December 10, 2015

Media party’s swooning reaction to Vanity Fair’s Trudeau profile — will Canadians finally notice?

Brian LilleyArchive

Will the fanboys of the media being exposed in Vanity Fair help more Canadians realize that the Media Party and their devotion to Justin Trudeau is really happening? 

I look at the profile in the American publication and the shocking devotion to Trudeau Jr.


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commented 2015-12-26 01:18:20 -0500
I think the votes were fixed who would want this goof in charge of the country when still wet in his pampers.
commented 2015-12-11 18:49:07 -0500
Of course we all know what happened at Camelot in the end. In the case of Canadalot it will turn into a real camel lot.
commented 2015-12-11 13:59:30 -0500
YVETTE MOZOL commented 15 hours ago
So, you take a lot of questions Trudeau, but you don’t answer any.
That’s what happens to a liberal when there is no teleprompter. It’s like a UN meeting when the simultaneous translation is a little behind. Without his handlers talking in his ear he has to rely on his own knowledge, which is scant.
commented 2015-12-11 13:15:46 -0500
This is exactly what we experienced in ‘68 when the father was elected..“Trudeau Mania” was how it was described..The “yelloe ink” that is the calling card of fraudulent journalists is obviously alive and well…In ’68 when the father was elected our national debt was $18 Billion, this was largly a holdover from the 2nd WW..when he left in ’84 our debt was (in ’84 dollars) $200 Billion..We were taxed to the max, interest rates at 23 – 28%, many lost their homes upon re-financing, some their small business..and yes, some even committed suicide..The voter wanted change..good luck, you got want you wanted, we’ll see if you enjoy the payback!!
commented 2015-12-11 10:40:48 -0500
This guy is just a very bad joke. The only fashion accessory Justine “Skippie” Trudeau needs is a beanie with a propeller.
commented 2015-12-11 10:34:34 -0500
It looks like he wears a toupee already, and his hair is starting to thin out! What will the air head do? PM Harper was hands down the best PM that Canada has ever had. He was a real man compared to this shallow boot.
commented 2015-12-11 10:21:28 -0500
Certainly better than Harper’s naked painting.
commented 2015-12-11 10:09:38 -0500
“However, I hope that Rebel Media won’t spend too much time nit picking about every little thing Trudeau does”.
Agreed J Kay, I can see that it will take time but sooner or later more and more people (who may have been bored or fed up with Harper and that’s really the only reason why they voted for Justin) are going to see antics like these that really do show the “egotistical phony” that he is and the little by little effect is going to be fun to watch. Oh, BTW, forgot in my earlier post to mention that he also backtracked on his 25000 refugees in Canada by year’s end election promise.
commented 2015-12-11 10:04:06 -0500
When reality infringes on the conservative bubble, the results are not pretty
commented 2015-12-11 09:46:35 -0500
I met an Quebec architect on a plane ride to Asia last year. Eventually we got onto the subject of Trudeau. He told me that Trudeau made him and his friends puke, specifically from the time of his father’s funeral where he did his little, “Je t’aime, papa.” stunt. He says Trudeaus an egotistical phony.
However, I hope that Rebel Media won’t spend too much time nit picking about every little thing Trudeau does. Their constant nit picking about Obama (whom I don’t like) is the reason I stopped watching Fox News.
commented 2015-12-11 09:21:18 -0500
Jay Kelly He in no way represents me jay. I want small gov, less muslim immigration, less taxes, less gov interference in my life, punishment of GASP CRIMINALS, and no new fire arm laws, How the hell does he represent me. Get over your man crush, you sound like you want to date him.
commented 2015-12-11 09:09:11 -0500
He should stick that finger up his nose! It would be a more realistic picture of this clown.
commented 2015-12-11 08:22:54 -0500
So, we’ve now learned about how the Boy King has a nanny for his kids that is paid by our tax money (despite his electioneering remarks about the Conservative child tax refunds), has an anti-Semitic junior foreign minister very much opposed to Israel, about how he breaks his promises related to the size of his spending deficits, and now this photo spread in Vogue about himself and his wife. More to come, and it in a way will be fun to watch his being a very serious disappointment to many who expected a good deal from him be like Chinese water torture.
commented 2015-12-11 08:18:33 -0500
While this whole Kardashian thing is interesting, it’s going to be short-lived. It should be noted that this is another Zoolander moment for JT. The Economist, a pretty serious political publication, did give coverage to JT’s “astonishing” win (And it was really astonishing at that.) but it was on the other pages, well after the other coverage of the other more important events. Actually, it was a tiny column that was in a section that would best be headlined as “Guess What?”
commented 2015-12-11 07:12:42 -0500
A Canadian reporter says, “This is our Camelot!”

