December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays: Do Vancouverites think we should be PC?

Rebel Staff

Replacing ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Happy Holidays’, is it more than just a few corporate interests trying to ensure they don’t offend anyone, do regular everyday Canadians care, or are they happy to say Merry Christmas

Watch as I take to the streets of downtown Vancouver with that very question for Christmas shoppers.

But that isn’t my only question.

This Christmas season, I also want to know what Canadians would get our Dear Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau as a gift.

Has he been naughty or nice? Watch and see!

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commented 2016-12-28 16:43:09 -0500
I Say Merry Christmas. No to pipelines and no to hurting Earth. Vote NDP not for liars who want to hurt the Earth.
commented 2016-12-26 19:49:13 -0500
Stupid white liberals that brought up Happy Holidays in the first place! Fools! How many Muslims, Jews, etc profit from Christmas? As for a present for Skippy that would be like for the scarecrow – a brain.
commented 2016-12-26 10:27:38 -0500
I give him a pink slip with a good kick in the behind ! And it’s Merry Christmas all the way ..
commented 2016-12-25 18:19:45 -0500
Wouldn’t it be politically correct to call Christmas , Christmas? Anything else is denial
commented 2016-12-25 18:18:19 -0500
Don’t let Olivia hack into your bank account
commented 2016-12-25 13:54:43 -0500
I care and do not respond with happy holidays, always say MERRY CHRISTMAS. I usually do the opposite of what the progressives tell me to, THEY OFFEND ME WITH THE ENDLESS BULLSHIT THEY SPEW.
commented 2016-12-25 13:54:36 -0500
I care and do not respond with happy holidays, always say MERRY CHRISTMAS. I usually do the opposite of what the progressives tell me to, THEY OFFEND ME WITH THE ENDLESS BULLSHIT THEY SPEW.
commented 2016-12-25 10:13:12 -0500
I just wish Justin makes one term, that would be enough damage done to Canada.
commented 2016-12-25 08:13:40 -0500
To Justin I would send a Wake Up and Smell the Roses before it’s too late call. To all the Rebels I wish a Merry Christmas.
commented 2016-12-25 01:50:41 -0500
I would give Prime Minister Lovely Hair, a miniature wind turbine lying in a puddle of oil. Ethical oil of course.
commented 2016-12-25 01:16:04 -0500
@ Jan G – we aren’t addicts! We are the leaders of the Movement! The movement to truthful news and a revolution to the tyrants trying to destroy us.
Merry Christmas Jan!!
commented 2016-12-24 23:30:09 -0500
A present for Justin, lets see, how about he gets a brain form the Wizard of Oz.
commented 2016-12-24 23:07:23 -0500
Merry Christmas to all Rebels everywhere!!
As for a present for TruDope – a 793 truck load of raw coal (200+ T) – and demand he pay the carbon tax on it!
Hope his street is wide enough & his house big enough to take the load!
commented 2016-12-24 21:07:43 -0500
The anti-Merry Christmasers are a tiny minority of white politically correct lefty atheists with very loud voices.
commented 2016-12-24 20:53:10 -0500
Gee, thanks Christopher for another fix for us who are addicted to The Rebel.

Barack and Michelle were on TV giving their Christmas message today, all about Jesus Christ, all about loving one another as Christ said to do, all about being our brother’s and sister’s keeper…………only they are in Hawaii and their message was taped earlier!

I’d give Justin Trudeau a Bible and rosary and tell him to read it and weep while he recognized his sins and then instructions on how to recite the rosary and what it actually means.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all.
commented 2016-12-24 20:41:49 -0500
A dump truck load of coal to block his front door and one to block the back one. Hopefully we won’t see him till at least spring.
commented 2016-12-24 19:51:00 -0500
I’d give Justin a lump,of coal.
commented 2016-12-24 19:46:27 -0500
I would give him an Easter Egg.

commented 2016-12-24 19:31:01 -0500
Christmas is a time to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ. (who knew!) it is an insult to Christians for Justin to hide the meaning of christmas when he will do every muslim or Jewish or other thing. Clearly Justin is on the wrong side of history.
commented 2016-12-24 19:27:51 -0500
To bad Justins holiday message was so empty. He apparently is scared of Jesus Christ. boo.
commented 2016-12-24 19:12:40 -0500
My Christmas present to Justin Trudeau would be a one-way ticket to his favorite country, China. And Merry Christmas, everybody!
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