January 03, 2018

Menzies’ Top 8 predictions: What new acts of PC insanity will 2018 bring?

David MenziesMission Specialist


2017 was chock-full of egregious examples of political correctness.

Whether cultural appropriation, “insensitive” language use, offensive sports team nicknames and even inappropriate punchlines uttered by stand-up comedians, the outrage expressed by generation snowflake was off the charts.

Nothing was too small or too trite to complain about and the manufactured grief industry continues to thrive.

As we enter a new year, I gaze into a crystal ball (culturally appropriated from an elderly Roma woman) and offer my predictions for what new items might join the ever-growing politically incorrect list in the year ahead!

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commented 2018-01-04 17:13:17 -0500
If nothing else the Snowflakes and Twinkies are good for a laugh. I enjoy watching them have a meltdown when they get offended and do my best to help them get started.

The sad part is they are allowed to breed.
commented 2018-01-04 12:41:12 -0500
I’d love to laugh at this list but, sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if this actually happened.
commented 2018-01-03 18:55:24 -0500
Hold it, hold it, David, You are giving the Left Wing Dings all kinds of Cannon Balls to shoot at us. Good rant, I am still chuckling.
commented 2018-01-03 18:08:59 -0500
You triggered me Menzoid.
This is a true story about chinks.

Outside Banff. 1996. I’m driving a team of Belgians, taking a whack of tourists on a wagon, on a steak ride. I still have my spurs and chaps on though – sometimes you have to drive instead of guide.
I’m dishing out beans for the dudes, to go with the BBQ’d steak and fixin’s, when unbeknownst to me, two fellow guides suggest that this Chinese guy asks me what my short leather chaps are called. My back is turned to him when he approaches and asks – I’m spooning out beans – As I turn to address him, I say “They’re called chinks.”
…boy was I surprised to see there was an Asian fellow standing there.
This Oriental man just looked at me and asked, deadpan, ‘Why are they called chinks’…
…to this day I still don’t know.
I caught them two fellow guides and that gentleman from the Middle Kingdom yukkin’ it up later…

I couldn’t even begin to know how PC – or not – that true story is today…it was pretty funny back then – even to the butt of the joke.
commented 2018-01-03 17:15:16 -0500
Thanks David!