July 26, 2015

Meet the NDPs who admire "wrecked," "evil" Venezuela (including a possible future cabinet minister)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Did you know that Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves, even more than Saudi Arabia and Canada?

Despite this, Venezuela still has gasoline shortages. That's like running out of of sand in the desert.

Why? Because Venezuela nationalized their energy industry -- and their whole economy -- in the name of socialism.

Now the government has commandeered food to supply government stores. Do you think this will encourage farmers to increase production? Not likely.

Who would support such failure, misery and evil?

Some Canadians love Chavez and his successor.

The NDP's Linda McQuaig for one, and NDP MLA Rod Loyola for another.

And of course US President Obama is a big fan too -- all while opposing the Keystone pipeline, even though Canadian oil has a smaller carbon footprint.

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The Alberta NDP has hired violent criminal Brent Dancey to run an important ministry.
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commented 2015-07-28 00:44:19 -0400
Peter, not quite. A social safety net isn’t necessary, but as long as such a system is minimally intrusive and applies equally to all, I don’t see why wealthy societies such as ours shouldn’t have one in place when people really need it. That said, I’d prefer that individual contribution be voluntary.
Bill, I’m not delusional, and I agree with you. It’s gone too far. I was merely paraphrasing what I took from reading Hayek’s book. But I’ve also taken quite a bit from reading the novels of Ayn Rand.
commented 2015-07-27 16:43:18 -0400
Erin, are you delusional? The state has become so intrusive into our lives with their well meaning and misguided programs that we are well over the tipping point. Our oligarchy is creating a society that is unable or unwilling to stand on it"s own two feet without the help of the government. That creates weak citizens with no need to better themselves, because they never have to. Big Brother will ensure they are totally provided with bread and circuses. Society will pay in the end. TANSTAAFL.
commented 2015-07-27 15:45:28 -0400
Thanks Ron for the link. Those who admire Tommie the Commie and Trudope would inflict this on Canada!
commented 2015-07-27 11:20:08 -0400
It is coming to Canada if the NDP wins a majority or if the NDP/Liberals form a coalition! We are sheep being herded to slaughter!
commented 2015-07-27 08:37:56 -0400
A socialist/communist society is wonderful … if you are among the elite and have no conscience.
commented 2015-07-27 08:36:02 -0400
Erin, so to summarize your post (I hope I get it right), any sufficiently wealthy capitalist society needs to have some controlled socialism to maintain a civil society.

I am not quite happy with that summary, but close, yes?
commented 2015-07-27 07:17:51 -0400
Who can take a nation swimming in a natural resource and indispensable market commodity run it into a bankrupt debtor hell hole where the people can’t get fresh drinking water or enough food to sustain them? Why socialists of course. Tommie the commie see’s Venezuela as a work of political art.
commented 2015-07-27 04:18:08 -0400
LLRFU — I read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom in high school, not as part of a course. My father recommended it after I stole Mao’s “Little Red Book” and a few other socialist paperbacks from his personal library and started spouting communist rhetoric I had committed to memory. Some of these were even proceedings from anti-war ‘sit-ins’ held in Toronto in the 1960s that he attended before learning to think for himself. He had collected quite a few during his more leftist youth, and despite changing his views, he kept them on the same shelf with Adam Smith and Milton Friedman.
It was revelatory, but not easily accessible for the layman with no understanding of micro and macro-economics. If you don’t know what a “negative externality” is, The Road to Serfdom might be a tough slog, but it’s worthwhile.
This book helped me reconcile my youthful, emotional desires for an egalitarian society with my own pragmatic, rational, economic self-interest. Government intervention in the economy can still be beneficial, but only when it’s restricted to say, preventing fraud, or equally regulating the legal methods and means of production to prevent the creation of unfair monopolies via illegal methods of competition that rely upon environmental and human rights abuses. And where a society is as wealthy as ours, Hayek argues, there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a minimum safety net sufficient to ensure the basic health of the citizenry, by protecting everyone equally from the “common hazards of life against which few can make provision”.
Hayek ultimately concludes the following: “In no system that could be rationally defended would the state just do nothing.”
commented 2015-07-27 04:00:21 -0400
One facet of the Venezuela jigsaw puzzle is that a large proportion of the remaining oil reserves
is in the form of “TAR SANDS”. Yes! Terrible, expensive to process, destroy the world, tar sands!
Since anti private enterprise mining demagoguery is one of the biggest sticks in a marxist caudillo’s
bag of tricks, no need for the peasants to concern themselves or worry about getting a job in that
sector anytime soon. Besides only the Chinese or Iranians would have the stones and cash to get
something that huge functioning in a “fluid situation” like that at present.
commented 2015-07-27 00:01:37 -0400
Charles Moulton – It’s worse than that, they vote NDP because they want more for less effort, which NDP advocates.

