May 02, 2016

Media Party makes false claims to defend Trudeau for giving exclusive access to VICE

Brian LilleyArchive

Still don’t believe there’s a Media Party? Here’s just the latest example that it exists and that it’s willing to go to great lengths to defend Justin Trudeau, one of their own.

Last week I told you about VICE Canada being given exclusive coverage of Trudeau’s visit to Lake Shoal 40 Reserve.

There’s no question that this is highly unusual and that if any other Prime Minister, especially Stephen Harper, had done such a thing there would have been howls of outrage from the press.

Watch what happens when one Media Party member actually dares to make this point in a CTV panel discussion.

He’s shut down pretty quickly with lies that go unchallenged because the truth doesn’t fit in with the progressive worldview and maintaining the Media Party narrative is what it’s all about in political Ottawa.

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commented 2016-05-02 18:07:48 -0400
In communist countries and Nazi Germany, the press was controlled by the people in power . . . history has a tendency of repeating itself.
The only real Liberty the western media has is to report on the worthless fluff that are sports and Hollywood.
They also have the freedom to report on any disasters that occur in the world as long as it can be tied to global warming.
In cases where there is no direct link to Global warming, such as the beheading of Canadian tourists, they have the liberty of creating an imaginary link to global warming. In this case, there was an increase in the ozone level in that far eastern country that led to the murdering of a Canadian citizen.

The fools on the hill control what the media can say. There is no mistake about it.