March 01, 2019

Meghan Markle vows to raise GENDER FLUID royal baby

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

This isn’t a joke. Meghan Markle is planning to raise her royal baby “gender neutral”. I thought it was a joke at first, because I remember reading one of those fake news parody websites writing about this exact story a few months ago.

And it’s real! It’s actually happening! Reports suggest that, at her baby shower in New York, Meghan Markle told her lefty New York friends that she was planning to raise her baby in a ‘fluid’ fashion. And they’ve already kitted the baby out with a gender neutral nursery!

I won’t say this in any words less strong: Meghan Markle is a threat to Britain’s culture and valued traditions. She’s a disgrace, and she’s not worthy of being a member of the Royal Family.

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commented 2019-03-03 23:36:13 -0500
What’s with these screwball women marrying into the royals?
This won’t last.
commented 2019-03-03 14:00:59 -0500
“Megan needs to take a close look at the animal kingdom, of which she is a part. "

Perhaps, clownfish, which regularly change sexes partway through their lives?

Or, are you only talking about the parts of nature you agree wtih?
commented 2019-03-03 12:20:42 -0500
CHARRED REMAINS commented 1 day ago
The Royals don’t care because he’s only half blood anyway… They’re not particularly fond of hairy for what he did ………………………………………

Be aware that Prince Harry flew Apache Choppers on combat missions in the middle east, he was a forward gunner who take control of the Chopper when laying down a shoot. The Queen found out about this and pulled strings to have him removed from combat duty. Prince Harry immediately
resigned from the British Army and signed on with the Americans as one of the lads in Armored Vehicles fighting in the middle east under the Stars and Stripes. The Queen was right royally peed off but she could not stop him…..Don’t come down on Harry to hard mate.
commented 2019-03-03 10:01:21 -0500
There is no such thing as gender identity, or gender fluidity. There is only gender, and there are only 2 of them. We must always follow the laws of Mother Nature. Megan needs to take a close look at the animal kingdom, of which she is a part.
commented 2019-03-02 09:57:26 -0500
Perhaps the other real royals will all follow suit and become extinct.
commented 2019-03-02 05:49:31 -0500
Is Jack being just a tad harsh about the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s decision to raise their baby as gender-fluid?

However, to emphasize their progressive credentials and convictions, will Meghan & Harry also renounce their own sexualities in favour of “fluidity”?

With at least 63 currently known genders ( the permutations of their sexual role-playing would be nearly endless, not to mention their public appearances.
commented 2019-03-01 22:41:03 -0500
90 days and no sign of a hammer falling.
commented 2019-03-01 22:15:46 -0500
Purely and simply child abuse.
commented 2019-03-01 20:38:36 -0500
Great plan
Turn the Native British population “gender fluid”
And flood the country with 7 th century intolerant Islamic religious terrorists and psychotics
That’s really going to work out well for England
Thanks Soros !
commented 2019-03-01 19:42:54 -0500
What’s the name of a trans queen or king? Or a trans duke or duchess? Poor Queen Elizabeth who has to listen to and see that craziness.
commented 2019-03-01 18:23:57 -0500
Believe it or not, but I knew the she was a disaster when she first came on the scene.
Harry is a gutless example of a man. He cannot and will not stand up to this disaster he married and tell her she is wrong, she leads him around by the nose, he should get himself a nose ring so that it will be easier for her to lead him around.
I predicted that she would last no more than a year as his wife. I also felt very strongly that she was nothing but a gold digger.
commented 2019-03-01 17:48:14 -0500
I understand Prince Harry went shooting with the rest of the Royals last Christmas as he usually does although I bet Megan was not pleased about it. I wouldn’t overreact to this bit of news just yet.
commented 2019-03-01 17:15:40 -0500
Not surprised in the least. Would a sane person do this? Would a good parent do this? People say they’ll do all kinds of things when they have children and when the children are actually born, it’s a different story. Personally, I could care less what the Royal family or Meagan Markle do. Who are they to me? I am a Canadian and these people are nothing to me! Nor do I expect them to be any different then the next person. They are no better or different than anyone else. They may have wealth and Status but, that’s probably all they really have. Every knee will bow before the Almighty God and, he will not care about status or how much money we had. There is only one way to eternal life and that is through acceptance of and believe in Christ Jesus! Everyone of the Royal family, like everyone else leaves this world with nothing. The next world is the one that counts most as it is everlasting!
commented 2019-03-01 16:59:13 -0500
Maybe instead of raising it gender fluid maybe she could raise it as a Muslim as well, flipping whack jobs!!
commented 2019-03-01 16:54:35 -0500
Whether or not the kid ends up as an emotionally healthy biological boy or girl, would depend on what Markle’s definition of planning to raise her baby in a ‘fluid’ gender neutral fashion, really means to her. That she is entertaining such subjective theory for her own child raises questions about her fitness as a parent. I realize that is not a politically correct opinion, but objective truth matters. Its not healthy for a society to accept or even entertain nonsense. I think she is just doing it because its ‘trending’ right now. I cannot wait until this offensive fad passes. Children are being needlessly confused and set up for failure.

Grown ups can do what ever they please, because they can decide for themselves.
commented 2019-03-01 16:13:39 -0500
Markle seems to thumb her nose at tradition whenever she can, so she isn’t a perfect fit for the Royal Family, but when the baby gets here, it may have normal gender preferences and if it does, Markle would have to go with that, wouldn’t she?
commented 2019-03-01 14:51:01 -0500
Sweet Jeeeezus! What does the Queen have to say? What a disgrace. Ach, this makes me sick. Not only does the poor thing have to grow up in the Royal family, but now at the hands of a psycho sjw mother who is determined to completely confuse the hell out of the kid. Its abuse. Shame! Thank gawd her and Harry’s kids aren’t ever going to sit on the throne. Still, what an embarrassment. Meghan is getting a bit long in the tooth, maybe they will stop producing and spare England anymore humiliation. Does Harry not stand up to this activist he is married to or does he think this is a good idea? Not fit to be royalty is right!
commented 2019-03-01 14:41:33 -0500
And the Queen said, ‘Well I don’t want no Gender Neutrals in my woodpile’.
commented 2019-03-01 14:29:22 -0500
I bet it’s no co-incidence that Prince Philip retired within a few months of Harry’s marriage to this wing nut. I’m sure he could re-write the book on political incorrectness with just a few choice words if somebody were to get close enough to him with a microphone right now…
commented 2019-03-01 14:17:54 -0500
I think this shows how stupid the prince Harry is. Only a stupid marries a stupid woman.