Sadly, this is a human nature issue, and is why socialism will never work. We only do and create out of necessity, and once that necessity is removed, so does the effort. We need to eat, so we hunted, well, now someone else will do it (as the mentality goes) so “I” no longer have to put out that effort to be a hunter, so lets start banning guns (oh yeah, it goes there).

We need shelter from rain and cold, otherwise we get sick and die, so we learned to build our own homes. Now someone else can do it for you, so “I” no longer even need to worry about maintaining my home myself, now let’s tell everyone about “Green Living”, even though for my home to function as I need it to, gas heating is terrible!

Essentially the “I have this great stuff, but I personally no longer need the tools to get it myself, so lets ban the tools.”

Easier to obtain lifestyle means lazy, lazy means less people making the stuff for the lifestyle, ergo the society collapses.
Minimum Wage is the first thing that has to go, the Second thing is a return to a Free Market, meaning the Government has to step out of business regulations, and create a “one size fits all” license. Third, Government needs to leave all energy production to the private sector, and only regulate for environmental conservation, to ensure we don’t forget to re-plant trees and such. Fourth, Government has to reduce itself, and impose stricter limitations on the Government, including spending limits, and harder penalties for overdraft; and Debt to GDP that exceeds 20%.

…but sadly, ’tis a pipe dream.
commented 2015-07-26 23:59:30 -0400
McQuaig is also a BULLY!! Just like Wynn. I watched her debate others on The Agenda. Why are all socialists such bullies?!?!

Peter. I’ve been saying the same thing for decades. In fact, I was once married to a gal that, in hindsight I’ve come to refer to as a “natural born lefty”. She was “just like that”. When we divorced it came to light through psychiatric assessment she’s psychotic! A narcissistic passive/aggressive (among other things). What I see in her, I see the exact same thing in ALL the Lefty’s. And we now know that Lefty’s use a different part of the brain, (though more research is still needed). This is why they’re “incapable of learning”. The real issue of the future is, once it’s “known” they’re all psychotic is – what do we do with them??? Throw them out? Convince them to “self depopulate”? LOL!! No really, what do we do with them?

The Road to Serfdom is a great book I’m reading presently. When I debate Lefty’s here in the forums, they criticize any books I mention, though they’ve clearly never read them. Well, in the Forward of his book, Fredrick Hayek complains of the same thing!! Lefty prof’s dismissing him out-of-hand though they’ve read maybe one chapter, if anything at all. What do you do with ppl like that? It’s all well an good to joke “there’s no fixing stupid”, but what do you do with them?
commented 2015-07-26 23:28:48 -0400
All of you are correct and incorrect at the same time.
Yes! this a government that is hell bent on helping the people that don’t take responsibility. But the politics that are taking place, are getting worse by the day.
You hit the nail on the head prince. Look at Greece, if that doesn’t wake they freaks up. Nothing will.
I can not believe people are this lazy or stupid to vote these NDP FUCKERS into power.
Alberta has but we all know that was because the PC’s just pissed everyone off to no end. It was a rebellion vote. But they could’ve voted for someone else.
commented 2015-07-26 21:23:44 -0400
Again, DAN MANCUSO asks, “Why have so many otherwise intelligent people bought into the lies, delusions and generally nonsensical BS?”?
The masses live day in and day out without questioning anything. Why are people in this country walking around like hypnotized zombies refusing to look at anything other than the daily dose of propaganda being fed to them? How did this happen?
This article, “America Under a Psychopolitical Assault: Psychotropic Drugs and Communist Labeling of Mental Illnesses” provides an interesting perspective:
commented 2015-07-26 20:56:46 -0400
Voting the NDP into power in the Federal Government of Canada in October is extremely dangerous for the health, prosperity and Democracy of Canadians – Please take a look at the evidence in this video!
commented 2015-07-26 20:33:37 -0400
Read the book of Revelation, Liza. That’s where it’s mentioned. It’ll happen.
commented 2015-07-26 20:19:03 -0400
I hope you are right Prince.
commented 2015-07-26 20:18:41 -0400
Appropriately, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) admires and stands up for Venezuela: http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2015/D45001.htm
As well, the Communist Party of Canada:
Canadian Communist Party Leader, Miguel Figueroa, tries to defend Chavez:
As far as NDPers’ admiration for Venezuela and Chavez, as the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”.
commented 2015-07-26 20:16:44 -0400
Charles, and Dan, Charles, the Alberta election was choreographed alright, was it in broad daylight right under our noses?
What goes around comes around, and it looks like you can’t kill this stuff once and for all. Its like dirty dishes, there are always more to wash . Communism will never be dead once and for all, it needs to be dealt with as it rears its ugly head.
Michael said, “There’s a reason that so many societies find themselves on the road to a hell-on-earth. It all starts with good intentions, and an ignorance of history….” and Peter, yes, doing the same damn thing over and over…. That is why it keeps coming back to bite us, that ignorance is used against us. We may want to consider that, when putting together curriculum for children in the free world. Might save the next generations a whole lot of heartache. ( a naive solution, but the least we can do)
Dan,“Then what are you going to do? Move to America…”
Only if a Republican gets in, otherwise there will be no place to go.
commented 2015-07-26 20:00:50 -0400
Are we really surprised about socialism? I mean, really, truly surprised?
What is Medicare? Socialism. It’s the government taking care of our health, at the expense of our paychecks. What is Employment Insurance? Socialism. It’s the government taking care of us when we lose our jobs… at the expense of our paychecks. What is Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan? Socialism. It’s the government taking care of us after retirement — at the expense of all we’ve contributed from our paychecks over our working lives. (And it’s a pretty damned small return on investment!) These are all symptoms of another “disease” — lack of personal responsibility, which is another result of socialism.

