March 25, 2019

Canada's Media Party fell just as hard for Trump-Russia fake news

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

After two years of hunting, Robert Mueller’s massive investigation into Donald Trump comes up empty: There was no collusion with Russia. 

Two years of media hysteria: A Time magazine cover that blended the White House and the Kremlin? The New York Times, claiming that Trump has a secret gay fantasy about Putin?

But perhaps nothing was as insane as the New York Magazine story alleging, without any evidence, that Donald Trump was actually a Russian spy, as far back as 1987.

The "Russian collusion" story spawned countless articles like that. Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump group did the math on how many "Russian collusion" stories had been run in the last six months. The average was 13 stories per day.

How bad was it up here in Canada?

I went to the CBC’s search engine and typed in three different things just to check. “Mark Norman”: The vice-admiral of the navy who is being prosecuted by Trudeau in a clear attempt to punish him for whistle-blowing on political interference to build ships. There were 135 stories on that huge case on the CBC website. That’s a lot.

And then I typed in "Michael Kovrig": That’s one of the Canadian hostages taken by China back in December, to punish Canada over the Huawei matter. 145 stories. That’s a lot, too.

But then I typed in “Trump Russian collusion” — and the result? 303 stories.

More than all their stories about vice admiral Mark Norman and Michael Kovrig the hostage, combined.

What happened? 

Well, just like election day in the U.S. back in 2016 — when Hillary Clinton's odds of winning were put at 90% by all the "experts" —  fake news was replaced by reality.

Now we know the truth, but the damage was done. Thousands of hours of full-tilt fake news propaganda has soaked into the American people.

Alex Jones, the colourful character who runs Infowars, has kicked off of every single high tech platform — Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, even LinkedIn, even Apple — because he was alleged to be a conspiracy theorist, who pushed fake news. Oh really? Well, his millions of followers seemed to value what he said.

But if that’s the precedent, what do we do with CNN, MSNBC, and up here, the CBC and the rest of them, who pushed two years of fake news, breathlessly?

Well, the media knows who’s to blame now. Trump is!

"But after the nearly two-year investigation found no collusion or clear obstruction of justice, Trump and his aides showed little interest in healing or national unity"

There will be no reckoning on the media's part — they’ll move on to the next fake scandal. Their goal is not truth; but destruction of Trump.

Our Canadian media is just as bad. They delighted in Mueller’s investigation too.

But for my Canadian viewers I’d say:

At least America has checks and balances. The whole process was costly, abusive and unnecessary.

But at the end of the day, the system worked.

The rumours were chased down to source, and found fake. And reported as such.

Along the way, some unrelated crimes were uncovered: Fraud years ago by a lobbyist, and a lawyer. But nothing related to Trump’s campaign, and nothing related to Russia. You send out 2,800 subpoenas, you’re going to find something on someone.

But nothing on Trump.

Hey, do you ever think the Canadian media would ever support a Canadian investigation like this — with that kind of staff and budget and power and independence — into Justin Trudeau and his SNC-Lavalin collusion?

Yeah, me neither...

NEXT: To talk more about Mueller's findings and where Trump goes from here, is Breitbart's Joel Pollak.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-03-26 15:14:00 -0400
This is a laugh don’t people realize what the CRTC is? The whole MSM in Canada is garbage.
The CRTC is a censorship board run by the state and the Canadian state is run by a cabal of corrupt leftist Liberals brainwashed in state subsidized school systems.
Why do you think the media needs to be subsidized. Intelligent people don’t pay to listen to or read liberal media. The best laugh I have is so-called “conservative” Global 640 CUK radio. It makes me nauseous.
commented 2019-03-26 15:11:43 -0400
This is a laugh don’t people realize what the CRTC is? The whole MSM in Canada is garbage.
The CRCT is a censorship board run by the state and the Canadian state is run by a cabal of corrupt leftist Liberals brainwashed in state subsidized school systems.
Why do you think the media needs to be subsidized. Intelligent people don’t pay to listen to or read liberal media. The best laugh I have is so-called “conservative” Global 640 CUK radio. It makes me nauseous.
commented 2019-03-26 14:00:24 -0400
CBC is a National Disgrace = Canada’s Pravda ! Global & CTV are CBC enablers !

A sizeable % of Canada’s population are too clueless to function in a democratic society . . . they are free riders, socialists and ignorant of reality.

Trump has eaten Justin’s lunch . . . Canada in decline and may never recover !
commented 2019-03-26 09:59:49 -0400
What’s that…..did someone say Arkancide?
commented 2019-03-26 09:54:59 -0400
I had the most wonderful thought. What happens if Creepy Porn Lawyer flips on the Dems? This guy makes Cohen look like a Boy Scout.
commented 2019-03-26 09:14:13 -0400
And yet most of the Democrats/Media are doubling and tripling down. They will never admit they were lying. They will continue for as long as Trump is in office. The CBC follows suit, of course.

This is the same thing the Canadian main stream media did to Harper while he was in office, though only slightly intense and vicious.

It is a disease of many on the Left, they lie with such ease.

Unfortunately many regular Canadians fall for their continual barrage of unceasing and unrepentant hatred.
commented 2019-03-26 04:27:51 -0400
The “real question” is why HUNDREDS of so-called “journalists” still continue to enjoy prime air-time on five major cable news networks after having fucked up so badly in their “analysis” over the the past years since Trump’s election???
commented 2019-03-26 03:45:13 -0400
OK… So that didn’t “work”(!) and hasn’t for some two years now… So why just not continue to shovel bullshit and hope that some dippedy-doo cretin in Lower Podunk buys it? After all, what the Hell has reality to do with the truth? That’s, the new Democrat creed!
commented 2019-03-26 02:52:22 -0400
Immature and desperate idiots fall for deluded fantasies.
commented 2019-03-26 00:53:11 -0400
The deep state, the dems and their media minions will now play the victims if they are prosecuted for their hoax because democracy is under attack and Orange Man bad.
commented 2019-03-26 00:27:01 -0400
How about we hire Robert Mueller to investigate Justin Trudeau for obstruction of justice in Canada?
commented 2019-03-25 23:51:58 -0400
Does this mean the Democrats and Media triple down and go even more crazy than they have been since they were so wrong about Hillary winning?
commented 2019-03-25 23:42:06 -0400
I knew it all along and I made damn sure everyone around me knew it too
commented 2019-03-25 22:48:03 -0400
- What the Mueller investigation accidentally showed was just how corrupt the left, & specifically the media, has become. A lot of words are being served up to be eaten over the last few days. Of course when it comes to spreading far left propaganda, Canada’s media party isn’t going to be left out.
commented 2019-03-25 22:26:41 -0400
Was there a background check on Trudeau if he was mentally fit to follow Canadian Laws to get into the PMO? duh. NO.. THERE WASN’T!! Yet the whack job Liberals want to make new Laws that attack Law abiding Citizens!..
commented 2019-03-25 22:18:18 -0400
Other News, A Royal Commission is being started into the NZ Mosque Attacks. (Before & after)
Canada used to have these expensive committees all the time until the Public saw the costs and rightly figured out the subject wasn’t too important anyway. (Those were the days when the Media educated the citizens THOROUGHLY and HONESTLY.

In this NZ situation it is a great idea, as so many mistakes were apparently made by a unprepared PM and other positions in the Government.
The commission should also answer possible Conspiracy Theories.…5747942.5783072..5789095…0.0..0.326.4003.42j2j1j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i71j0i67j0i131i67j0j0i131j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i21j33i160.o34J7zBxnko
commented 2019-03-25 22:10:46 -0400
There is, in fact, a cure for Socialism, Communism and Marxism, all it requires is a simple Intelligence Quotient test before being permitted to vote in elections…..Duh.
commented 2019-03-25 22:01:28 -0400
We all knew Trump would come out with clean hands from these constant, unhinged attacks by the Democrats. I wouldn’t drop my guard though, because the snake pit is regrouping!
commented 2019-03-25 21:46:59 -0400
The CBC and its filthy minions should be dozed into the river,wonder if the CBC will air an public apology to Mr. Trump or are they under solicitor client privilege!! Trudope’s new favorite word combo.
commented 2019-03-25 21:31:07 -0400
It’s time to turn the tables on the Dems and investigate Clinton Obama, FBI and justice department involvement in spying on the Trump campaign, the illegal unmasking of citizens caught up in wiretaps, FISA court abuses, and Clinton’s illegal private server e-mails, her influence peddling concerning the Russian uranium deal and the Clinton foundation.

Mitch McConnell: Mueller Report Exonerates Trump, But Not Obama
commented 2019-03-25 21:23:20 -0400
This was an attempted illegal coup by the deep state fake newsers …there must be severe punishment
commented 2019-03-25 21:09:59 -0400
Many Enlightened Conservative web site have been demonetized & they need our help. I like many others do not have the means to send 5 or 10 bucks to all the web sites we watch. I will post this for 2 weeks and then ask REBEL MEDIA to open a special account so we can put our BUCK in on the first of every month.

What is a BUCK worth?
Well it will buy some rolling papers, or a fake newspaper. You won’t even notice it on you bank statement or electric bill or your cell phone bill.
Take the REBEL MEDIA for example. They have 1.1 million subscribers. Let’s say you send a $1.00 payment to the REBEL every month from your bank account, or PAY PAL account you won’t even miss it.
How much would the REBEL receive each month?
Here’s the math.
1,100,000.00 X $1..00 = $ 1,100,000.00 A MONTH BUT let’s say only 10% would do this. That would mean the REBEL would get $110,000.00 a month. NOW! Just think what the REBEL could do with that money coming in, maybe higher 3 or 4 new employees or open more news offices let say in the U.S.A. or South America or the Middle East or Asia or India, OR EVEN BUY THEIR OWN VIDEO TRUCK.
commented 2019-03-25 21:07:22 -0400
Canadian media used the US witch hunt to create the same environment in Canada in preparation for the upcoming election.
Get left wing nutcase Canadians revved up and ready for a lynching.
commented 2019-03-25 20:58:32 -0400
I’m sure the lunatic left will start a new conspiracy search on Trump. Wicked people never give up. Their insane rage makes them do things way over the top.
commented 2019-03-25 20:53:07 -0400
I wonder if Mr. President Trump has a helluva counter punch lined up? So hard that it hits the PMO in Canada!

“Gidley ridiculed journalists who were still trying to claim that the Mueller report did not completely exonerate the president.
“Prosecutors don’t exonerate, they prosecute, and if they have evidence, you better believe that they’ll prosecute, they had none, there is none, so he’s clear,” he said.”
commented 2019-03-25 20:51:05 -0400
The best quote I read on Twitter about it was by a patriotic American:

“This entire last two years was not some great misunderstanding. It was an intentional and systematic attempt to bring down the duly elected President of the United States. So no, I’m not moving on until every last person in the MSM and Deep State pays for it.”

The Russians are even angrier:

“Two years of unceasing lies. Two years of the highest-level policy built on the allegation of collusion. A conspiracy explaining the allegedly pro-Russian position of Trump, because of which he was essentially forced to impose more and more stringent measures against our country.”
“That is why two years were not just lost for Russian-American relations, but simply crushing for them. Someone will answer for this damage? Someone apologize? Someone will adjust something?” Kosachev added.

As for the Canadian media, when CBC has commentary by CNN, CBS, Huff Post reporters and CTV has commentary from New York Times, ABC, NBC and Washington Post reporters, you know that the leftist democrats, just like the Chinese communists have infiltrated Canada and need to be removed from our country.
commented 2019-03-25 20:43:03 -0400
The Deep State has won it’s victory and has moved on as evidenced by the New York Times and the WAPO headlines. They got an all expense paid two year fishing expedition of team Trump. In the process they wrecked so much havoc promoting their hoax, they probably were a major factor in the Dems winning the house. They did not find any crimes committed by Trump, but still, not bad result for the Deep State all things considered, especially since no one on the Dem/MSM side has had to pay a price for their lies.