August 04, 2015

Middle East headlines: Iran reveals plan to destroy Israel, and more

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

Iran's Supreme Leader has published a 416-page report, detailing that nation's plan destroy the state of Israel. Rather than use nuclear weapons, the plan outlines a "war of attrition" that would make life in Israel impossible.

* Three were injured in Jerusalem during the latest attack on Jewish targets this month

* Light rail transit construction begins in Tel Aviv; the project is projected to go on for six years

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commented 2015-08-26 13:13:11 -0400
Excellent work, Igal. Your report on Gaza really struck a cord. Giving up Gaza for supposed peace has backfired big time on Israel. Now this terrible deal with Iran, which has to be stopped!!!
commented 2015-08-05 22:11:10 -0400
Obama to the American and Israeli people.. “If you do not accept this deal, then I am going to start a war with Iran and then blame it ob both of you”
commented 2015-08-04 19:20:13 -0400
This hatred Iran and indeed a large segment of the world’s population has against Israel is unnatural. People can spout a variety of “reasons” for their hatred but none of them, or even all of the reasons added together, stack up to the genocide of an entire race that so many desire.

Israel will defend itself in a very forceful manner just as they should. My support for Israel is unwavering.
commented 2015-08-04 18:59:54 -0400
One thing I wish Canada would do is pull the troops out of Germany and establish a 1000 man stand by force in Israel . Pull aid dollars from every despot country to pay for it.
commented 2015-08-04 16:36:27 -0400
“Not sure sure if the support will vanish if Trudeau gets in.” I suspect it would. Many anti-semitics in the Lieberal Party. Trudopes possible reaction would be to suggest we drop air conditioners on them, similar to his blankets and jackets comments. It is hot there, and will get hotter as Iran steps up its proxy war. Of course, the Socialist Media will ignore this as they do the almost daily missile attacks Israel endures.
commented 2015-08-04 16:29:00 -0400
“This is so revealing that Iran waited until after they received the nuclear deal to publish this plan to destroy Israel through attrition.”
Cathy, I believe Igal is referring to a book published in 2013 and available on Amazon. That’s what I was asking him about.
commented 2015-08-04 16:17:20 -0400
Prince Knight commented, “Yes, Canada stands committed with Israel, but what can we really do? Beyond moral support (which can amount to a great deal for a nation’s morale), …”

And even that will vanish real fast if Mulcair takes the PM chair. Not sure sure if the support will vanish if Trudeau gets in.
commented 2015-08-04 16:01:33 -0400
This is so revealing that Iran waited until after they received the nuclear deal to publish this plan to destroy Israel through attrition. Iran is evil as is all of islam. This is what they are doing to the west as well with the massive muslim immigration everywhere, trying to destroy nations through attrition or something very similar. They need their nuclear weapons to defend themselves from the rest of the world who wants them wiped off the face of the earth. Something smells rotten in the air. The world is tiring of islam and their Islamic countries. History will repeat itself ( the crusades ).
commented 2015-08-04 15:40:35 -0400
Israel has the intellectual, technological and spy advantage. Not to mention the moral advantage. That is what really bugs the Ayatollah. Plus the fact he is dying.

Under Rouhani’s moderate government (moderate compared to AhmadiNejad’s), Iran’s business leaders have again begun to build relations with American business. With the lifting of sanctions, it may be possible for modernizing foreign business influences to take hold in and modernize Iran.

Mind you, AhmadiNejad just announced he intends to run again in October’s election, although with his former ministers jailed for corruption, he is not likely to win.

Iran’s people are sophisticated and don’t, except for some rural communities, want war with Israel or America. I hope business trade will wipe out Iran’s terrorist caliphate visions and reap the rich benefits of trade and business relations with Israel.

But if not, Israel’s spies will know when the time is right to strike.
commented 2015-08-04 14:20:21 -0400
That Iran is calling America “The Great Satan” is nothing new — it’s been going on since the Ayatollah took over from the Shah back in ‘79. (Remember the American hostages in Iran?) Even then, Iran was calling Israel “The Little Satan”. It’s been well known for awhile now that Iran has been funding terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezb’Allah, and that these groups are intent on just this plan of “attrition”. (Interesting that these same groups are demanding legitimate recognition in the UN, and condemn Israeli counterattacks as “terrorism”…) That these terror attacks by Palestinian groups funded by Iran has stepped up dramatically in the last month is, indeed, news, but is not surprising.

Yet, with all this financing and with all the “actions” by these funded groups, one would expect Israel to be tired and strained, no? But are the Israelis tired and strained? By no means! They’re more committed than ever! Israel has lost nearly every “ally” she’s had through political moves in the UN, and yet Israel stands. Yes, Canada stands committed with Israel, but what can we really do? Beyond moral support (which can amount to a great deal for a nation’s morale), there’s little of physical substance we can do.

And yet, Israel stands, confounding her enemies. She is independent, she is ingenious, she is strong, and has a resilient people. In reality, I cringe for Iran, and for those people within Tehran’s borders. Israel will stand up for herself, and Iran will receive the rewards of its actions.
commented 2015-08-04 14:08:48 -0400
Israel will never allow Iran to destroy them. They have been pushed to far, to often. Even if destroying Iran, causes them to self destruct, they will continue, regardless. Let us hope that they take out the rest of the followers of this Dogma of Evil, Islam. Perhaps then the rest of the world can go back to being normal Human Beings.
I am sick of hearing Left Wing idiots say that ‘Islam is not Terrorism.’ If this were the case, all Muslims would have to ignore the Quaran.
commented 2015-08-04 13:32:02 -0400
“Iran’s Supreme Leader has published a 416-page report, detailing that nation’s plan destroy the state of Israel.”…

Sounds to me like this Iranian “report” is “first strike” material for Israel.
Just saying…
commented 2015-08-04 13:27:01 -0400
الإسلام هو لعنة الأرض!
islam is the curse of the Earth!

عمر khadrs أمي هي أخته بابا …
omar khadrs mom is his daddy sister…

مو هو مجرفة الذي يحب أطفاله في مستوى منخفض …
mo is a hoe who likes his kids in the down low…

Just saying…
commented 2015-08-04 13:18:46 -0400
Igal, is this the “plan” that was “revealed” in the 2013 publication? Or are you talking about something else?
(Thanks for the update on light rail in Tel Aviv – good to know.)
commented 2015-08-04 12:49:20 -0400
Obama: Fool and Traitor!
commented 2015-08-04 12:20:58 -0400
The start of WW111. Obama’s legacy!
commented 2015-08-04 12:15:49 -0400
I have always believed that Obama’s mission is to destroy America from within, all the while boosting the strength of his ally who is Iran. Please tell me, what normal, intelligent person would allow a country with an atomic weapon for the sole purpose of destroying another country, and they have the gall to say that America is evil. There are even people in our own country that hold those same believes and I am afraid that there will be another attempt to destroy a whole race of people just like the Nazi’s did, but I am also afraid that there will be many people in the world that will not try to stop it, but encourage it.