December 03, 2016

Meet the “stupid Millennial fascist” behind “Red Pill” movie ban

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The men's rights documentary "The Red Pill" was all set to screen at an Ottawa movie theatre, when a feminist censor bullied the owner into cancelling the show. 

This woman even admits she hasn't even see the film; she just thinks "controversial" movies don't have a right to be screened.

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commented 2016-12-04 22:30:38 -0500
Radical feminism is a danger to civil society and we can see the results such as gender identity confusion, facist thinking, female violence, misandry etc. Seems they are emulating bad behavior that was once exclusively displayed by some men. Sorry ladies, that does not make you more equal than men, it is obscene and demeaning to your gender. And I don’t believe it is natural. Males have their own problems which must be addressed and resolved. A desperate young male can be very dangerous to society, witness the shootings and radicalization of some. When you have debased their value, some will react with violence. We need better ways of socializing our youth. I believe today’s youth are very sick.
commented 2016-12-04 22:02:20 -0500
Peter. Lefty’s project!
commented 2016-12-04 12:26:39 -0500
I am sure it will be released on line at some point, but all patrons of this theater should boycott it for bowing to fascism.

Also find out the name of the critic and contact her to give your opinion of this act of anti-freedom.
commented 2016-12-04 03:29:28 -0500
Some day ,when I grow up—-I want to be a VICTIM.
commented 2016-12-04 02:38:23 -0500
Who the hell do these scum think they are? Who the hell are they to tell anyone else what they can and cannot watch?
commented 2016-12-04 00:25:18 -0500
Feminism = organized “misandry”

“Misandry” – (/mɪˈsændri/) is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys. It is parallel in form to misogyny, and either “misandrous” or “misandristic” can be used as adjective forms of the word. Misandry can manifest itself in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of men, violence against men, sexual objectification of men, or more broadly, the hatred, fear, anger and contempt of men.

Shutting down this movie was an act of misandry, or at the very least, Female chauvinism. Minds are like parachutes, they have to be open to do the user any good.
commented 2016-12-03 20:45:39 -0500
You are correct EGIL—Too bad 300 protesters couldn’t block the theater entrance for the next movies until the manager showed The Red Pill.
commented 2016-12-03 16:09:23 -0500
The managers of the theater were in the wrong on this.
commented 2016-12-03 10:22:56 -0500
It is the political left that tends towards fascism, not the right as the left claims. But I would hardly expect the fascist left to recognize their own fascism. They have deluded themselves into believing they are the only ones with clear thinking.

“Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools …”