February 18, 2015

Meet the newest Rebel

Rebel Staff

"It's a brave new world"

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commented 2015-02-24 20:57:30 -0500
Ezra, thanks so much for starting this project. I was almost in the fetal position gasping for air after SNN went off the air. What a travesty that the Harper government, which touts freedom of speech, allowed SNN to be gunnysacked by the CRTC. But I didn’t think you would take it lying down. Great to see Marissa joining TheRebel project too along with Brian and Michael. Looking forward to watching the venture pick up steam until it is the Canadian equivalent of Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze and TheBlazeTV, and hopefully get a lot of the SNN folks on board. One suggestion: I think the name TheRebel will hold back the growth of the venture, because it isn’t Christian-friendly and also because it doesn’t convey conservative values. How about something like TheRight or perhaps even better, FreeCanada?