May 04, 2017

Mike Cernovich: Republican Congress acting like losers

Rebel Staff

Mike Cernovich, notorious for being among the first to report on Hillary Clinton's health concerns, gave a speech at the Real News Gala in Washington DC.

WATCH to see Mike rip into the mainstream media and Republicans who are too afraid to advance the agenda.

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commented 2017-05-05 02:45:42 -0400
Andrew Stephenson actually people who say stupid things like man is causing global warming and that there are more than 2 genders are not worth listening to. Now go let the government tell you what to think.
commented 2017-05-05 00:15:58 -0400
I don’t know if Trump is going to be able to drain the swamp. His own son in law and daughter seems to have joined them. I don’t even know where Trump stands anymore. I hope he can get a handle on things, but I am 50/50 about whether he can do it.

Cernovich is on the cutting edge of the alt media, he is fearless, and seemingly untouchable. A trained lawyer, he doesn’t say anything he can’t get away with, but still manages to expose a lot.
commented 2017-05-04 20:44:50 -0400
You cucks are such suckers
commented 2017-05-04 19:36:05 -0400
The wall for instance:

Time for Trump to get on with building the wall.

Keep the promise.

Trump must not listen to the leftovers in the Congress swamp. Drain it if they aren’t on board. Millions of Americans voted Trump for that one single reason. In fact, Americans who hadn’t cast a vote in more than thirty years.

Only naive people say a wall will not work. It will work if the powers to be are serious about making it work. A damned electric fence will work if they have the desire and supply the resources to make it work.

Republicans won because someone with some guts decided to speak up and declare enough is enough !
The Republicans who are dragging their feet are the same ones who didn’t believe Trump would win and were scared he might win. They, like many listened to the main stream media lies.
Now that the Republicans have a chance to save America many choose to dick around with politico nonsense.
Trump was certainly right about one thing; “Time to drain the swamp.”
commented 2017-05-04 18:04:43 -0400
“republicucks” ;-) much more accurate than RINOs

We call them Cucks" because they don’t think people who use words like “white privilege” and “deplorables” aren’t worth listening to.
commented 2017-05-04 17:21:57 -0400
@Andrew Stephenson… Andrew…it is cucks who say really stupid things like “I am a feminist and I am going to keep saying I’m a feminist until everyone says ‘so what’” who really aren’t worth listening to.

Those who expose political corruption and media coverups the way Mike Cernovich does have something to say that cannot be ignored….because the consequences are not going to go away just because you ignore him…..Andrew….you are a cuck.
commented 2017-05-04 16:55:52 -0400
Andrew said, “Or perhaps they’ve realized that the people that use terms like “cuck” aren’t worth listening to.”

The term “cuck” was coined by the left/SJWs. You know, idiots like you. And you are correct, you are not worth listening to.
commented 2017-05-04 16:18:18 -0400
“Peter Netterville commented 1 hour ago
Sounds like the Republican Congress has been cucked by the main stream media. "

Or perhaps they’ve realized that the people that use terms like “cuck” aren’t worth listening to.
commented 2017-05-04 15:14:00 -0400
Sounds like the Republican Congress has been cucked by the main stream media.