November 20, 2015

Ink-stained fingers crossed: Media Party's on "Islamphobic backlash" watch after Paris attacks

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

Every time the Western world gets frontlashed by Islamic terrorism, the mainstream media runs to dig up signs of a "backlash" on the mean streets of Canada.

This week, ever since the Paris terror attacks, the media has been tripping over itself, trying to find confirmation of their opinion that white, conservative Canada is racist, reactionary and violent.

Here’s what they’ve found so far:

Dateline: Peterborough, a small town East of Toronto known primarily as a coffee stop on the way to the Kawartha Lakes cottage country, and as the hub of the ex-urban retirement community boom

The night after the Paris ISIS attacks, a suspicious fire occurred in the town’s only mosque after what appeared to be forced-entry through a rear window. No one was hurt, no one has claimed responsibility, the police have no suspects, no witnesses have come forward, and the community has already raised 50% more funds than were needed to repair the damage.

Dateline: Kitchener, a small city west of Toronto best known for being a small city west of Toronto.

The door of a Hindu temple was vandalized the night after the Paris ISIS attacks. No one was hurt, no one has claimed responsibility, the police have no suspects, no witnesses have come forward, and no one can answer why someone would attack a Hindu temple if they were looking to backlash against Muslims.

Dateline: Toronto’s Flemingdon Park neighbourhood, home to the largest concentration of Muslim immigrants in Canada.

A hijab-wearing woman claims that, at 3:00 pm Monday, on a sidewalk between her apartment and her childrens’ school, two white men attacked her from behind, called her a terrorist, beat her in the stomach, and stole her cell phone. The woman has refused to be identified and refuses to be interviewed by the media. She was taken to the hospital for examination and released the same day. No suspects have been identified, no witnesses have come forward, and all security camera footage viewed by the police so far has “not been helpful”.

Either we old-stock Canadians really suck at our backlashing skills, or we continue to prove that, as a rule, we just don’t do that kind of thing.

Yet politicians seem to want to insist that we do, giving benefit of the doubt to those who want to pin these alleged crimes on traditional Canadian society.

From somewhere in the air between Turkey and the Phillippines, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to weigh in against the racists and Islamophobes backlashing against the Muslim community.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, a trained lawyer, joined in on the fun, railing against “vigilante retribution” despite the obvious lack of evidence.

And Mayor John Tory, the ultimate member of Toronto’s old-stock white-privilege society, used the opportunity to make a photo-op appearance at the local public school, exploiting the “Islamophobia” narrative to pander to the local activists.

Does the media really believe that white Canada is ready to explode in backlash against Islamist assaults overseas?

Perhaps they do, betraying their own bias against middle-class “old-stock” Canadian culture.

Do politicians really think it’s wise to exploit unproven allegations for perceived political gain? Apparently so, unconcerned that their actions simply divide and inflame divisions in the very land they are supposed to unite.

Do Muslim community organizers think there’s something to be gained by having incidents like these reported in a particular way, to maximum negative implication against their host Canadian society?

On that one, you can be the judge.

(Photo: AFDI "Islamophobia" campaign)



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commented 2015-11-22 23:20:43 -0500
Might have been carried out by the members of that Islamic group themselves – a great way to raise cash – blame white Christians.

Immediately everybody will agree those whites are a bad group. (sarc)
commented 2015-11-22 23:12:42 -0500
When I consider some of the events of the past number of years such as the deliberate hiding rockets in schools and near hospitals and one interview where one Muslim man’s response to Michel Coren when quizzed about this lie was “wouldn’t you do anything to help your country”? , I have to admit that I wondered if any of these events were staged but I am also willing to admit that not everyone reacts the same when we hear terrifying events around the world and the crazy part is the prospect of our leader bringing these kind of attitudes to our country. The sad irony is if a terrorist attack were to occur because of Trudeau’s haste to rush the immigration process the backlash against the Muslim community could be worse than what we have seen.
commented 2015-11-22 18:29:35 -0500
A mosque burning eh??? The biggest killer of muslims are other muslims… nobody know who and why this was done… and no mention of the torched churches over the years?
commented 2015-11-22 15:58:29 -0500
I remember back after the guard was killed in Ottawa the MSM was making headlines running the video experiment by a man who staged an incident to question Canadians prejudice towards Muslims. Few people realized the same person who made that video was also behind his own propaganda videos such as “if Toronto was occupied by Israel”.
commented 2015-11-22 15:46:52 -0500
@george‘smo What you are describing is exactly what the MSM does often right after an attack because of the bigotry towards western civilization from within the Muslim community. We get a few small isolated incidents and immediately the media springs into action with the Prime Minister in tail questioning our tolerance and challenging us and yet I see many instances where Christians rights are being openly trampled on and the MSM won’t touch it and the Prime Minister is either unconcerned or he hasn’t even heard about it because the reporting other than on sites like this is non-existent. After the recent attacks in Paris, Mali, the downing of the Russian jet and other possible threats being reported the public is understandably uneasy about the prospect of bringing in 25,000 refugees who are being processed at a rate well beyond the government’s capacity to properly scrutinize them. Perhaps it is Trudeau’s push to rush his self imposed deadline that is the cause of the fear and backlash against the Muslim communities. One still has to wonder why ore Muslim countries aren’t stepping forward with open arms? Is it because they hate Muslims or are they also worried about destabilizing their own countries?
commented 2015-11-22 15:17:30 -0500
Phobia is a fear. Islamaphobia is an invention by the socialists to force feed Islam into Canadian society.

