September 04, 2015

Middle East News: Conflicts denying more than 13M children an education, and more stories

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

After accidentally entering Hebron on Thursday night, five American-Jewish students were attacked with rocks and firebombs before a local Palestinian man took them into his home to keep them safe until the IDF could evacuate them;

* Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent offer to go to Ramallah to resume peace talks based on "two states for two peoples", was rejected by a senior Palestinian Authority official;

* According to the UN, more than 13 million children are being denied an education as a result of various conflicts in the Middle East. The UN report warns that the hopes of a generation will be dashed if they cannot return to their classrooms;

* In her Directorial debut, Natalie Portman premiered her new film, "A Tale of Love and Darkness" in Jerusalem this past week.


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commented 2015-09-07 14:53:05 -0400
Many Muslims may have memorized the Koran in Arabic. It is not a holy Koran unless it is in Arabic. However, most Muslims speak languages other than Arabic so they still do not know what is in their own religion.
commented 2015-09-05 21:11:55 -0400
When Palestine fires Missiles, 1400 in 2014 and Mortar Bombs, 1700 in the same period, they round up bus loads of Women and Children and force them to sit around the Scud Launchers. This is done so that when Israel sends out the Air Force or return Rocket fire, large numbers of Women and Children are killed or maimed. This makes very good propaganda for the Muslims. They do not give a Dam about the Women and Kids.
commented 2015-09-04 23:30:06 -0400
No biggie here – the schools do not allow females for the most part – so they are sold into slavery or married of at an early age – and the others are simply places for the males to memorize the koran

The vast majority of middle east people cannot read or write to save their souls – Afghanistan when I was there had a literacy rate of less than 5%. But the men all could quote the koran forwards and backwards.
commented 2015-09-04 21:03:11 -0400
I don’t think there will be any resolution to this never ending conflict, for many many years yet if even ever.