March 01, 2018

Menzies’ “Top 6 picks” for Winter Olympics Dubious Achievement Awards

David MenziesMission Specialist


The Winter Olympic Games are over and while we like to honour the fastest and strongest with shiny medals, surely those who screwed up deserve recognition too.

So, without further ado, watch as I tip my hat to the following half-dozen also-rans for dubious achievement awards like the award for Unnecessary Weeping, the Janet Jackson award for Best Wardrobe Malfunction, and the Sgt. Shultz Memorial Dumbkoff Award, to name a few.

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commented 2018-03-02 13:51:53 -0500
The only thing I was ever really interested in seeing at the winter Olympics was the men’s hockey & with the NHL not allowing players to compete that was pretty much it for me. Thank you Menzie for watching so I didn’t have to.
commented 2018-03-02 02:30:35 -0500
Canada losing in hockey to Germany is downright frightening, especially when you consider that Justin Trudeau seems determined to make up for it by beating Germany in the national self-destruction category.
commented 2018-03-02 00:03:35 -0500
Glad I mostly ignored it this year, though sadly missed the figure skating compeTITion.
commented 2018-03-01 22:00:21 -0500
Doug Laird, good one!
commented 2018-03-01 18:53:56 -0500
The Russians are known for their great meddling. Except at the olympics
commented 2018-03-01 18:04:50 -0500
OK that was funny, Mennzoid. Thanks, I needed the laugh.
But you left out the most important award, the HolyCowTalkAboutFakeNews gold, which goes to CNN and their MSM cronies (parrots?) for romanticizing North Korea’s Vice Director of Propaganda and Agitation Department as the darling of the Olympics.
commented 2018-03-01 17:56:29 -0500
Thanks David!
commented 2018-03-01 16:41:00 -0500
Another hilarious video by David Menzies. I especially loved your Sgt. Schultz award. Some of us still remember Hogan’s Heroes. That coach deserved that award, lol.