July 04, 2017

Migrant kills elderly couple in Austria after government cut his benefits, blamed right-wing party

StaffRebel Columnist

A Tunisian migrant in Austria reportedly killed an elderly couple whose son was a member of the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party.

According to the report, the migrant (who can't be named) had been living in Austria since 1989. He had been falsely sentenced for animal abuse in 2011 after a complaint was filed by a local Austrian Freedom Party official.

Because of this conviction, his benefits were cut and he blamed this on the party.

On a day he was supposed to deliver food to an elderly couple, which he believed had ties to FPÖ, he murdered them. And while they weren't members of the party, their son was.

The migrant reportedly hid a belt, wooden club, knife and can of gasoline under his apron and upon meeting with the couple, strangled the 85-year-old woman before he stabbed her husband and set their home on fire.

The National Police Director said the 54-year-old migrant confessed to the murder. The migrant even allegedly knew the couple well enough to the point where they financially him due to his struggling business.

Andreas Pilsl, police chief for Upper Austria said “There were classical motives such as revenge and retaliation, coupled by political motives.”


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commented 2017-07-05 12:17:03 -0400
Too bad the mainstream media would never cover this.
commented 2017-07-04 17:31:31 -0400
Since 9/11- IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,629 Attacks, 216,857 Killed, 298,347 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-07-04 14:52:56 -0400
Murderer can’t be named in Austria!!? The establishment has all the bases covered!