July 20, 2016

Media’s “obsession” with Melania Trump’s speech a distraction from Hillary’s lies

Brian LilleyArchive

Can we stop with the media’s constant analysis and comparisons of Melania Trump’s speech to Michelle Obama’s speech and instead focus on more important matters?

Things like this happen all the time in politics and in fact have happened to many politicians on the left including Hillary Clinton but it just isn’t a story for the main-stream media unless it can hurt a conservative.

This episode with Melania Trump’s speech is a prime example of how the media work hard to turn the public’s attention away from more important issues, like for example the speech everyone needs to hear given by Patricia Smith, mother Benghazi victim, Sean Smith.

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commented 2016-07-21 23:21:21 -0400
Lying Retarded Chicken Pastor Dr. Schwartz Mann said:


You seem to have a problem understanding the acknowledgement of reality vs. supporting someone."

Where did you plagiarize that post from Lying Retarded Chicken Pastor Dr. Schwartz Mann? My apologies liar. You are not a liar liar:

“But since they have got NOTHING on her, they can’t do fuck all to her and yay – she will be President.

Trudeau and Clinton – Canada And America – Liberals Win.”


“And why would anyone liberal or progressive want a Republican to be President? Of course we want Hillary to win. Trump or Cruz as President isn’t a good second or third prize if Hillary was taken out of the election. We must keep a Democrat in the White House.”



Trump will destroy America, so my moral character is just fine.

Bill Clinton was a great President (I don’t care what goes on in the bedroom – Kennedy fucked around too) and America was doing very well during his time, so Hillary will be like a Clinton third term."


“Yay” No, you do not support Hillary at all liar.

Say what’s your home address chicken?

(He won’t answer the question guys, it’s cool because he’s a chicken: www.therebel.media/milo_yianopolis_permanently_banned_milo_yiannopoulos_from_twitter)
commented 2016-07-21 15:34:22 -0400
A lot of obsession over this on facebook. Most of it from people who would vote Hilary in a heartbeat anyways.
commented 2016-07-21 13:10:44 -0400
Eileen McRae,

Except the speech writer specifically said that she stole from Michelle Obama. These weren’t just common words or sayings strung together.
commented 2016-07-21 13:06:44 -0400
Andy Neimers,

Oh I will be here for sure. Laughing at everyone here as they are shitting their pants that Hillary won.
commented 2016-07-21 11:49:45 -0400
Since the number of words in the English language is almost finite at a little over one million, there comes a point in time that anyone who speaks the English language must use the same word, phrase, etc. over and over again. Should this be considered plagiarism? One would hope not as that would mean that we would all be guilty as charged.
As a point of interest, the phrase: “My word is my bond.” or “Dictum meum pactum” dates back to 1801and was used as the motto of the London Stock Exchange. So, since Ms. Obama used that phrase in her 2008 speech, should we not be accusing her of plagiarism as well?
I believe that this is being used as a distraction by the media and Clinton supporters to deflect from spotlighting her deficiencies as potential “Commander-in-Chief.” Mainstream media always take “the low road, never the high road.” We see that all too often in Canadian politics as well.
commented 2016-07-21 11:02:03 -0400
I prefer substance to style truth be told but face it Hillary has neither.
commented 2016-07-21 10:54:35 -0400
The best thing Trump has going for him is Hillary Clinton. However detestable one might portray Trump at least he has personality. watching the blue meanies ( bobble head and clapping like a trained seal) I don’t know which was a bigger turn off, the visual spectacle or hearing Hillary Clinton’s fingernail across the blackboard monotone grating voice. Yes Hillary has more than her criminal image to worry about.
commented 2016-07-21 10:45:08 -0400
Ted Cruz embarrassed himself and reminded us all how small of a man he is, putting his own self interest over the that of his party and dishonoring his word. It will definitely dominate the news as long as the lefty media can milk it and divert the attention away from the division within their own establishment. What the republicans need to focus on is how Hillary plans to pay down the massive deficit. I see she has said absolutely nothing about that and that is the fault of the Republicans to not go after her for that very easy target. Truth be told I don’t think she has a plan to pay it back and is willing to go on like the last 8 years living with the status quo until their economy comes for her. They need to go after her for her conflict of interests by accepting foreign oil producing country money while conveniently ignoring Canada’s pipelines. The good news is despite Hillary’s massive spending on ad campaigns trump has only risen in the polls and he hasn’t even run any adds yet. Maybe he should just allow her to self destruct. In any event I think Trump should make an add show her applying for a job and listing her accomplishments including being responsible for the deaths of 4 people and have the employer question where she got the notion she should be getting a promotion.
commented 2016-07-21 09:58:56 -0400
Remind me, again, which party has launched a ‘war on women’?
commented 2016-07-21 03:16:50 -0400
The only way Hillary can win is with the following support:
Corruption (lobbyists, special favours, back door deals)
Death (check the Hillary/Bill list of 47)
Illegal funding through Clinton Foundation (Saudi money)
Corrupt government (FBI not recommending Hillary be charged for her breach of security)
Biased media
George Soros funded Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org (rioting, killing)
GOP traitors (Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney)

With all of this support Hillary will still lose by a landslide. Why? The American people are politically aware of the current and imminent threat to their very survival. War and financial collapse are coming but at least with Trump there is a chance to save ourselves. Little pukes like Mikey Mann and Sean Penson are insignificant in the big picture.
commented 2016-07-21 02:17:25 -0400
Why do I have the feeling that come the evening of November the 8th, the Michael Manns, the Sean Pensons, the Yuri Yannizhainevs, and the Andrew Stephensons will be nowhere to be seen?… And which iteration of who did I miss from the list of the “Happy Troll Circus” on The Rebel?… Worth a posting on its own methinks…
commented 2016-07-21 01:47:02 -0400
mik mann/boy….your mental illness is glaring as well by your posts. You have to seek help. Please explain to us all here on The Rebel site what is like to be a demented, leftist regressive fucktard. Be honest now.
commented 2016-07-21 00:42:17 -0400

You seem to have a problem understanding the acknowledgement of reality vs. supporting someone.
commented 2016-07-21 00:39:23 -0400

Ted Cruz just humiliated Donald Trump by not endorsing him during his speech.

That is awesome and will again, be what everyone talks about for the next 48 hours as opposed to anything good for Trump.
commented 2016-07-21 00:30:31 -0400
Chicken Pastor Dr. Schwartz Mann (http://www.therebel.media/milo_yianopolis_permanently_banned_milo_yiannopoulos_from_twitter?page=1 ) said:

“The funny thing is that Trump lied about something so stupid as opposed to just coming clean from the get go.

Now the truth has come out and indeed the speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama. Trump looks worse now. If he is willing to lie about something so meaningless, he will clearly lie about really important things.

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/trump-speechwriter-takes-blame-melania-plagiarized-speech-article-1.2718741 "

You really don’t care about lies. You support Hillary.

And you’re one to talk about plagiarism Chicken Pastor Dr. Schwartz Mann:

commented 2016-07-20 23:20:06 -0400

Hillary is going to be President – nothing will stop that.
commented 2016-07-20 22:45:34 -0400
As I mentioned if the election had been last week and trump had lost no one could care less if her speech lifted a few lines from Michelle Obama. So why is it relevant now? Because it is the distracting point at which Hillary supporters can rally to try and destroy Donald Trump and avert the scrutiny away damning testimony given by Pat Smith who after losing her son was told a bold face lie by Hillary Clinton who is so delusional she thinks after being responsible for 4 deaths on her watch that somehow a promotion is in order. But Michael Mann prefers to demonize Donald Trump over a speech he had nothing do with writing as opposed going after slippery Hillary who claims ignorance as her excuse and is counting on us to forget her own words about the corrupt use of private emails by the white house and went so far as to call it the shredding of the constitution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIyNoyTexxQ
commented 2016-07-20 21:16:07 -0400
It’s going to be so glorious when Trump loses – the conservative whining everywhere is going to be EPIC.
commented 2016-07-20 21:14:52 -0400

Yes, The Trump children had it really hard – growing up with millions of dollars and everything handed to them on a silver platter – including jobs in Daddy’s company. They don’t know what job interviews are or the concept of being told no.

