to Muslims. Nothing to be gained by being a Cuck.

When the corrupt liberals announced that they were issuing six million in bonuses to Pan-Am execs despite the fact that the full costs were not known or audited Brown was silent. He should have been screaming at the top of his lungs demanding the AG verify total costs before bonuses issued.

What about the investigations into Ornge? We are in year four and still no arrests? Why isn’t Brown calling for an RCMP investigation?

I could go on and on. Every day it seems we learn of new outrages committed by the corrupt Liberals in Ontario and the weak and pathetic Patrick Brown is silent. I hope LONG before the next election rolls around the PC’s recognize their mistake and dump Brown. He doesn’t stand a chance against Wynne. You can be sure that if he is still the leader the Liberals will start a whisper campaign in the South Asian community about Brown being unmarried (a whisper campaign with the full approval of a vicious lesbian premier)
commented 2015-12-12 14:12:55 -0500
Andrew: Believe me, I wish what I had to say about Patrick Brown made the least bit of difference. The PCPO that thinks they have to be fiscally conservative Liberals in order to win over Toronto, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Donald: Personally I prefer the term “The Consensus” to describe what you are describing. At the moment, though, it’s “The Media Party” that gets the most recognition.
commented 2015-12-12 11:40:06 -0500
Josua, I hate to be critical but “Media Party” has really become a cliche. The term media party would imply that the media is in some way a seperate entity , an independent body. The media is not an adjunct , nor is it an appendage of the government. Symbiosis? It can’t be because again that implies two seperate organisms.
The media and government are one entity. Better that we give them the official title Ministry of Propoganda.
commented 2015-12-12 11:28:36 -0500
You don’t say anything about Patrick Brown, just rambled about Wynne for a bit . I’m guessing you don’t have anything about him either?

Guess what … if you don’t want the conservative defined on the terms of the Liberal party, then don’t do exactly that. Being “Not Liberal” has lost the PCPO a couple elections now. It doesn’t work.