October 07, 2016

Meet the “Kim Kardashian wanna-be” behind TELUS’s “stupid” pro-carbon tax tweet

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I looked at the backlash against TELUS's support for the Liberals' national carbon tax, and wondered who at the company was behind it...

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commented 2016-10-12 05:56:06 -0400
There are two rules one must follow to stay in business. First rule is to keep foremost in your mind that the customer is profit. The second rule is to recognize that you are overhead. If overhead puts their interests ahead of profit, they take the risk of losing profit. If they lose enough profit, they go out of business. Fight the taxes fair and square. Use your influence as profit to do so.

The beauty of doing business with immigrants is they love cash. The kind that leaves no electronic footprint. If you are sick of high taxes on goods, shop at smaller retailers. When it comes time to pay pull out cash and a credit card. Ask if they give discounts for cash. Some retailers will give you up to 30% of the retail and not charge the tax. The politicians say this is anti Canadian. If they mean to lay down and take whatever corruption they throw your way, they are right. If they mean you are sick of higher taxes, higher energy costs, and the $100 billion annual payment to compensate retired Public Sector Snivel Servants, they are wrong.

Canada has to undergo a severe thrashing before the average Canadian recognizes the mistakes they allowed to be made. When that happens, we will go through a change and a new Canada will emerge. One that puts corrupt politicians in prison. One that will not tolerate police routinely violating rights. One that will spend responsibly and put the country’s interest ahead of small special interest groups. And one that will bring in the right to work laws and stop unions from blackmailing taxpayers with their extravagant demands for high wages and private sector supporting outrageous pensions. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? The only way this will happen is if Canada fails under its’ crippling debt. It can happen and has happened to many countries. Canada will eventually fail.
commented 2016-10-08 13:55:03 -0400
This, just in from TELUS in response to my email saying I wouldn’t support any business that was in favour of governments prying more money out of our pockets. I’d say that TELUS is feeling a bit of heat.

Dear James,
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us to express your disappointment with our social media activity regarding carbon pricing.
We take full accountability for our communications and are very sorry that our tweet came across as a political statement. TELUS does not have a partisan position on this issue and in trying to voice our support for the benefits of clean technology and innovation, we misspoke. It was not our intention to support further taxation. We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our business, particularly when it comes to technological innovation, and we support efforts that make the future friendly for all Canadians in the long term.
We value your feedback immensely, and are sharing all customer input with our team so we can learn from customers like you.
We hope you accept our apology and will remain a TELUS customer and allow us to continue to serve you and your community. You have our commitment that if you stay with us, we will continue to do everything we can to earn your trust and patronage day-in and day-out.
I hope that this letter addresses your concerns. If you have any additional questions or would like to further express your views, please feel free to email us at community.affairs@telus.com.
With sincere appreciation for your business,
Client Care Support Representative
commented 2016-10-08 11:39:52 -0400
Andrew Stephenson is a paid troll.
commented 2016-10-07 17:59:35 -0400
Stevenson has no idea how this tax will impact consumers but he reads partisan talking points which routinely turn out to lies. These is no such taxation program run by government that EVER was “revenue neutral” or that put money back in the tax base.

It follows the same systems which failed in other jurisdictions.
commented 2016-10-07 17:10:48 -0400
The same boycott needs to be applied to all the other companies that are signed on with this Prosperity group !! When will we see the Rebel go after them ? Soon I hope. I am cancelling my account at Telus and I will not be dealing with any of the other companies that are endorsing the Liberals and this carbon tax !! The other companies can be found at WWW.smart prosperity.ca
commented 2016-10-07 16:36:49 -0400
And now you know why the Telus HQ building, at the corner of Boundary Road and The Kingsway in Burnaby, is called “The Boot”… As in "Dumb As A Boot:….
commented 2016-10-07 16:21:04 -0400
telus has switching centers all across Canada. Big diesel engines thousands of gallons of fuel, and not even teir 4 engines, they are a typical do as I say not what I do bs. Perhaps they should change out all these polluting internal combustion engines before jumping on the bandwagon with the liberals. Each and every city will have at least 4 or 5 of these engines, What is the plan telus ?? why don’t you telus what you will do to fix this situation. Do your centers in eastern Canada run on blood oil telus ?? ont and que love there blood oil seems telus might as well.
commented 2016-10-07 15:55:48 -0400
“Calamity Marcy commented 42 mins ago
I mean the stupid asshole thinks he’s clever for wanting to pay more taxes,,,There’s something seriously wrong with him… ’

If it works out like BC’s tax, then people that live efficiently will see a net tax cut, paid for by the carbon spendthrifts. I’m fully in favour of this tax cut.

ps – the name calling is fun. It usually means that what I said upsets you, but you can’t put together a cogent rebuttal.
commented 2016-10-07 15:21:11 -0400
I mean the stupid asshole thinks he’s clever for wanting to pay more taxes,,,There’s something seriously wrong with him…
commented 2016-10-07 15:18:41 -0400
Marty, Andrew forgot to take his Preparation H, so he’s an even worse red swollen asshole than normal……
commented 2016-10-07 15:06:53 -0400
@andrew . . . for YOU and Justin the Clueless . . .
“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ’my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” — Isaac Asimov
commented 2016-10-07 13:03:15 -0400
You are such a jerk, you never have anything constructive to add to the story or the comments, and you are constantly bashing either Ezra or the other posters on this site.
Do you take special lessons in learning how to be an asshole, probably not. I think it comes by you naturally. Asshole.
commented 2016-10-07 11:17:46 -0400
Tempest in a teapot. When the alt-right gets this uppity and desperate, it’s usually because they know they’re on the wrong side of an issue. Oh, they’ll try to spin it as a win, but deep down, they know the implications for their claims of carbon taxes being anti-business when one of the largest companies in the country comes out in support of it.

This is what, third, fourth article on this? LOL. It’s hilarious watching them go into full meltdown mode.
commented 2016-10-07 10:31:24 -0400
cancelled mine yesterday, likely switching to rogers, as bell and telus share towers and I don’t want my money going to them direct or indirect
commented 2016-10-07 10:12:41 -0400
A nubile blonde, just Baby Doc’s type. She is probably hoping to get lucky.
commented 2016-10-07 10:00:35 -0400
Telus was not threatened Ezra.

Telus was bribed – when government kickbacks are made illegal, things may get back to normal. LMAO – like that will ever happen.

And Andrea Goertz is the hired skank that is overpaid to make this bullshit happen – so you know the Trudeau bribe for Telus was substantial – more than $20M.

And who gives a shit, right?? Taxpayers cover the cost of the bribe to Telus – feel good Canada??

Feel that Trudeau strapon going in while you are bent over Canada??? You chose this white trash Trudeau to run Ottawa.
commented 2016-10-07 09:52:31 -0400
And that is why my wife has cancelled all our telus accounts as of yesterday