Examples for the rest of us.
commented 2016-07-20 20:22:41 -0400
I am so sick of the leftist, all day yesterday and today the Hitlery network CNN spewed about this , but they conveniently forget Obama did the same and worse in his election campaign. This is what Obama said ,word for word what someone else said.I dare CNN to report it

:In 2008, then-candidate Obama was found to have plagiarized the speeches of former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on a number of occasions.
“I am not asking anyone to take a chance on me, I’m asking you to take a chance on your own aspirations,” Patrick said in a speech delivered in June of 2006. Obama repeated the line verbatim in a speech in South Carolina in November of 2007. In addition, Obama’s famous refrain of “just words” in a 2008 speech was lifted directly from a speech Governor Patrick delivered in October of 2006.

Now the lefties are trying to silence Fox with the phony sexual harassment charges.
They have twitter censoring things they do not like,( Conservatism),, facebook.
Last night was good at the convention, good speeches and Christy was priceless.
I cannot fathom how so many Americans would even consider putting that evil lying Hitlery in the most powerful position in the world. Think of what the children are learning in the US when they see such an evil person running for President and lying through her teeth and breaking the law at will
From the Bushes to the Clintons and Obama , the world is on the edge of WW3, Refugees invading the world, all directly linked to the white house actions.
All orchestrated by the Globalist to cause instability world wide, if ever the world needed a leader like Trump it is now, he has risen at a time in history when a strong leader is needed.
Its a shame Canada does not have a strong leader ( Harper) in place during these turbulent times instead of our limp wristed flower child who idols Obama, his phony charm and smile will not work on Trump

KELLY get your eyes tested, you idiot, obviously you are a leftist, who else would say such dribble, i do not see what you see, they look totally different
commented 2016-07-20 20:19:21 -0400
Kelly….you’re funny …Melania gave birth to children who have morals and contribute to society… They are not famous for a sex tapes or sweat shop labor or marrying gangster wanna be’s… I guess you identify more with men wanting to look like women because their children get more news coverage when they’ve faded to irrelevance …i.e. Bruce “Kaitlyn” Jenner… if that’s actually what you see, seek help.
commented 2016-07-20 20:09:28 -0400
The way I see it, more people should have woken up to the fact that Michelle Obama has spouted platitudes for the last eight years instead of saying anything original and important, since those same words in her 2008 speech had been and continue to be spouted numerous times by other politicians, politicians’ spouses, candidates, candidates’ spouses, supporters, et al, ad nauseum. But instead, when Trump’s wife spouts the same platitudes the media scream “Plagiarism!!!” in an obvious attempt to focus attention on anything they think could hurt the Trump campaign and deflect attention away from where it should be focused: on their preferred candidate’s lies and deception.
commented 2016-07-20 20:07:16 -0400
I love the way spell check corrected Hillary when I had a key stick…

Hillbillies rule 5 and 6 from her idol…

5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
6.“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.
commented 2016-07-20 19:50:26 -0400
They really missed an opportunity to spin this back on the Democrats. They could have claimed it was an effort to legitimize those phrases and make them ring true once again, after being defiled by the Obamas.
commented 2016-07-20 18:56:00 -0400
kelly…..your mental illness is evident by your posts. Seek help.
commented 2016-07-20 18:43:15 -0400
Hillary’s poll numbers are droping and the media are in full damage control mode.
commented 2016-07-20 18:14:06 -0400
Since when we’re feel good bromides copyrighted? There are only so many ways that word bromides can be phrased, and while Mr an Mrs Obama and Mr and Mrs Baby Doc construct their speeches solely from bromides, it does not mean they have exclusive access to bromides.

I noted that the MSM made no comment about the other 98% of the speech, probably because they did not understand the non-bromides.
commented 2016-07-20 18:06:36 -0400
Kelly Weber commented 23 mins ago
That’s Melania? Thought it was Kaitlyn Jenner.

Really?? You’re a fucking idiot.