August 14, 2015

Middle East headlines: ISIS likely used mustard gas in attack on Kurds and more news

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

A senior US Official told the Wall Street Journal that the Islamic State likely used mustard gas in their attack on Kurdish fighters Wednesday in Northern Iraq PLUS:

* The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, has asked Turkey's Prime Minister Erdoğan, to allow key terrorists to operate from Turkey
* Terrorist organization Hamas has concluded it's first ever training camp for girls. The Hamas women's wing opened the First al-Quds Army Camp on August 1st with approximately 1000 girls aged 12 to 18, in attendance.
* Is Israel about to lift the Gaza blockade for a truce, as reported in a leading Arab daily on Thursday?
* A 91 year old Israeli holocaust survivor has won the world championship for senior runners in Lyon, France on Monday.


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commented 2015-08-15 18:56:58 -0400
Remember those WMD the left claims George Bush (acting on intelligence from the IAEA) lied about? Mustard gas, a biological WMD, has been identified in Iraq and in Syria that got it from Iraq.

Congrats to the holocaust survovor runner. He who laughs last, laughs best, right?

So this school for bright Palestinian girls with train them for martyrdom, no? Can’t have smart girls.

I don’t trust Erdogan but let’s hope Igal is right.
commented 2015-08-15 17:44:10 -0400
I thought this report was supposed to be about isis using mustard gas? At the end of the report there was a story about an elderly man and how good he could run. Oh, maybe there’s a connection. Like this old man could out run isis and their mustard gas if they came to his town. Now it makes sense.
Turkey is behind a lot of the terrorism. They are using the women to be trained for the military for the same reason they do everything else. To try to fool the enemy just like they are doing to all democratic nations in the world. There’s millions of them scattered everywhere. Who knows when they will strike, women included. Like Bravo said just look what islam is doing to Europe. And like Zee said that the UN is an islam organization running the world, trying to squash democracy. I agree with Bravo and Zee.
commented 2015-08-15 10:39:09 -0400
@ Zee Glassman

To confirm your comments go here:

Be sure to tell everyone you know – Euros are finding out the hard way that they should have acted sooner.

More than 28,000 illegals landed in Greece last month alone

You can be sure this invasion is well and truly planned – to break the Euros and turn Europe in to Eurabia.

I am sure the two opposition leaders could handle this – NOT!!
commented 2015-08-15 10:33:21 -0400
If it happened it – then why would this be a surprise – most entitled Canadians have no clue how little value there is upon human life in that part of the world – or many other parts for that matter. Little clue indeed.

UN weapons inspection teams sent to Syria to investigate the use of poison gases by Assad confirmed he did not do it – in fact it was the western supported rebels. I knew some people on that investigation team very well. That news was very quickly squashed – world wide squashed.

So – nothing should shock you the reader – it is time to wipe the world clean of ’slam and any who support it – war is coming and it will be big.

Ask those who live in the new Eurabia what they think.

And what will Canada do when pirated oil tankers start showing up with 20,000 illegals on board?

And yes you could put that many on a super tanker – the numbers have already been crunched. Start letting them in and we are doomed as is Europe.

Adopt the Aussie model and be ready – they are coming.
commented 2015-08-15 06:09:04 -0400
Is there not a way to verify if mustard gas was used? If used, the world must not object to boots on the ground. I think we should have had boots on the ground months ago.
commented 2015-08-14 19:59:42 -0400
And Trudope and Tommie The Commie continue to insist that Islamists are not a threat! Pathetic!
commented 2015-08-14 18:57:32 -0400
The UN is now an islamic dominated organization…
What can we expect from The now “UNIS
Let the muzis of the world have and pay for it, The West and Israel will not win in this biased organization…

The West needs to start a new organization representing TRUE SAFE NATIONS, Democratic, Rule of Law, Human Right’s, etc…
The rest be damned!

Just saying…
commented 2015-08-14 15:58:13 -0400
The U.N. complains about Israel all the time. Where are they now in another example of Hamas recruiting children as combatants?
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