March 07, 2017

Migrant students were allowed to remain enrolled after raping 14-year-old Swedish girl, principal claimed THEY were victims

StaffRebel Columnist

A 14-year-old Swedish girl has changed schools after being sexually abused by two migrant boys in her class while her attackers were allowed to remain enrolled.

It was only after media attention in Sweden that the school decided to rethink their decision. As reported originally, “a 16-year-old carrying the Arab name Ajuub, suffers from an 'impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong,' the verdict stated. He was therefore punished mildly.”

The report continues, “The gang rape was committed on the 30th of May last year at the restrooms of a school in Skane, in the south of Sweden. Both boys, Ajuub plus an unnamed 15-year-old, raped the victim vaginally as well as orally.”

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Ajuub was sentenced to 100 hours of youth service plus 24 meetings with a social worker “in order to learn to make better decisions.” Meanwhile, the 15-year-old was considered too young to be held criminally responsible and was set free.

Apparently the girl was originally too afraid to go back to school and to tell her mother. In addition, the younger assailant had allegedly been spreading rumours about the victim, calling her a whore who “sells sex for money.”

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The school principal says he struggles with the case and thinks about it “every day and every hour.” He asserted that “there is no obligation for a school to go out and announce that there’s a student who has been convicted of rape.”

He even went as far as to call the rapists victims. “All three youths involved were our students here and all three are, in a way, victims in this case. The boy who was convicted has gotten a pretty harsh punishment, which turns him into a victim as well,” he claimed.

Director of school management Mats Jönsson admitted the attention around the case made him question whether the school had made the right move by continuing to enroll those involved. He also wants the female victim to recover.

SOUND OFF in the comments: is Sweden finished as a society?

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commented 2017-03-08 16:47:41 -0500
Girls in playgrounds throughout Austria are finding schoolboys “are increasingly taking it upon themselves to tell girls how to behave”.
commented 2017-03-08 15:50:59 -0500
You read this shite and think NO FECKING WAY this could be anything but fake news. Then you find out it’s 100% true and when the scumbags involved with enabling it are confronted with how sick and EVIL their complicity is THEY DOUBLE DOWN! PROUDLY!
commented 2017-03-08 15:28:44 -0500
Trudeau apologizes but he cannot make any comments today. He is having some work done to his mouth using a muzzie wand whilst his recel area is being lubricated using camel piss. They say a glass of camel piss straight from the camel will cure cancer.
Just in is afraid of cancer.
commented 2017-03-08 15:24:17 -0500
Perhaps the principal should take a dozen or so up the keister to see how he likes it. Maybe two or three in the mouth would make him reconsider his stand.
Dump Justin bin Trudeau
commented 2017-03-08 14:06:28 -0500
Islam,the religion of peace.What a load of SHIT. Try naming a muslim country that is not at war with its neighbours ,its own citizens,or any religion that is not approved of by them and their 7th century veiws of enlightenment. Maybe ali bin trudeau could explain to all us unwashed how islam and its complete lack of respect for women and anything not them can exist with his feminist views.
commented 2017-03-08 14:06:26 -0500
The harsh punishment turns the rapist into a victim as well. Really? Behold the world, upside down.
commented 2017-03-08 11:12:23 -0500
Of course the Muslims were the victims! that poor passed out lady that was molested by the Muslim in Halifax was at fault not the muzzy rapist, just ask the Judge and his liberal handlers.
commented 2017-03-08 07:12:49 -0500
The future words of the Swedes ….