Any time we ask the government to take care of us, it’s socialism. Plain and simple. Who introduced all these “progressive” programs that we now take for granted, and some of us rely on? Does the name Tommy Douglas ring any bells? Does anybody remember that he was the forerunner and initial leader of what we now know as the NDP? (And he’s been hailed as a national hero… saddening.)

Socialism is the government taking care of the people, the environment, the industry — EVERYTHING — at the expense of our incomes (high taxes) and freedoms. All we need to do is look at any country in the world, any province in Canada that has had a socialist government to see what the results are and have been. EVERY ONE of these governments has been fiscally irresponsible, leading to corruption, graft, big government, and even bigger taxes. (Anybody paying attention to what Greece is going through? Russia had it as bad or worse at the collapse of the Soviet Union.)

The federal NDP is going to talk “social justice”, “wealth redistribution”, and other catchphrases that will sound good, but will mean high deficits, high debts, lost business, a wrecked economy, and environmental disaster. (Don’t believe me about the environment? Ask anyone in BC how the forestry industry got destroyed by the pine beetle — that the NDP refused to eradicate because it would mean slashing-and-burning a certain area in a provincial park, and that that NDP government was afraid of the “environmental” protest that would result…)

All anyone has to do is look at the beginnings of what the NDP is doing here in Alberta, and then magnify that across Canada. Better yet, take Ontario’s situation right now, and apply it across the country. Maybe we can stave this off this election, and maybe not. Hopefully Harper will be elected again, and we can put off a national socialist government.

But make no mistake, we WILL get one eventually — and it will be a global one. And for the working person, they will find that they’re working harder for less, and will actually just be scraping by.

But the bigger picture is this: that government will end, and Justice will be restored, and there will be Peace for 1000 years. We shall survive this.
commented 2015-07-26 19:16:36 -0400
Why can’t all the Canadians take the advantage of the net and start learning for them self’s…
Oh wait they can’t any real NDP follower doesn’t have the funds to purchase a computer or a smart phone. Just look around at the most of the areas that NDP is the strongest in Canada. Now look at the social standing of those Canadians. Yes! you are correct…. You just won a wake up call.. Most people who vote NDP are very poor. The only reason they are poor in the country is because they want it all given to them.
That way they can bitch about the people out there at miss there daughters dance or there sons football game. While they are sucking off the life’s of everyone else, we are busy trying to build a country and make sure those FUCKING LOSERS can keep bitching and crying…
They also say they can’t get a good job that pays in the work force. But I have read some of the resumes, and when I tell you they change jobs more than I change underwear… I AM NOT KIDDING>>>.. I have seen 50 year old personnel sending in there resumes, and I shit you not. They have almost 200 jobs in that resume. Now don’t you think that might send up some red flags. Plus why in the hell isn’t the unemployment offices telling them maybe we should just put the jobs on the resume that have some length… They probably do, but when you read the resume they don’t have any jobs that have any length. Now these are the FUCKING LOSERS THAT ARE VOTING NDP>>>…
The NDP Canadian now believes (no wrong word) expects that everything is theirs, and no one can take it. With this type of attitude we are all so screwed.
I even had some of my own family members ask me, why I work so hard and pay all those taxes? I look right at the lazy bastards and tell them… I do it so you are fed and have a roof over your head. Yet a gain here are those FUCKING LOSERS THAT VOTE NDP>>>…

You might tell I can’t stand the FUCKING NDP>>> Plus I do agree with that one post. The elections in Alberta have had to been rigged. I have spoken to so many people in Alberta, and I have only ran into one that actually stated they voted for the FUCKING NDP>>> Almost all the people I have spoke with stated they voted for the Wildrose because they wanted to punish the Conservative government. Now lets say 50% of them are liars. That would still state that the Wildrose should have had even more seats. But no the FUCKING NDP win with a landslide.