Socialists ghetto-ize immigrants to control voting with a stronger hand. Socialists go to “ghetto-ized leaders” to steer voter choices – less work, less cost for the few that control Canada, namely the Demarais and Dussault Montreal families.

Assimilation / melting pot is a huge success in the US and the UK has already stated that multi culturalism is a failure.

Here’s a few of Trudeau’s phobia’s: Englishphobia, Patriotphobia, Intelligentphobia, Trustphobia.
commented 2015-11-22 13:35:03 -0500
We all know that when the next terror attack comes on Canadian soil it will be classified by the Liberal government and the msm as the lone work of someone with mental health issues.
commented 2015-11-21 03:22:44 -0500
Ah, George’s Mom. Your condescension is entertaining but stereotypically elitist — I kind of think maybe some of us knuckle-draggers can independently wonder about aspects of some of the stories reported in the MSM without having Flagg point them out, leading us Pied-Piper style as you would have it. Gosh darn, we may even break your stereotype and question stories we read on here, imagine that! All without your expert guidance to lead us back to the light.

And your sophistry… breathtaking. Who doesn’t live happily in our small “l” liberal society, consuming public goods and participating in recycling, reading rags like the Globe and National Post, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff of everyday life? To do so while taking a comprehensive view of a bigger picture, and arriving at a conclusion consistent with one’s own life experience (and presumably one at odds with your precious existence) is in no way a sell-out or manipulation. I guess your stereotype of what you apparently see as the great unwashed on this site doesn’t allow you to contemplate that not only Neil, Ezra and Brian have the capacity for rational thought.

As a stereotyping elitist, you too do not disappoint.
commented 2015-11-20 22:24:02 -0500
“Educate The World About The True Intent of Islam by Reading The Koran Day”, see these Koran Quotes Koran
Koran Surahs:
Koran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
Koran 3:28 “Moslems must not take the infidels as friends.”
Koran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”
Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”
Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”
Koran 8:60 “Moslems must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Moslems to fight them.”
Koran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you catch them.”
Koran 9:29 “Fight those people of the Book (Jews and Christians) who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, do not refrain from what has been prohibited by Allah and His Rasool and do not embrace the religion of truth (Islam), until they pay the Halal Certification Tax (protection tax or jizya) with their own hands and feel themselves subdued.”
Koran 9:30 “The Jews and Christians are perverts; fight them.”
Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood.”
Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.”
Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with infidels; behead them when you catch them.”
Google “The Koran” and look them up. This protest is a “wake up to what Islam is about”, Islam is NOT the religion of peace, is it?

BAN THE CULTURE OF DEATH, the deadly criminal organization called ISLAM.
commented 2015-11-20 21:38:28 -0500
“Phobia” means “fear” and you don’t have to fear something to dislike it. The Media Party has an ingrained fear of what radical Islamists will do to them if they say the wrong thing or show the wrong picture or interview the wrong person, so they avoid any risk entirely. TheRebel displays a severe lack of fear on this subject.
commented 2015-11-20 19:08:20 -0500
Georges Mom please provide examples of this if you can.
commented 2015-11-20 19:07:40 -0500
Georges Mom sorry the stats do not back your comment, there are far more radical Islamists than any other group right now except for secular communists.
commented 2015-11-20 19:06:22 -0500
I can see the headlines now, “Christian man farts near a Muslim, stop this horrible backlash”
commented 2015-11-20 17:47:25 -0500
“And you do not disappoint.” Nor do you George’s Mom – Joan. Still getting paid I see. Actually that is rather terrific that you can do this part-time to earn extra cash, how does one go about that? It’s a shame though that you changed your last name that you were known by. It’s hard to take “George’s Mom” seriously. Might as well have gone with Mrs. Smith.
commented 2015-11-20 15:24:55 -0500
Never met you, George’s mom, but I have met George and I told him how sorry I was to have such a liar for a mother.
commented 2015-11-20 15:03:36 -0500
Neil, Bravo. Such clever writing.

Remember back when you started? You were so wide-eyed, earnest and innocent. Remember you actually made real claims, definitive statements – but then you sadly backed them up with weak data and faulty analysis and got humiliatingly owned by real journalists in the MSM.

But good for you – you didn’t give up and you’ve progressed since then.

Today it’s just a nice sprinkling of name calling, the keywords “media party” and “old stock Canadians”, closing with a few rhetorical questions and equally rhetorical answers – all safely couched in equivocal words like “seems”, “perhaps”, “maybe” – and finally the sign off … sticking two fingers firmly in your mouth and blowing that shrill dog whistle: “You be the judge”

Here, boy, come on, I have ad-clicks to sell, meaningless surveys to fill … oh … and Ezra needs more money for his new espresso maker – I mean, it’s for a professional survey.

