April 02, 2019

Miles McInnes: 5 Most Badass Female Athletes

Miles McInnesSocial Justice Warrior

Why are there women’s sports at all?


Women are kick ass at sports and can dominate most men.

Here we look at five randomly chosen kickass broads who are dominating track and field, weightlifting, dodgeball, and handball.

These women are so good, they ought to be competing with men.

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(* satire)

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commented 2019-04-22 13:04:35 -0400
The dodgeball guy looked like Super Dave Osbourne.
commented 2019-04-22 13:00:14 -0400
“Women are kick ass at sports and can dominate most men.”

Anyone who believes that, is delusional. One need only to look at results to see that.
commented 2019-04-02 19:14:07 -0400
So sexy! They’ll probably dominate the porn industry too.
commented 2019-04-02 12:54:17 -0400
The only way this insanity will stop is if real women refuse to compete with these fakes, because those in charge don’t seem to have the courage to do anything about it.

I feel sorry for the girls who train and excel at their sport only to be booted from the podium by a fake female.