I really don’t know what’s going on in this country. It is like the younger generation wants to destroy everything that was built for them.
commented 2015-07-26 19:04:00 -0400
DAN MANCUSO, “Why have so many otherwise intelligent people bought into the lies”? Yes, it is incredible that people are enamoured, keep chasing the socialist utopia that has always ended up as dystopia! An outcome of cultural Marxism’s (Fabian socialism whose symbol appropriately is a wolf in sheep’s clothing) slow march through the institutions, including the media and the schools which have conditioned, programmed people to buy into this delusion.
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana).
Ezra, I recall you saying that Rachel Notley has a wrist watch with Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara on its face!
commented 2015-07-26 17:23:10 -0400
that is so discusting that this is even happening in Canada
commented 2015-07-26 17:10:04 -0400
Socialism is coming whether you like it or not. In fact it’s mostly already here. Fabian Socialism is like that – their MO is permeation and penetration..
Look at the trajectory Obama’s agenda has taken since the mid-terms. Look at all the documented evidence of all kinds of election rigging and many other ‘anomalys’. It has to have been fixed…
The un-Constitutional and criminal SCotUS Five Betrayal.
The escalation of the persecution of Christians before and after the Betrayal – in the West!
All the way down the line , the socialists are going for it. To hell with the Constitution, the law and The People, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. You can read the bills when we pass’em…
The NDP have wrecked economies all across Canada, over and over, yet are still being ‘elected’, apparently. The NDP in Alberta!? It has to have been fixed…
The degenerate, socialist Wynne regime gets a majority after all the scandals, fraud and ongoing police investigations? And they aren’t backing down even in the face of voters protesting the forced indoctrination of their children with a degenerate sexual agenda! It has to have been fixed…
There is an unrestrainable socialist agenda rolling over us. It’s not stopping. I don’t know if it’s even stoppable at this point. It will mean the end. The end of life as we know it. Look how bad things got under the Liberals during their long reign – and the ongoing, debilitating effects we’re still coping with.
The socialists have made it a very scary, inhospitable place out there with all their tolerance, political correctness, diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, affirmative action and social justice. Why have so many otherwise intelligent people bought into the lies, delusions and generally nonsensical BS?
Prepare yourselves for an NDP federal government this fall…
Then what are you going to do? Move to America…
commented 2015-07-26 17:07:45 -0400
The only thing I’m counting on in the upcoming election is the fact, the people who vote are usually intelligent conservative hard working responsible folks. These Canadians look at a federal election and vote for the leader of the party that most resembles their wishes. In this case I am sure they will elect Stephen Harper because if they take a hard look at the other two leaders they will come to this conclusion Trudeau has no experience in business no experience in the military, life, or politics he is not what Canada needs now. Mul I don’t care holds dual citizenship is he Canadian or French he is like a fish flopping on the deck Is he a socialist is he conservative is a communist? one does not know. The one thing we know he is leading the NDP and they are as close to a communist party as you can get. When you look at your wallet and the taxes you are paying the only choice is Stephen Harper. On the world stage he has brought Canada to the lead, we are a world leader no longer a middle power the world listens to us, thanks to Stephen Harper. If we elect anyone else say good bye to our standing.
commented 2015-07-26 16:20:13 -0400
There’s a reason that so many societies find themselves on the road to a hell-on-earth. It all starts with good intentions, and an ignorance of history….
commented 2015-07-26 15:47:37 -0400
Wherever Socialism raises it’s Ugly Head, failure is bound to follow.
commented 2015-07-26 15:26:10 -0400
I can only conclude that many people in the left truly are insane, that is my opinion in any case.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

How many times has socialism failed? Every time! Yet there are so many on the left in Canada that so deeply lust for a socialist/communist society in Canada. So either they:
1) truly want to live poor,
2) believe somehow that they will be part of the elite in that socialist society or,
3) truly think that Canada’s implementation of socialism will have it correct when all the others have failed.

All three possibilities indicate that they are insane … in my opinion of course.
commented 2015-07-26 15:16:47 -0400
Brian Kelly says, " Wynne come out and said that the people who disagree with her are homophobes."

You see this same trend in social media and in the comments section of most news sites, including this one, where if you post a comment that a socialist disagrees with, their immediate response in not to counter-point, but to insult and denigrate the person for having dared to disagree. We see that here with our leftie trolls.
commented 2015-07-26 14:35:40 -0400
Very scary indeed Nicole. There are many examples Socialism not working besides Venezuela. Yet look, We have socialists governments in Ontario and Alberta. It is suppose to be illegal to run a deficit in Alberta. Do you think a Socialist government has financial prudence. Look at how well Mulcair is doing. What would Canada be like if Mulcair was in power the past decade. People should appreciate how well Harper has guided us through the past turbulent decade. Our taxes are low. More money is in the hands of our citizens instead of government. One would think that Harper should have a 89% approval rating.