What other choice will be offered to these foolish people in Sweden when Islam finally dominates and overwhelms their society. Fools like this principal are already collaborators in the destruction. As evidenced by the Halton District School video, we have them here too in sufficient numbers to do horrific damage.
The only thing that can save Sweden is the mass migration of a million American rednecks with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. It sure as hell should not be soldiers. We saved their behinds in 1945 , secured their liberty during the Cold War and the ungrateful bastards like this principal are surrendering everything that they have been given in the name of niceness.
Canada better be on Trumps radar because we are rapidly becoming Sweden .
commented 2017-03-08 01:06:58 -0500
Sweden R.I.P.
commented 2017-03-08 01:06:27 -0500
With apologies to the smart people in Toronto , i actually look forward to sharia patrols in that city,it wil be quite hilarious.
commented 2017-03-08 00:24:41 -0500
Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machada, 18, of North Carolina, beheads mother with butcher knife, March 6, 2017. It is possible he will be released and head North to Canada.
commented 2017-03-07 23:46:51 -0500
This story makes me so damn mad & the other sad part is that this is one of many, no letup in sight. I guess there are not enough people already committing rape in our countries, we have to import more. When will Trudeau do his job & put a stop to unvetted refugees. The principal is out of his mind & should be removed from his post ASAP. He is also an absolute moron who is a danger to all the female students, with his repugnant explanation & viewpoint. This dispicable man is no better than the thugs who raped that young girl.
commented 2017-03-07 22:56:25 -0500
Okey Dokey. Was at a vacation in Jamaica ya man.
Ran into a very lovely Swedish couple at the bar after the show, did not bring up
anything about their social state of affairs.
Well after a few cocktails and some discussion…the truth comes out. Be careful Canada
commented 2017-03-07 21:35:30 -0500
“Ajuub, suffers from an impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong, the verdict stated.”

First, any human being who believes & follows evil quran is already mentally inept. (And that goes for people who support them & their cause).
Second, if somebody thinks that Sweden is still a first world free nation where liberty & rule of law prevails is obviously deceiving himself & others. Whosoever thinks this mohammedan invasion could be checked, its effect on swedish society reversed and still possible to save sweden from being a full fledged mohammedan state is living in a fools paradise. Such people belongs to psychiatric institutes.

Five years for sweden, germany, & belgium, and ten each for UK & Canada that’s all the time we’re left with to enjoy our freedoms, celebrate our culture & practice our religion before we collectively surrender to savage mohammedans. In Canada’s case if libs & dippers (including the present crop of cons) remain at the helm of power the descend to barbarism (aka islam) will be quicker.
Note: I didn’t add the name of France & Netherlands because those two countries still have chance to save their culture & nations provided they choose the right leader, like USA did.
commented 2017-03-07 19:10:21 -0500
I have heard that in Halifax, women are becoming afraid to use taxis
Some have started an anywhere-anytime safe ride home program
Officials have even given women tips on how to stay safe using taxis
Has anyone heard anything about this?
I did sign that petition concerning the judge from the most recent case of assault about 2 weeks ago I think it occured.
commented 2017-03-07 18:49:00 -0500
Canada is becoming the new Sweden

Slowly yet surely.
commented 2017-03-07 17:32:25 -0500
Muzzies have no concept of what is right or wrong and cannot distinguish between either. their whole religion is based on wrong and evil.
if you are raised to believe that raping people is not wrong, then you will rape them. the same for killing, cheating, lying as well as all the other sins and evils ever created.
the muzzies have no moral compass since the compass did not exist in the day of the founder.
just look at the Halagonian taxi driver who the judge failed to convict of rape.
perhaps the judge should be raped to see how he likes it. once raped,he should lose his job.

just my thoughts!

dump Justin Bin Trudeau
commented 2017-03-07 16:53:10 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,940 Attacks, 211,077 Killed, 295,119 Injured that we know of.

Western civilization is hell-bent on committing suicide.
commented 2017-03-07 16:50:08 -0500
Warped….utterly warped!
To think this school principal considers these rapists victims too, I’m sickened by the whole thing. The real victim here will need a lot of help and support to heal from this vicious attack; the Swedish government better be paying for her therapy.
commented 2017-03-07 16:01:16 -0500
To be expected in our enlightened new opposite world.
Imagine what the parents of these kids who raised them must be like.
commented 2017-03-07 15:23:49 -0500
If Trudeau is not stopped, Canada will shortly be the worlds most Pathetic Country. We already have the worlds most pathetic PM, misruling a Political Gang, already infiltrated with Muslims.
commented 2017-03-07 15:10:11 -0500
Those barbarians just do not know right from wrong. Disgusting if people are let into a country that do not know the difference.