August 07, 2016

Muslim stabs people at refugee shelter in Finland

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Another "mentally ill" refugee goes on a stabbing spree. This time in Finland. 

From YLE Finland:

An Iraqi man stabbed two people and held a knife to a third person's throat on Thursday evening at the Laajakoski reception centre in Kotka. Police say they used a stun gun to stop the young man, whose case is now being investigated as attempted manslaughter, aggravated assault and making unlawful threats.

"He has appeared anxious and aggressive, which is why this didn't come as a surprise. Some (asylum centre) residents are very traumatised and suffer from different psychological problems," says Vainio. "In unusual and exceptional circumstances, it's no surprise if some of those issues rise to the surface like in this situation," she says.

It would be interesting to see if mental illness leading to violence like this is more common per capita in Buddhist, Christian, secular, Jewish or Islamic populations. 

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commented 2016-08-07 16:55:29 -0400
The new excuse…Mental Muslims. You have to be mental to follow the “Pedophile Prophet” so that is not news.
commented 2016-08-07 16:43:56 -0400
It’s those Christians (with their insane religion) that get me! Allah help us! All 2 billion of these Christian lunatics threatening the peace of the world!