For all you Rebels that may not have picked it up … the fearless Flagg never did say the fire wasn’t started by some angry, bigoted arson who wanted to show those nasty others just how we do things in Canada. He didn’t claim the woman who was beaten and hospitalized was lying. He never said her alleged attackers – alleged men – alleged white men – who allegedly committed the alleged crime were … well … just a ruse – all made up.

No … he left that to you, Peter and Hyacinth and Deborah (and the rest of you more silent minority).

And as usual you did not disappoint.

You see, I’ve met and spoken with Neil and Ezra and Brian – and they are actually fairly intelligent people. They do know the difference between facts and hearsay. They understand the world has never been black or white. And they get that Muslims are no more criminal than Jews, Christians, or those that worship the Norse Gods.

They also live quite happily in our liberal, progressive democracy. They and their families readily consume public services and use public infrastructure (or as Neil loves to say, “they suck shamelessly from the tax-funded teat”). They worry about global warming, they recycle, they read the Globe and Mail and the National Post (not, admittedly, The Star), they recognize the Fords are, of course, in it for themselves, and they’re pretty impressed with our young Prime Minister Trudeau and his performance so far.

But as you can see, they also understand how to spin a story, how to feign outrage, how to allude, and suggest. They know how to dissemble and they know how to point out hypocrisy even as they trip over their own gross contradictions.

Mostly what they know is how to manipulate people who are intellectually lazy or intellectually dishonest. They know how to attract and exploit people who suffer the fear, frustration and alienation that ignorance feeds. They know just how to make a buck from those who can’t manage the cognitive effort that our complex world demands, those who would otherwise feel entirely misunderstood, unsupported, and unaccepted in mainstream society.

And you do not disappoint.
commented 2015-11-20 15:00:00 -0500
Peter A. Toth – I agree with everything you’ve said here! Everyday I see multiple stories pumped out to the masses, in order to control the message. It is why I no longer buy news papers or magazines, because it is the same trashy lies, that I will never buy into! Even radio is bleating out the Liberal agenda messages, every 15-minutes. I just can’t fathom why so many, don’t get the Liberal mentality based on their culture of lies. That all of their lies, are just that, lies to sway public opinion, so that they can keep stealing our money for their friends, and then rubbing our noses in it for pleasure. Liberals = narcissistic bullies!
commented 2015-11-20 12:38:28 -0500
When Canadians become the victims of Muslim Terrorists on our soil, the anti-Semitic Liberals, the MSM, and the activists will take action. They will take action against any Canadian who stands up for themselves, their families, and their communities. They will also be pro-active in this attack on ordinary Canadians prior the these attacks. It will start with the RCMP running rampant with the firearms legislation, under the direction of the Liberals, followed by laws being passed to punish anyone who dares to own a gun. Then a special “hate speech” crime will be enacted, that specifically prohibits any criticism or condemnation of Islam or Muslims. It will get much worse, and we will be fighting both the terrorists, and the government in Canada very soon. The fact that they will be dropping 25000 “refugees” on our doorsteps, many of whom are guaranteed to be ISIS or some other Islamic terrorist operative, will only accelerate the timeline. Thanks to all those idiots who voted for that imbecile Trudeau and the anti-Semitic Liberals.
commented 2015-11-20 11:19:45 -0500
Hyacinth – I have yet to come up with a term for the whole lot of them! Not only will they get to claim victimhood, the community has raised the money for the repairs, and they will still receive the insurance money. Those are just my thoughts, and I don’t always make my point it seems. Thank you for adding your own thoughts for others to ponder over.
commented 2015-11-20 11:06:37 -0500
It is not just MSM Deborah that want to keep Canadians divided. Trudeau’s and his party’s politicking is a major contributor. A fine example of that is look what the lefty trolls keep posting, even so much that some claim to be “conservative” when they are anything but just to create dissention and derision on this site.

The fire could have been deliberately, the victim card is one of the progressive tools most commonly used. I had not considered an insurance claim, but it is possible that they could benefit from it monetarily as well.

For years all we heard from the left were taunts and slanderous assaults that Harper was a dictator, a Nazi, etc. and yet who honestly fits/fulfills those slanderous comments? Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party no less. The irony is so lost on the Liberal sheep that it is funny.

Perhaps “sheep” is not an accurate enough term, sheep can be found, a lemming would be more apt. The Urban Dictionary defines a Lemming as: A member of a crowd with no originality or voice of his own. One who speaks or repeats only what he has been told. A tool. A cretin.
commented 2015-11-20 10:26:43 -0500
I should have finished my thought. To snuff out capitalism and those unbelievers, who they hate because they have not fallen for their false god.
commented 2015-11-20 10:08:40 -0500
A house divided can not stand, and the MSM want to keep the people divided. I think the Muslims torched their own building, to divert attention from Paris, and to fake outrage, so that they appear to be the victims, so that they can use it against Canadians. And for the insurance money, so that they can continue to spread the religion of evil. The left and the Muslims are good at faking victimhood, in order to keep the public incensed, and to divert attention from the real truth about Islam, and their plans to snuff out capitalism.