Ahahaaaaaaa, more like the spoiled and overly privileged King Commodus from the movie Gladiator. Ugh! This four years is already too long!
commented 2015-12-11 02:14:08 -0500
He is handsome, but we do not have to ‘swoon’ over him.
Justin Trudeau is a beautiful image of Canada at this moment.
In some ways he reflects each of us. We are in it for the long haul.
commented 2015-12-11 01:53:29 -0500
Narcissism comes to mind here.
commented 2015-12-11 01:16:33 -0500
unctuous : characterized by excessive piousness or moralistic fervour, especially in an affected manner; excessively smooth, suave, or smug.

Fits Justin to a tee.
commented 2015-12-11 01:14:12 -0500
Vacuous husker.
Quite frankly the most unctuous person I have ever had to witness in action. Greasy, smarmy, insincere, condescending, self absorbed husker.
I really think he is going to be surprised when he gets the boot after one term. He’s too conceded to be able to notice the thinning fan base. It will thin, and quickly.
Very telling, this.
commented 2015-12-11 00:04:50 -0500
All talk, no action.
commented 2015-12-10 23:57:56 -0500
doesn’t that piece of shit trudeau have anything better to do?
methinks so.
commented 2015-12-10 23:53:25 -0500
I’ve said it before, and this illustrates the point perfectly: Kim Jong Il could not command the sort of manufactured adulation that the media in Canada so willingly creates for Justin Trudeau.
commented 2015-12-10 23:32:18 -0500
JT is that paint dry yet?
commented 2015-12-10 23:20:55 -0500
Such a lovely boy – too bad insanity runs in the family, such a shame.
commented 2015-12-10 23:14:39 -0500
John Ibbitson also coined the term the “Laurentian Elites”. Wealthy WASPs who live along the main cities of the St. Lawrence River in the posh gated neighborhoods in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. They dominate the media, Bay Street, political, cultural, and business scenes in this region. They are fiercely anti-American and they believe Canada is theirs and that “their values” are “Canada’s values”. Hence you don’t question multiculturalism (our diversity is our strength), socialism, sexual libertinism, and all the cultural fallout. They were overtly campaigning for Trudeau in the election ignoring his gaffs, his failed attempt at studying engineering, his derogatory comments about westerners, etc. During the election whenever you opened up yahoo or msn they featured smiling photogenic pictures of him linked to glowing articles from the CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Chatelaine, etc. Open up MSN now and the positive coverage is still there. During the campaign these popular webpages also showed unflattering photos of Stephen Harper usually with a scowling face or taken from below to expose his nostrils and of course articles belittling him (Mike Duffy, Niqabs, snitch lines). What can you say? The Conservatives were in for 10 years and did next to nothing to reform the CBC and level the playing field in the media (why does CTV get mandatory cable privileges while other stations did not and were allowed to fail). As Mark Steyn says, when the conservatives are elected they are in office and when liberals are elected they are in power.

Finishing off my rant, the Laurentian elites and their front man Trudeau will not feel the effects of the damage they are doing to the country. With their WASP gated communities,wealth, and privileges they know that they are safe but view the rest of us with scorn and only useful for their experiments.
commented 2015-12-10 23:09:02 -0500
Trudeau’s non-response to Brian’s question was an almost subtle jab, saying “see, I even take questions from you, Brian” even though he didn’t actually answer the question he states he’s taking. Don’t expect him to ever answer a question from a Rebel mike in any other way, there’s no way he’ll ever give you a sound bite. I’d be amazed if any Liberal ever does. TheRebel is the enemy, pure and simple. And as long as it has the rep of not being a “real” media source they will be able to get away with it. What’s needed is a scoop, something that will force them to acknowledge the legitimacy of TheRebel. Maybe look into a follow up with Chief Spence, that sort of thing.
commented 2015-12-10 22:53:07 -0500
So, you take a lot of questions Trudeau, but you don’t answer any.
Makes me all fuzzy & warm that Trudeau is featured in a fashion magazine. Arrogance is written all over this photo.
commented 2015-12-10 22:44:40 -0500
If running a country means selfies, photos shoots and dreaming you are the Royal couple…. then libbers have elected the right man for the job….what a crying shame …substitute entertainment for competence and lucidity …with how many millions of lives in the rock star’s hands ??
commented 2015-12-10 22:37:46 -0500
So in the first days after being elected Prime Minister when there are surely dozens of important issues to tackle, this airhead couple prioritized a photo shoot with a frivolous AMERICAN fashion magazine. Do they think they’re models? This is after all what many libbies voted for – Canada’s Top Model. A country whose voters are more concerned with a Prime MInister’s hair than what’s under it is on the skids.
commented 2015-12-10 22:25:06 -0500
2019 comeback must be sweet although the more I think about it, the more I am leaning towards 2023 because Canadians won’t smarten up to 2019 :)