May 22, 2018

Media’s “true allegiance” revealed in Antifa’s violent attack on Faith Goldy

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


My former Rebel colleague, independent conservative journalist Faith Goldy, was attacked by Antifa thugs at the Quebec-U.S. border.

It happened at Roxham Road, an area that’s a well known point of entry for migrants fleeing possible deportation from the U.S., by illegally entering Canada.

An anti-illegal immigration protest was scheduled but the violent left-wing Antifa also showed up to clash with the protesters.

Riot police were there, along with journalists and camera crews from every mainstream media outlet in the country, and so was Faith.

Everyone was there to cover the same story but only one person was attacked. Faith was kicked, assaulted and spat upon by masked Antifa lunatics and she caught it all on video.

So did the mainstream media, but instead of coming to her aid or helping bring the people who assaulted her to justice, and instead of reporting the images of the crime against her, the journalists did nothing.

Some did worse than nothing, actively suppressing the truth of the violence or ridiculing Faith.

Watch as I show you what happened and how the media and the Left are treating the very serious attack.

It’s similar to what happened to me when I was punched by a male feminist named Dion Bews at the Edmonton Women’s March last year.

Faith can be controversial, however in a free and civilized society, saying controversial things must never be met with violence.

Free speech isn’t free if some masked thug can kick you in front of the cops because you once said something he didn’t want to hear. But that hasn’t stopped a mob of internet truthers from insisting that Faith had it coming.

If left-wing female journalists were being routinely assaulted at work, women's groups, journalist organizations and the government would be standing up for them and calling for an end to the threats and the violence.

But for me and Faith and other conservative journalists who are assaulted in the course of our jobs, we can't even get conservative politicians to take the principled stance that we deserve to be safe too.

And that silence from everyone -left and right- makes our jobs more dangerous.

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commented 2018-05-23 00:57:27 -0400
Typical left wing losers. And typical left wing media being ignorant. As far as i am concerned the MSM will never get any help from me if their reporters or their property is being attacked, nor will i even be a witness to aid them in court. Same for cops who do nothing. Hope one day one or more of these cops needs assistance and no one does a damn thing.
commented 2018-05-23 00:29:36 -0400
COMMON SENSE , Awe did I invade your safe space? ❄️
commented 2018-05-23 00:23:55 -0400
Tom Bradly, you need to get a grip. Are you going to claim that you have a PhD like you did in one of your other aliases? You really are pathetic, but then it is easy to spot as Tammie pointed out, all you have to do is open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Funny you didn’t say anything about Faith getting assaulted/attacked in front of the police. One can only hope it would be you one day because we all know in the same situation, you would be in the fetal position whimpering like a little baby, crying out to the media, the government, the police about how all you did was shoot your pathetic little mouth off, and someone brought the game to your face. Faith and Sheila were doing their jobs and were attacked. You wouldn’t last a minute, whereas Sheila and Faith are back on the job immediately.
commented 2018-05-22 23:59:14 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 21 mins ago
Peter, I can spot it very quickly and want to inform others, so they know what they are dealing with.

You really need to get a life.
commented 2018-05-22 23:37:22 -0400
Peter, I can spot it very quickly and want to inform others, so they know what they are dealing with.
commented 2018-05-22 23:19:30 -0400
He can change his pseudonym but he cannot change his pathologically twisted mind.
commented 2018-05-22 23:16:12 -0400
Peter, he will continue to try and use subterfuge….doesn’t matter what name he uses, his posts give him away.
commented 2018-05-22 23:06:42 -0400
Tammie said, "The new pseudonym for resident troll is Jack Foley. "

Oh, is that what Jimmy Reece / Jimmy Da Silva / Jack Carter / (on and on and on) is calling himself now? He certainly does not have much of an imagination. I guess that evil Rebel Media banned him yet again. At least that is the lie he constantly tells us every time he changes his name and to tries to fool us into thinking he is a different person. What a dolt.
commented 2018-05-22 22:51:05 -0400
This country is rotten from the top down, from Trudeau and his communist “Liberal Party”, to the media, to the Antifa street thugs.
commented 2018-05-22 22:32:54 -0400
FYI Rebels,
The new pseudonym for resident troll is Jack Foley.
commented 2018-05-22 22:32:16 -0400
The antifa gang, in their ignorance think that Nazi’s are far right in their beliefs, due to their lack of intelligence they could not see through the propaganda fed to them, starting in junior grade school, which was likely the total extent of their education.
Sheila’s attacker probably had thoughts along the lines of " Dunno wat you’s is talkin bout lady but I is goin to giv yer a punch up the froat if yer don’t shut the f..k up"
commented 2018-05-22 19:53:58 -0400
Tom Bradly, you didn’t comment about a conservative journalist being assaulted and msm covering it up…siding with ANTIFA?!!! Oh wow, you are more resentful than I thought….add to that, it’s disconcerting you are fine with a woman being assaulted.
commented 2018-05-22 19:51:22 -0400
Tom Bradly, what a catty remark. Meoooooow!
I’m sure Sheila had plenty to say….just not on video and uploaded.
commented 2018-05-22 19:42:18 -0400
Funny Sheila didn’t say anything when Faith got canned.
commented 2018-05-22 19:33:42 -0400
I’m with you, Tammie and Peter. The piece is self-explanatory. There’s nothing I could add to the conversation that would shed any more light. Antifa and MSM are equally evil and despicable.
commented 2018-05-22 19:26:52 -0400
I have nothing good to say about the cowardly shit that is the main stream media journalist, so I’ll stop now before I say what I really want to say.
commented 2018-05-22 19:22:59 -0400
Msm scum who support domestic terrorists! Over the weekend, I viewed the entire periscope broadcast, ANTIFA witch clearly threatened to push her into traffic, several times. The amount of phlegm they spat on Faith was absolutely disgusting. She was kicked, and,so was the man in the blue coat who was with her. The police were very close at one point and didn’t do a thing…..stand down order?!!!!
Faith uploaded another video shortly after being assaulted: